Ecological niche modeling course in ICIPE

Ecological niche modeling has fast become an extremely popular methodology in the use, exploration, and analysis of biodiversity data. As a tool, niche modeling offers the possibility of understanding species’ geographic distributions (actual and potential) in detail, as well as an understanding of species’ environmental requirements (i.e., the ecological niche). Although tools for niche modeling are now widely and freely available, a clear and appropriate thinking framework for the use of the tool is often not in hand, leading to many partial or inappropriate implementations. This course is designed to provide in-depth training in the use of niche modeling as an approach to biodiversity data. Instructors include Richard Pearson, Enrique Martinez-Meyer, and Town Peterson, all leaders in this field in North America.


25 people. All researchers, students, technicians, planners, managers, and other interested persons from across Africa are welcome to apply. To maximize cost-effectiveness, participants from outside of East Africa will be limited in number, particularly in light of plans to hold parallell courses in at least three other African cities in the near future. Approximately 20-25 applicants will be selected to participate in the training course.
Final selection of participants will be based on the following criteria: (1) Applicability of course material to the applicant’s occupation, research, studies, or overall interest; (2) Adequate knowledge or experience in related fields so as to maximize the benefit of participation in the training course; (3) Potential for further sharing and diffusion of knowledge acquired during training; (4) Strength of letter of recommendation from current employer/supervisor.

Contact information 

Please contact the organizers of this event at BiodivTraining (AT) gmail.com.

  • Peterson, A. Townsend (Main contact)
  • Pearson, Richard (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Martínez Meyer, Enrique (Speaker / Trainer)