I eLearning workshop on sensitive data management by GBIF Spain

GBIF Spain presents the first edition of their online course on sensitive data management:
Sometimes it is not advisable to publish all the available information about species or collection specimens. This is the case of endangered or scientific and economic valuable species. This subject will be tackled during this workshop, together with the strategies used at present. Good practices and recommendations will also be presented.


26 people.

Contact information 

Please contact GBIF Spain (info AT gbif.es) if you have any questions about this event. Registration through the same email address, before the 15 May 2012.

  • Pando, Francisco (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Cezón García, Katia (Speaker / Trainer)
  • González Álvaro, Virginia (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Pizarro , Aldo (Participant)
  • Rojas, Angélica (Participant)
  • Luque, Antonio (Participant)
  • Sánchez, Boris (Participant)
  • García San León, David (Participant)
  • Giménez Luque, Esther (Participant)
  • Ludeña, Mayrée (Participant)
  • Carboni, Miguel Salvador (Participant)
  • Becerra, Daniel (Participant)
  • Podestá, Darío (Participant)
  • de Paz Canuria, Elena (Participant)
  • Velandia, Elvert (Participant)
  • García-Franquesa , Eulàlia (Participant)
  • Salmerón, Francisca (Participant)
  • Pérez García, Francisco Javier (Participant)
  • Salas, José (Participant)
  • Sánchez, José (Participant)
  • García , Julia (Participant)
  • Pardo, Leander (Participant)
  • Boronat, Lluís (Participant)
  • Tello Antón, Mª Olvido (Participant)
  • Hernández, Manuel (Participant)
  • Cordero, Marco (Participant)
  • Albert , Marta (Participant)
  • Blanco, Marta (Participant)
  • Cortés, Pedro (Participant)
  • Hernández , Remedios (Participant)