Training workshop on how to use the GBIF IPT v.2 to publish taxonomic data (checklists) and biodiversity data

The Tanzanian Commission for Science and Technology organized this workshop with the aim to strengthen institutional capacity in biodiversity data mobilization and publication. Participants were expected to contribute to TanBIF and GBIF mission of mobilizing and sharing biodiversity data and information via TanBIF (www.tanbif.or.tz) to the GBIF Network (data.gbif.org).


29 people. Data curators and scientists from Tanzania who manage their own data and wish to share them.

Contact information 

Please contact Hulda Gideon (hgideon AT costech.or.tz) if you want more information about this event.

  • Gideon, Hulda (Main organiser)
  • Remsen, David (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Ko, Burke (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Fikiri, Hafidh (Technical support)
  • Otieno, Joseph (Participant)
  • Nyinondi, Philbert (Participant)
  • Oyema, Godfrey (Participant)
  • Akampurira, Innocent (Participant)
  • Yona, Gloria (Participant)
  • Kang’ethe, Simon (Participant)
  • Bunga, Peter (Participant)
  • Chande, Hashim Hamza (Participant)
  • Chingonikaya, Emanuel (Participant)
  • Kallambo, Floravick (Participant)
  • Lamtane, Hieronim (Participant)
  • Limbu, Peter (Participant)
  • Lorri, Peter (Participant)
  • Matemba, Lucas (Participant)
  • Mnyonga, James (Participant)
  • Msuya, Amiri Shafii (Participant)
  • Mutagwaba, Severinus (Participant)
  • Muumin, Hashim Chande (Participant)
  • Mwechaga, Hawa Salum (Participant)
  • Mzee, Abbas Juma (Participant)
  • Kundael, Elirehema Nassary (Participant)
  • Ntwenya, Julius (Participant)
  • Uisso, Elibariki (Participant)
  • Kishe-Machumu, Mary (Participant)
  • Ideva, Radhia (Participant)
  • Mgina, Clarence (Participant)
  • Mtulia, Bakari (Participant)
  • Joseph, Irene (Participant)
  • Mworia, Optato (Participant)