SPNHC 2012 workshop: Georeferencing

The third annual SPNHC Georeferencing Workshop will cover tools and techniques to correctly interpret textual location data into spatial descriptions that can be used in mapping and analyses. Participants will learn the fundamentals of georeferencing best practices with a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises, including paper maps, the MaNIS Georeferencing Calculator, GEOLocate, BioGeomancer and online exercises.


30 people. Natural history collection managers and curators. Database managers.

Contact information 

You can find more information about the event at http://peabody.yale.edu/collections/spnhc2012/workshops.

  • Bloom, David (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Rios, Nelson (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Spencer, Carol (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Koo, Michelle (Speaker / Trainer)