Biological Geo-referencing training in South Africa

The event will be a 5 day training workshop about how to increase the geographical precision of associated to biodiversity information (georeferencing). Participants will also be introduced to the strategic role of SABIF in South Africa and how it supports national biodiversity and science priorities. Participants will be introduced to the SABIF and GBIF websites and the SANBI Biodiversity Advisor.


23 people. Representatives from organisations that are involved with SABIF and/or SANBI BIM, either as partners, grantees, or potential partners, and who are directly involved in collating and managing data. All participants will be involved in training within their organisation, or more broadly, taking forward the GBIF train the trainers approach towards increasing country capacity and sustainability in ensuring increasing biodiversity data is georeferenced. Representatives from the region will also be invited to participate in the event.

Contact information 

Please contact SABIF (sabif AT sanbi.org) to obtain further information on this event.

  • Parker-Allie, Fatima (Main contact)
  • Wieczorek, John (Main lecturer)
  • Spencer, Carol (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Rios, Nelson (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Bloom, David (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Hathorn, Paula (Main contact)
  • Flatela, Khwezi (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Winter, Pieter (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Baba Ainina, Moulaye Mohamed (Participant)
  • Asase, Alex (Participant)
  • Eardley, Connal (Participant)
  • Gatien, Nzenguet Boukondo (Participant)
  • Onadeko, Abiodun (Participant)
  • Wasonga, Domnick Victor (Participant)
  • Wambura, John (Participant)
  • Muller, Burgert (Participant)
  • Steyn, Hester (Participant)
  • Mnxati, Edward (Participant)
  • Byterbier, Benny (Participant)
  • Grobbelaar, Elisabeth (Participant)
  • Labuschagne, Kim (Participant)
  • Mosweu, Jeanette (Participant)
  • Mias, Erika (Participant)
  • Mack, Shelwyn (Participant)
  • Rogers, Ilva (Participant)
  • Ebrahim, Zisham (Participant)
  • Mudavanhu, Pride (Participant)
  • Ndaba, Audriey (Participant)
  • Tourle, Robyn (Participant)
  • Smith, Michelle (Participant)
  • Dayaram, Anisha (Participant)