Workshop on Species Catalogues for Latin America

Latin America, as one of the megadiverse areas in the planet, is well aware of the demand and opportunity that the online species catalogues represent. That is the reason why several pioneer initiatives come precisely from this region. This Workshop on Species Catalogues for Latin America aims to create capacity to produce and publish species catalogues as well as to strengthen the collaborations and interactions among the initiatives in the region, always in line with global and thematic projects.
This workshop is organised in the framework of the PIIB project (Plataforma Iberoamericana para la Información sobre Biodiversidad) which counts with the participation of 10 GBIF Participants in the region.


20 people. Researchers in projects that produce and compile species information, those who are considering publishing results through species catalogues, biodiversity project managers, thematic network coordinators interested in species information, technicians interested in the development of software that supports species digital catalogues.

Contact information 

Subscription is open till the 22 January 2011. Requests must be channeled through PIIB members or GBIF Nodes, and sent to piib@gbif.es.

  • Villaverde Úbeda-Portugués, Cristina (Chair)
  • Pando, Francisco (Chair)
  • Quesada, Carmen (Participant)
  • Damborenea, María Cristina (Participant)
  • Mata Montero, Erick (Participant)
  • Cejas Rodriguez, Francisco (Participant)
  • González García, Javier Alfredo (Participant)
  • Mora, Maria Auxiliadora (Participant)
  • Koleff Osorio, Patricia (Participant)
  • Mazzanti, Renato (Participant)
  • Sánchez, Thais (Participant)
  • Canhos, Vanderlei (Participant)
  • López Velázquez, Armando (Participant)
  • Ayala Orozco, Barbara (Participant)
  • Cortés, Claudia Andrea (Participant)
  • Muñoz Garmendia, Félix (Participant)
  • Langone, José (Participant)
  • Zósimo Sovero, Manuel (Participant)
  • Vizoso, María Teresa (Participant)
  • Cubillos Rodríguez, Paola Andrea (Participant)
  • Savini, Vilma (Participant)
  • Ramírez Arroyo, Rafael Mauricio (Participant)