CEPDEP-Tanzania Workshop on digitisation of biodiversity information

This training event is offered as part of the CEPDEC Tanzania Pilot Project. It will be focused in digitisation techniques, collection management software, data standards, data quality verification and validation, how to share data, etc.


29 people. Individuals responsible for digitisation activities in Tanzania (i.e. natural history collection curators, biodiversity project managers, etc). Representatives from different countries in East-Southern Africa will be invited to participate in the workshop to promote knowledge dissemination in the region.

Contact information 

Please contact the GBIF Secretariat at gbif@gbif.org or TanBIF at http://www.tanbif.or.tz/ if you need more information on this past event.

  • Bello, Juan Carlos (Contact)
  • Gideon, Hulda (Chair)
  • González Talaván, Alberto (Contact)
  • Scharff, Louise (Support)
  • Cael, Garin (Main lecturer)
  • Theeten, Franck (Main lecturer)
  • Elia, John (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Makundi, Hezron (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Ranaivo, Jaona (Participant)
  • Akampurira, Innocent (Participant)
  • Berhanu, Abiyot (Participant)
  • Flatela, Khwezi (Participant)
  • Kahindo, Charles (Participant)
  • Oduor, Mary (Participant)
  • Raymond, Mélianie (Contact)
  • Mshinda, Hassan (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Bwamkuu, Africa Jumanne (Participant)
  • Chauka, Leonard Jonas (Participant)
  • Chipungahelo, Grace (Participant)
  • Giliba, Richard (Participant)
  • Ijani, Afihini (Participant)
  • Jumah, Soud Mohammed (Participant)
  • Kalugasha, Joseph (Participant)
  • Kamala, Daniel (Participant)
  • Kindeketa, William (Participant)
  • Kuratha, Agnes (Participant)
  • Lossini, Juma S. (Participant)
  • Machoke, Mwita (Participant)
  • Madadi, Lazaro (Participant)
  • Manoko, Mkabwa Lawrence Katambo (Participant)
  • Manyizilu, Majuto (Participant)
  • Mauya, Ernest (Participant)
  • Mbaruku, Diana (Participant)
  • Mollel, Neduvoto Piniel (Participant)
  • Ngalason, Wilrik (Participant)
  • Otieno, Joseph (Participant)
  • Oyema, Godfrey (Participant)
  • Shirima, Deo (Participant)
  • Yona, Gloria (Participant)