Training course in Biodiversity information - session 2013, by RMCA

The main objective of this training is to improve the understanding and application of biodiversity information for Sub-Saharan African scientists, university members and students and to increase their participation and ownership in biodiversity informatics.
More specifically :
• To help researchers identify the data from collections, databases and literature that are in their possession and relevant for an on-line publication.

12 people. Sub-Saharan African scientists, university members and students. Scientists involved in biodiversity monitoring, biodiversity information systems specialists, collection managers, university members, PhD students. The target audience can be composed of both trained IT professionals and scientists who apply IT technology in the context of biodiversity information management.

Contact information 

Deadline for applications: 15 March 2013. To obtain more information about the event, please contact Muriel Van Nuffel, (bioinfotraining AT africamuseum.be), Training and Study Visit Coordinator at the Royal Museum for Central Africa.

  • Jacobsen, Kim (Contact)
  • Van Nuffel, Muriel (Main contact)
  • Smirnova, Larissa (Contact)