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Hydraena and other aquatic Polyphaga from the Ateneo de Manila Campus, Quezon City, Philippines


Seven species of Hydraenidae, Hydrophilidae and Elmidae are recorded from temporary freshwater habitats at the Ateneo de Manila University Campus in the metropolitan area of Manila, Philippines. They were identified as Enochrus (Lumetus) fragiloides d’Orchymont, Helochares (Hydrobaticus) lepidus d’Orchymont, Helochares (Helochares) pallens (MacLeay), Stenelmis sp.1, Hydraena (Hydraenopsis) scabra d’Orchymont, Hydraena (Hydraenopsis) palawanensis Freitag & Jäch, and the recently describen Hydraena (Hydraenopsis) ateneo Freitag. Records of all additional type material of the latter species from central Luzon are listed as well.

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Hendrik Freitag

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Oct 24, 2013

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