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BLS Rare and Threatened Lichen Records: England


A collation of the available records for rare and threatened lichens and lichenicolous fungi in England from 1700 to 2011, for purposes of conservation, future monitoring and research. Habitat and substrate information is included where available. Species are included if they are nationally rare or scarce, or have a conservation status other than least concern, data deficient or not evaluated.


To collate data on lichen distribution, changes over time and the conservation value of particular sites.

Additional Information

Additional information is held in the BLS database, including location, site visit and collection details. This can be supplied if needed. Contact should be made initially by email on .
Compilation of this dataset was supported by funding from Natural England, the NBN, and the Environment Agency.

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Date range: Jan 1, 1690 - Dec 31, 2013

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British Lichen Society Admininistrator


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British Lichen Society

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Jun 25, 2013

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Jan 16, 2012

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The dataset covers the whole of England, including the Isle of Man. However surveys have been targeted on particular habitats and geographical areas at dif… more


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Taxonomic Coverage

Abrothallus caerulescens, Abrothallus cetrariae, Abrothallus cladoniae, Absconditella annexa, Absconditella celata, Absconditella lignicola, Absconditella pauxilla, Absconditella trivialis, Acarospora admissa, Acarospora anomala, Acarospora benedarensis, Acarospora durietzii, Acarospora macrospora subsp. macrospora, Acarospora moenium, Acarospora nitrophila, Acarospora subrufula, Acarospora verruciformis, Acremonium lichenicola, Acrocordia cavata, Acrocordia macrospora, Adelococcus alpestris, Adelococcus interlatens, Adelolecia pilati, Agonimia allobata, Agonimia octospora, Agonimia opuntiella, Agonimia repleta, Ainoa mooreana, Alectoria nigricans, Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. sarmentosa, Allantoparmelia alpicola, Amygdalaria consentiens, Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. ciliaris, Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. mamillata, Anisomeridium robustum, Anisomeridium viridescens, Arthonia anglica, Arthonia anombrophila, Arthonia astroidestera, Arthonia atlantica, Arthonia colombiana, Arthonia digitatae, Arthonia diploiciae, Arthonia epiphyscia, Arthonia galactites, Arthonia graphidicola, Arthonia ilicina, Arthonia invadens, Arthonia ligniariella, Arthonia meridionalis, Arthonia molendoi, Arthonia patellulata, Arthonia phaeophysciae, Arthonia punctella, Arthonia thelotrematis, Arthonia vinosa, Arthonia zwackhii, Arthopyrenia atractospora, Arthopyrenia carneobrunneola, Arthopyrenia cerasi, Arthopyrenia nitescens, Arthopyrenia platypyrenia, Arthopyrenia subcerasi, Arthothelium dictyosporum, Arthothelium lirellans, Arthothelium orbilliferum, Arthothelium spectabile, Arthrorhaphis muddii, Aspicilia tuberculosa, Atla wheldonii, Bacidia, Bacidia absistens, Bacidia auerswaldii, Bacidia biatorina, Bacidia brandii, Bacidia circumspecta, Bacidia friesiana, Bacidia fuscoviridis, Bacidia herbarum, Bacidia incompta, Bacidia polychroa, Bacidia subincompta, Bacidia subturgidula, Bactrospora corticola, Belonia calcicola, Biatora britannica, Biatora chrysantha, Biatora vernalis, Biatora veteranorum, Biatorella fossarum, Biatoridium delitescens, Biatoridium monasteriense, Brigantiaea fuscolutea, Bryobilimbia hypnorum, Bryoria bicolor, Bryoria chalybeiformis, Bryoria nadvornikiana, Bryoria smithii, Buellia arborea, Buellia asterella, Buellia erubescens, Buellia hyperbolica, Buellia leptoclinoides, Buellia saxorum, Buellia uberior, Buellia violaceofusca, Bunodophoron melanocarpum, Byssoloma leucoblepharum, Byssoloma subdiscordans, Calicium adspersum, Calicium corynellum, Calicium hyperelloides, Calicium lenticulare, Calicium parvum, Calicium quercinum, Caloplaca aractina, Caloplaca atroflava, Caloplaca ferruginea, Caloplaca haematites, Caloplaca herbidella, Caloplaca lucifuga, Caloplaca ochracea, Caloplaca soralifera, Caloplaca virescens, Carbonea vitellinaria, Catapyrenium pilosellum, Catapyrenium psoromoides, Catillaria aphana, Catillaria minuta, Catillaria modesta, Catillaria subviridis, Cercidospora cladoniicola, Cercidospora macrospora, Cerothallia luteoalba, Cetraria islandica subsp. islandica, Cetraria sepincola, Cetrariella commixta, Cetrelia olivetorum s. lat., Cetrelia olivetorum sensu stricto, Chaenotheca brachypoda, Chaenotheca chlorella, Chaenotheca gracilenta, Chaenotheca phaeocephala, Chaenotheca stemonea, Chaenothecopsis caespitosa, Chaenothecopsis epithallina, Chaenothecopsis retinens, Chaenothecopsis savonica, Chaenothecopsis viridireagens, Chrysothrix chlorina, Cladonia arbuscula subsp. arbuscula, Cladonia borealis, Cladonia cenotea, Cladonia chlorophaea, Cladonia conista, Cladonia convoluta, Cladonia crispata var. crispata, Cladonia incrassata, Cladonia macrophylla, Cladonia mediterranea, Cladonia mitis, Cladonia monomorpha, Cladonia norvegica, Cladonia peziziformis, Cladonia phyllophora, Cladonia rangiferina, Cladonia rei, Cladonia sulphurina, Cladonia symphycarpia, Cladonia uncialis subsp. uncialis, Clauzadea chondrodes, Cliostomum corrugatum, Cliostomum flavidulum, Collema callopismum var. callopismum, Collema confertum, Collema conglomeratum, Collema crispum var. metzleri, Collema fasciculare, Collema fragile, Collema fragrans, Collema furfuraceum, Collema glebulentum, Collema latzelii, Collema nigrescens, Collema parvum, Collema subnigrescens, Collema undulatum var. granulosum, Collema undulatum var. undulatum, Collemopsidium angermannicum, Collemopsidium arenisedum, Collemopsidium caesium, Collemopsidium subarenisedum, Cornutispora ciliata, Cresponea premnea, Cresporhaphis wienkampii, Cryptolechia carneolutea, Cyphelium notarisii, Cyphelium tigillare, Dendrographa latebrarum, Dermatocarpon deminuens, Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes, Dermatocarpon meiophyllizum, Dictyonema coppinsii, Diploschistes actinostomus, Diploschistes gypsaceus, Diplotomma murorum, Diplotomma pharcidium, Dirina massiliensis f. massiliensis, Eiglera flavida, Enchylium bachmanianum, Endocarpon adscendens, Endocarpon pusillum, Endococcus exerrans, Endococcus perpusillus, Endococcus rugulosus, Enterographa elaborata, Enterographa pitardii, Enterographa sorediata, Eopyrenula avellanae, Eopyrenula grandicula, Eopyrenula leucoplaca, Ephebe hispidula, Epigloea bactrospora, Epigloea medioincrassata, Epigloea urosperma, Epiphloea byssina, Euopsis pulvinata, Fellhanera christiansenii, Fellhanera ochracea, Fellhanera subtilis, Fellhanera viridisorediata, Fellhaneropsis myrtillicola, Flavoplaca dichroa, Flavoplaca granulosa, Frutidella caesioatra, Fuscidea austera, Fuscidea cyathoides var. sorediata, Fuscopannaria ignobilis, Fuscopannaria mediterranea, Gallowayella fulva, Graphina pauciloculata, Graphis ruiziana, Gregorella humida, Gyalecta biformis, Gyalecta flotovii, Gyalecta foveolaris, Gyalecta hypoleuca, Gyalecta jenensis var. macrospora, Gyalecta ulmi, Gyalidea lecideopsis, Gyalidea subscutellaris, Gyalideopsis muscicola, Gyalolechia flavorubescens, Gyalolechia fulgens, Gyrographa saxigena, Halecania spodomela, Haloplaca britannica, Haloplaca sorediella, Haloplaca suaedae, Hawksworthiana peltigericola, Hertelidea botryosa, Heterocephalacria bachmannii, Heterodermia leucomelos, Heterodermia speciosa, Hydropunctaria scabra, Hymenelia epulotica, Hymenelia heteromorpha, Hymenelia melanocarpa, Hypogymnia farinacea, Hypotrachyna endochlora, Hypotrachyna sinuosa, Hypotrachyna taylorensis, Illosporium carneum, Intralichen baccisporus, Intralichen lichenicola, Intralichen lichenum, Jamesiella scotica, Kalaallia reactiva, Koerberiella wimmeriana, Lambiella gyrizans, Lathagrium dichotomum, Lecanactis subabietina, Lecania chlorotiza, Lecania coerulescens, Lecania fructigena, Lecania fuscella, Lecania nylanderiana, Lecania suavis, Lecanographa amylacea, Lecanographa dialeuca, Lecanographa lyncea, Lecanora achariana, Lecanora albella, Lecanora cenisia, Lecanora epibryon, Lecanora frustulosa, Lecanora gisleriana, Lecanora handelii, Lecanora horiza, Lecanora ochroidea, Lecanora populicola, Lecanora quercicola, Lecanora rugosella, Lecanora salina, Lecanora sarcopidoides, Lecanora strobilina, Lecanora subaurea, Lecanora sublivescens, Lecanora swartzii, Lecidea berengeriana, Lecidea commaculans, Lecidea endomelaena, Lecidea erythrophaea, Lecidea exigua, Lecidea inops, Lecidea lichenicola, Lecidea obluridata, Lecidea promixta, Lecidea sarcogynoides, Lecidea silacea, Lecidella pulveracea, Lecidella viridans, Leightoniomyces phillipsii, Lemmopsis arnoldiana, Lemmopsis oblongans, Lempholemma botryosum, Lempholemma cladodes, Lepraria alpina, Lepraria bergensis, Lepraria crassissima, Lepraria diffusa var. chrysodetoides, Leptogium brebissonii, Leptogium britannicum, Leptogium burgessii, Leptogium cochleatum, Leptogium coralloideum, Leptogium cyanescens, Leptogium diffractum, Leptogium hildenbrandii, Leptogium massiliense, Leptogium saturninum, Leptorhaphis atomaria, Lichenochora coarctatae, Lichenochora lecidellae, Lichenochora obscuroides, Lichenoconium pyxidatae, Lichenoconium reichlingii, Lichenoconium usneae, Lichenosticta alcicornaria, Lichenostigma rugosum, Lichenothelia convexa, Lobaria amplissima, Lobaria pulmonaria, Lobaria scrobiculata, Lobaria virens, Lobothallia recedens, Megalaria grossa, Megalaria laureri, Megalospora tuberculosa, Megaspora verrucosa, Melanelia hepatizon, Melaspilea amota, Melaspilea bagliettoana, Melaspilea lentiginosa, Menegazzia subsimilis, Menegazzia terebrata, Micarea alabastrites, Micarea curvata, Micarea deminuta, Micarea farinosa, Micarea globulosella, Micarea hedlundii, Micarea inquinans, Micarea lignaria var. endoleuca, Micarea lynceola, Micarea nigella, Micarea parva, Micarea pseudomarginata, Micarea pycnidiophora, Micarea stipitata, Micarea subviridescens, Micarea synotheoides, Micarea xanthonica, Microcalicium ahlneri, Microcalicium arenarium, Microcalicium disseminatum, Milospium lacoizquetae, Mniaecia nivea, Moelleropsis nebulosa, Monodictys cellulosa, Montanelia disjuncta, Muellerella erratica, Muellerella hospitans, Multiclavula vernalis, Mycobilimbia epixanthoides, Mycobilimbia pilularis, Mycoblastus affinis, Mycoblastus alpinus, Mycocalicium subtile, Mycomicrothelia atlantica, Mycoporum lacteum, Nectriopsis rubefaciens, Nephroma laevigatum, Nephroma parile, Nephroma tangeriense, Nevesia sampaiana, Normandina acroglypta, Ochrolechia arborea, Ochrolechia frigida f. frigida, Opegrapha areniseda, Opegrapha corticola, Opegrapha fumosa, Opegrapha parasitica, Opegrapha paraxanthodes, Opegrapha physciaria, Opegrapha pulvinata, Opegrapha sphaerophoricola, Opegrapha subelevata, Opegrapha thelotrematis, Orphniospora moriopsis var. moriopsis, Pannaria conoplea, Pannaria rubiginosa, Parmelia submontana, Parmeliella parvula, Parmeliella testacea, Parmeliella triptophylla, Parmelina carporrhizans, Parmelinopsis horrescens, Parmelinopsis minarum, Parmotrema arnoldii, Parmotrema crinitum, Parmotrema robustum, Pectenia atlantica, Pectenia ligulata, Pectenia plumbea, Peltigera britannica, Peltigera collina, Peltigera polydactylon, Peltigera ponojensis, Peltigera venosa, Pertusaria amara f. pulvinata, Pertusaria chiodectonoides, Pertusaria coronata, Pertusaria melanochlora, Pertusaria monogona, Pertusaria ophthalmiza, Pertusaria pluripuncta, Pertusaria pustulata, Pezizella epithallina, Phaeocalicium praecedens, Phaeographis inusta, Phaeographis lyellii, Phaeophyscia endococcina, Phaeopyxis varia, Phlyctis agelaea, Phyllopsora rosei, Physcia clementei, Physcia tribacioides, Placidiopsis custnani, Placopyrenium canellum, Placynthiella hyporhoda, Placynthium caesium, Placynthium flabellosum, Placynthium garovaglioi, Placynthium lismorense, Placynthium tremniacum, Platismatia norvegica, Pleopsidium chlorophanum, Poeltinula cerebrina, Polyblastia agraria, Polyblastia dermatodes, Polyblastia philaea, Polyblastia theleodes, Polychidium muscicola, Polycoccum arnoldii, Polycoccum marmoratum, Polycoccum peltigerae, Porina ahlesiana, Porina byssophila, Porina chlorotica f. tenuifera, Porina coralloidea, Porina curnowii, Porina effilata, Porina ginzbergeri, Porina hibernica, Porina interjungens, Porina mammillosa, Porina rosei, Porina sudetica, Porocyphus kenmorensis, Porocyphus leptogiella, Porpidia zeoroides, Pronectria robergei, Pronectria santessonii, Protoblastenia cyclospora, Protoblastenia lilacina, Protoparmelia memnonia, Protoparmelia montagnei, Psammina inflata, Psammina simplex, Pseudocyphellaria crocata, Pseudocyphellaria intricata, Pseudocyphellaria norvegica, Psora decipiens, Psoroglaena abscondita, Psoroma hypnorum, Psorotichia schaereri, Pterygiopsis concordatula, Pterygiopsis lacustris, Ptychographa xylographoides, Punctelia borreri, Punctelia reddenda, Pycnora sorophora, Pycnothelia papillaria, Pyrenocarpon thelostomum, Pyrenula laevigata, Pyrenula nitida, Pyrenula nitidella, Pyrenula occidentalis, Pyrrhospora rubiginans, Ramalina capitata, Ramalina chondrina, Ramalina fraxinea, Ramalina polymorpha, Ramalina portuensis, Ramboldia insidiosa, Ramonia calcicola, Ramonia chrysophaea, Ramonia dictyospora, Ramonia nigra, Rhaphidicyrtis trichosporella, Rhizocarpon amphibium, Rhizocarpon badioatrum, Rhizocarpon cinereovirens, Rhizocarpon furfurosum, Rhizocarpon infernulum f. infernulum, Rhizocarpon postumum, Rhizocarpon simillimum, Rhymbocarpus cruciatus, Rhymbocarpus ericetorum, Rimularia mullensis, Rinodina aspersa, Rinodina biloculata, Rinodina calcarea, Rinodina colobinoides, Rinodina fimbriata, Rinodina flavosoralifera, Rinodina immersa, Rinodina interpolata, Rinodina isidioides, Rinodina occulta, Rinodina pyrina, Rinodina roboris var. armeriicola, Rinodina roboris var. roboris, Roccella fuciformis, Roccella phycopsis, Roccellographa sorediata, Roselliniella cladoniae, Roselliniella microthelia, Roselliniopsis gelidaria, Rostania occultata, Sagiolechia protuberans, Sarcogyne clavus, Sarcopyrenia cylindrospora, Sarcosagium campestre var. macrosporum, Schaereria fuscocinerea var. sorediata, Schismatomma graphidioides, Schismatomma niveum, Schismatomma quercicola, Schismatomma umbrinum, Sclerococcum griseisporodochium, Sclerococcum montagnei, Sclerophora farinacea, Sclerophora pallida, Sclerophora peronella, Scoliciosporum intrusum, Scoliciosporum sarothamni, Scutula epiblastematica, Scytinium biatorinum, Scytinium intermedium, Scytinium palmatum, Scytinium subtorulosum, Scytinium tenuissimum, Skyttea buelliae, Skyttea spinosa, Skyttea viridis, Solenopsora liparina, Solorina spongiosa, Sparria endlicheri, Sphaerellothecium parietinarium, Sphinctrina anglica, Sphinctrina leucopoda, Sphinctrina tubiformis, Spilonema paradoxum, Sporodophoron cretaceum, Squamarina lentigera, Staurothele bacilligera, Staurothele frustulenta, Staurothele guestphalica, Staurothele hymenogonia, Staurothele rugulosa, Stereocaulon delisei, Stereocaulon leucophaeopsis, Stereocaulon symphycheilum, Sticta canariensis (blue-green phycotype), Sticta canariensis (combined thalli - green and blue-green phycotypes growing togethe, Sticta fuliginosa, Sticta limbata, Sticta sylvatica, Stigmidium aggregatum, Stigmidium clauzadei, Stigmidium marinum, Stigmidium pumilum, Stigmidium tabacinae, Strigula jamesii, Strigula phaea, Strigula stigmatella var. stigmatella, Strigula tagananae, Strigula taylorii, Synalissa symphorea, Syncesia myrticola, Taeniolella beschiana, Taeniolella delicata, Taeniolella punctata, Taeniolella rolfii, Taeniolina scripta, Telogalla olivieri, Teloschistes chrysophthalmus, Teloschistes flavicans, Tephromela pertusarioides, Thamnolia vermicularis subsp. subuliformis, Thelenella modesta, Thelidium fontigenum, Thelidium impressum, Thelidium papulare f. sorediatum, Thelidium pluvium, Thelocarpon intermediellum, Thelocarpon magnussonii, Thelocarpon olivaceum, Thelocarpon opertum, Thelocarpon pallidum, Thelocarpon robustum, Thelocarpon strasseri, Thelopsis isiaca, Thelopsis rubella, Thelotrema lepadinum, Thermutis velutina, Toninia physaroides, Toninia sedifolia, Toninia subfuscae, Tornabea scutellifera, Trapeliopsis aeneofusca, Trapeliopsis viridescens, Tremella caloplacae, Tremella lobariacearum, Tremella pertusariae, Tremella phaeographidis, Tremella protoparmeliae, Trichonectria hirta, Tuckermanopsis chlorophylla, Tylophoron hibernicum, Umbilicaria crustulosa, Umbilicaria proboscidea, Unguiculariopsis lesdainii, Unguiculariopsis refractiva, Usnea articulata, Usnea esperantiana, Usnea flavocardia, Usnea florida, Usnea glabrata, Usnea silesiaca, Vahliella leucophaea, Varicellaria velata, Verrucaria bulgarica, Verrucaria cyanea, Verrucaria knowlesiae, Verrucaria latericola, Verrucaria ochrostoma, Verrucaria parmigerella, Verrucaria sandstedei, Verrucaria xyloxena, Verrucocladosporium dirinae, Vezdaea acicularis, Vouauxiella verrucosa, Vulpicida pinastri, Wadeana dendrographa, Wadeana minuta, Xanthoparmelia luteonotata, Xanthoparmelia protomatrae, Xanthoparmelia tinctina, Xerotrema quercicola ad int., Xylographa parallela, Zwackhia prosodea, Zwackhiomyces dispersus, Zwackhiomyces lecanorae, Zwackhiomyces sphinctrinoides


Quality control

The data should not be regarded as having comprehensive geographic or taxonomic coverage. The absence of a record does not necessarily indicate absence of the lichen. The data should therefore be checked against original sources before use in contentious circumstances, and specialist advice sought where appropriate.

Method Steps

  1. The dataset has been compiled from field and herbarium records, and verified by specialist review.