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BLS Lichen Database: Wales


A collation of the available lichen records for sites in Wales from 1650 to 2012, for purposes of conservation, future monitoring and research. Habitat and substrate information is included where available.


To collate data on lichen distribution, changes over time, and the conservation value of particular sites.

Additional Information

Additional information is held in the BLS database, including location, site visit and collection details. This can be supplied if needed. Contact should be made initially by email on .
Compilation of this dataset was supported by funding from CCW, the NBN, and the Welsh Biodiversity Partnership.

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Date range: Jan 1, 1726 - Mar 6, 2013

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British Lichen Society Admininistrator


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British Lichen Society

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Jun 25, 2013

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Jun 12, 2012

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UK National Biodiversity Network

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The dataset covers the whole of Wales, however surveys have been targeted on particular habitats and geographical areas at different times and the coverage of available records is not complete. The m… more


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Taxonomic Coverage

Abrothallus, Abrothallus bertianus, Abrothallus caerulescens, Abrothallus microspermus, Abrothallus parmeliarum, Abrothallus suecicus, Abrothallus welwitschii, Absconditella, Absconditella celata, Absconditella delutula, Absconditella lignicola, Absconditella trivialis, Acarospora, Acarospora badiofusca, Acarospora benedarensis, Acarospora fuscata, Acarospora glaucocarpa, Acarospora impressula, Acarospora macrospora subsp. macrospora, Acarospora nitrophila, Acarospora sinopica, Acarospora umbilicata f. congredians, Acarospora veronensis, Acrocordia conoidea, Acrocordia gemmata, Acrocordia salweyi, Adelolecia pilati, Agonimia, Agonimia allobata, Agonimia gelatinosa, Agonimia globulifera, Agonimia octospora, Agonimia repleta, Agonimia tristicula, Ainoa mooreana, Alectoria nigricans, Allantoparmelia alpicola, Alyxoria ochrocheila, Alyxoria varia, Amandinea coniops, Amandinea lecideina, Amandinea punctata, Amygdalaria consentiens, Amygdalaria pelobotryon, Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. ciliaris, Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. mamillata, Anaptychia runcinata, Anisomeridium, Anisomeridium biforme, Anisomeridium polypori, Anisomeridium ranunculosporum, Anisomeridium robustum, Anisomeridium viridescens, Arctoparmelia incurva, Arthonia, Arthonia anombrophila, Arthonia apotheciorum, Arthonia arthonioides, Arthonia astroidestera, Arthonia atlantica, Arthonia cinnabarina, Arthonia didyma, Arthonia digitatae, Arthonia elegans, Arthonia epiphyscia, Arthonia fuscopurpurea, Arthonia graphidicola, Arthonia ilicina, Arthonia invadens, Arthonia lapidicola, Arthonia ligniaria, Arthonia ligniariella, Arthonia mediella, Arthonia molendoi, Arthonia phaeobaea, Arthonia punctiformis, Arthonia radiata, Arthonia spadicea, Arthonia stellaris, Arthonia thelotrematis, Arthonia varians, Arthonia vinosa, Arthonia zwackhii, Arthopyrenia, Arthopyrenia analepta, Arthopyrenia carneobrunneola, Arthopyrenia cerasi, Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa, Arthopyrenia fraxini, Arthopyrenia nitescens, Arthopyrenia punctiformis, Arthopyrenia salicis, Arthopyrenia saxicola, Arthothelium ruanum, Arthothelium spectabile, Arthrorhaphis aeruginosa, Arthrorhaphis citrinella, Arthrorhaphis grisea, Arthrorhaphis muddii, Aspicilia, Aspicilia aquatica, Aspicilia cinerea s. lat., Aspicilia cinerea s. str., Aspicilia contorta subsp. hoffmanniana, Aspicilia epiglypta, Aspicilia grisea, Aspicilia intermutans, Aspicilia laevata, Aspicilia leprosescens, Aspicilia radiosa, Aspicilia simo뮳is, Aspicilia subdepressa, Athallia holocarpa, Athelia, Athelia arachnoidea, Atla wheldonii, Bachmanniomyces uncialicola, Bacidia, Bacidia adastra, Bacidia arceutina, Bacidia arnoldiana, Bacidia bagliettoana, Bacidia biatorina, Bacidia caligans, Bacidia carneoglauca, Bacidia chloroticula, Bacidia circumspecta, Bacidia delicata, Bacidia friesiana, Bacidia fuscoviridis, Bacidia herbarum, Bacidia incompta, Bacidia inundata, Bacidia laurocerasi, Bacidia phacodes, Bacidia polychroa, Bacidia rubella, Bacidia saxenii, Bacidia scopulicola, Bacidia squamellosa, Bacidia subincompta, Bacidia trachona, Bacidia viridescens, Bacidia viridifarinosa, Bactrospora corticola, Baeomyces carneus, Baeomyces placophyllus, Baeomyces rufus, Belonia incarnata, Biatora britannica, Biatora chrysantha, Biatora globulosa, Biatora vernalis, Biatorella fossarum, Biatoridium delitescens, Biatoridium monasteriense, Biatoropsis usnearum, Bilimbia lobulata, Bilimbia sabuletorum, Blastenia crenularia, Botryolepraria lesdainii, Brianaria bauschiana, Brianaria lutulata, Brianaria sylvicola, Brianaria tuberculata, Briancoppinsia cytospora, Bryobilimbia ahlesii, Bryobilimbia hypnorum, Bryoria, Bryoria bicolor, Bryoria fuscescens, Bryoria fuscescens var. fuscescens, Bryoria smithii, Bryoria subcana, Bryostigma muscigenum, Buellia, Buellia aethalea, Buellia disciformis, Buellia griseovirens, Buellia hyperbolica, Buellia insignis, Buellia leptocline, Buellia ocellata, Buellia pulverea, Buellia schaereri, Buellia stellulata, Buellia subdisciformis, Buellia uberior, Buelliella physciicola, Bunodophoron melanocarpum, Byssoloma marginatum, Byssoloma subdiscordans, Caeruleum heppii, Calicium abietinum, Calicium adspersum, Calicium glaucellum, Calicium lenticulare, Calicium quercinum, Calicium salicinum, Calicium viride, Callome multipartita, Calogaya arnoldii, Calogaya decipiens, Caloplaca, Caloplaca alociza, Caloplaca asserigena, Caloplaca atroflava, Caloplaca ceracea, Caloplaca cerina var. cerina, Caloplaca cerina var. chloroleuca, Caloplaca cerinella, Caloplaca cerinelloides, Caloplaca chalybaea, Caloplaca chlorina, Caloplaca chrysodeta, Caloplaca citrina s. str., Caloplaca dalmatica, Caloplaca ferruginea, Caloplaca herbidella, Caloplaca irrubescens, Caloplaca limonia, Caloplaca littorea, Caloplaca lucifuga, Caloplaca marmorata, Caloplaca obscurella, Caloplaca ochracea, Caloplaca saxicola, Caloplaca scopularis, Caloplaca teicholyta, Caloplaca ulcerosa, Caloplaca variabilis, Caloplaca virescens, Caloplaca xantholyta, Calvitimela aglaea, Candelaria concolor, Candelariella, Candelariella aurella f. aurella, Candelariella aurella f. smaragdula, Candelariella coralliza, Candelariella medians f. medians, Candelariella reflexa, Candelariella vitellina f. flavovirella, Candelariella vitellina f. vitellina, Candelariella xanthostigma, Carbonea aggregantula, Carbonea supersparsa, Carbonea vitellinaria, Carbonea vorticosa, Catapyrenium, Catapyrenium cinereum, Catapyrenium lachneum, Catapyrenium pilosellum, Catapyrenium psoromoides, Catapyrenium rufescens, Catapyrenium squamulosum, Catillaria, Catillaria aphana, Catillaria atomarioides, Catillaria chalybeia var. chalybeia, Catillaria chalybeia var. chloropoliza, Catillaria contristans, Catillaria lenticularis, Catillaria nigroclavata, Catillaria scotinodes, Catillaria stereocaulorum, Catillaria subviridis, Catinaria atropurpurea, Cecidonia umbonella, Cecidonia xenophana, Celothelium ischnobelum, Cercidospora epipolytropa, Cerothallia luteoalba, Cetraria, Cetraria aculeata, Cetraria islandica subsp. islandica, Cetraria muricata, Cetraria sepincola, Cetrariella commixta, Cetrelia olivetorum s. lat., Cetrelia olivetorum sensu stricto, Chaenotheca, Chaenotheca brachypoda, Chaenotheca brunneola, Chaenotheca chlorella, Chaenotheca chrysocephala, Chaenotheca ferruginea, Chaenotheca furfuracea, Chaenotheca hispidula, Chaenotheca phaeocephala, Chaenotheca stemonea, Chaenotheca trichialis, Chaenothecopsis nigra, Chaenothecopsis savonica, Chromatochlamys confusum, Chrysothrix candelaris, Chrysothrix chlorina, Chrysothrix flavovirens, Circinaria caesiocinerea, Circinaria calcarea, Circinaria contorta, Cladonia, Cladonia alpina, Cladonia arbuscula subsp. squarrosa, Cladonia azorica, Cladonia bacillaris, Cladonia bellidiflora, Cladonia borealis, Cladonia caespiticia, Cladonia callosa, Cladonia cariosa, Cladonia cervicornis subsp. cervicornis, Cladonia cervicornis subsp. verticillata, Cladonia chlorophaea, Cladonia chlorophaea sensu lato, Cladonia chlorophaea sensu stricto, Cladonia ciliata, Cladonia ciliata var. ciliata, Cladonia ciliata var. tenuis, Cladonia coccifera s. lat., Cladonia coccifera s. str., Cladonia coniocraea, Cladonia cornuta, Cladonia crispata var. cetrariiformis, Cladonia crispata var. crispata, Cladonia cryptochlorophaea, Cladonia cyathomorpha, Cladonia digitata, Cladonia diversa, Cladonia fimbriata, Cladonia firma, Cladonia floerkeana, Cladonia foliacea, Cladonia furcata, Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata, Cladonia furcata subsp. subrangiformis, Cladonia glauca, Cladonia gracilis, Cladonia humilis, Cladonia incrassata, Cladonia luteoalba, Cladonia macilenta, Cladonia macrophylla, Cladonia merochlorophaea, Cladonia norvegica, Cladonia ochrochlora, Cladonia parasitica, Cladonia peziziformis, Cladonia phyllophora, Cladonia pleurota, Cladonia pocillum, Cladonia polydactyla var. polydactyla, Cladonia portentosa, Cladonia pyxidata, Cladonia ramulosa, Cladonia rangiferina, Cladonia rangiformis, Cladonia scabriuscula, Cladonia squamosa s. lat., Cladonia squamosa var. squamosa, Cladonia squamosa var. subsquamosa, Cladonia strepsilis, Cladonia stygia, Cladonia subcervicornis, Cladonia subulata, Cladonia sulphurina, Cladonia symphycarpia, Cladonia uncialis subsp. biuncialis, Cladonia uncialis subsp. uncialis, Claurouxia chalybeioides, Clauzadea, Clauzadea immersa, Clauzadea metzleri, Clauzadea monticola, Clauzadeana macula, Cliostomum flavidulum, Cliostomum griffithii, Cliostomum tenerum, Clypeococcum hypocenomycis, Coccotrema citrinescens, Collema, Collema auriforme, Collema callopismum var. callopismum, Collema crispum var. crispum, Collema cristatum var. cristatum, Collema cristatum var. marginale, Collema fasciculare, Collema flaccidum, Collema fragile, Collema fragrans, Collema furfuraceum, Collema glebulentum, Collema nigrescens, Collema parvum, Collema polycarpon, Collema subflaccidum, Collema subnigrescens, Collema tenax var. ceranoides, Collema tenax var. corallinum, Collema tenax var. tenax, Collema tenax var. vulgare, Collema undulatum var. granulosum, Collemopsidium, Collemopsidium angermannicum, Collemopsidium arenisedum, Collemopsidium argilospilum, Collemopsidium caesium, Collemopsidium elegans, Collemopsidium foveolatum, Collemopsidium halodytes, Collemopsidium sublitorale, Coppinsia minutissima, Cornicularia normoerica, Cornutispora ciliata, Corticifraga peltigerae, Corticiruptor abeloneae, Cresponea premnea, Cryptodiscus gloeocapsa, Cryptolechia carneolutea, Cryptothele rhodosticta, Cyphelium inquinans, Cyphelium marcianum, Cyphelium notarisii, Cyphelium sessile, Cyrtidula quercus, Cystocoleus ebeneus, Dactylospora parasitica, Dactylospora parellaria, Dendrographa latebrarum, Dermatocarpon, Dermatocarpon intestiniforme, Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes, Dermatocarpon luridum, Dermatocarpon meiophyllizum, Dermatocarpon miniatum, Dibaeis baeomyces, Dictyonema coppinsii, Dimerella lutea, Dimerella pineti, Diploicia canescens, Diploschistes caesioplumbeus, Diploschistes gypsaceus, Diploschistes muscorum, Diploschistes scruposus, Diplotomma alboatrum, Diplotomma chlorophaeum, Diplotomma hedinii, Diplotomma murorum, Dirina massiliensis f. massiliensis, Dirina massiliensis f. sorediata, Enchylium bachmanianum, Enchylium limosum, Endocarpon, Endocarpon adscendens, Endocarpon pallidum, Endocarpon pusillum, Endococcus apiciicola, Endococcus perpusillus, Endococcus propinquus, Endococcus verrucisporus, Endococcus verrucosus, Endohyalina insularis, Enterographa crassa, Enterographa hutchinsiae, Enterographa sorediata, Eopyrenula avellanae, Eopyrenula grandicula, Eopyrenula leucoplaca, Ephebe hispidula, Ephebe lanata, Epicladonia, Epigloea, Epigloea bactrospora, Epigloea filifera, Epigloea medioincrassata, Epigloea soleiformis, Epilichen scabrosus, Epiphloea byssina, Erythricium aurantiacum, Evernia prunastri, Farnoldia jurana, Felipes leucopellaeus, Fellhanera, Fellhanera bouteillei, Fellhanera subtilis, Fellhanera viridisorediata, Fellhaneropsis vezdae, Flavoparmelia caperata, Flavoparmelia soredians, Flavoplaca arcis, Flavoplaca dichroa, Flavoplaca flavocitrina, Flavoplaca granulosa, Flavoplaca marina, Flavoplaca maritima, Flavoplaca microthallina, Flavoplaca polycarpa, Frigidopyrenia bryospila, Frutidella caesioatra, Fuscidea, Fuscidea austera, Fuscidea cyathoides var. cyathoides, Fuscidea cyathoides var. sorediata, Fuscidea gothoburgensis, Fuscidea intercincta, Fuscidea kochiana, Fuscidea lightfootii, Fuscidea lygaea, Fuscidea mollis, Fuscidea praeruptorum, Fuscidea recensa, Fuscopannaria mediterranea, Gomphillus calycioides, Graphina, Graphina pauciloculata, Graphis, Graphis elegans, Graphis ruiziana, Graphis scripta, Gregorella humida, Gyalecta, Gyalecta biformis, Gyalecta derivata, Gyalecta flotovii, Gyalecta foveolaris, Gyalecta jenensis var. jenensis, Gyalecta nidarosiensis, Gyalecta truncigena, Gyalidea, Gyalidea fritzei, Gyalidea lecideopsis, Gyalidea subscutellaris, Gyalideopsis, Gyalideopsis muscicola, Gyalolechia flavorubescens, Gyalolechia flavovirescens, Gyalolechia fulgens, Gyrographa gyrocarpa, Gyrographa saxigena, Haematomma ochroleucum var. ochroleucum, Haematomma ochroleucum var. porphyrium, Halecania ralfsii, Halecania spodomela, Halecania viridescens, Haloplaca britannica, Haloplaca sorediella, Herteliana gagei, Heterocephalacria physciacearum, Heterodermia japonica, Heterodermia leucomelos, Homostegia piggotii, Hydropunctaria amphibia, Hydropunctaria maura, Hydropunctaria rheitrophila, Hydropunctaria scabra, Hymenelia, Hymenelia epulotica, Hymenelia heteromorpha, Hymenelia prevostii, Hyperphyscia adglutinata, Hypocenomyce scalaris, Hypogymnia, Hypogymnia physodes, Hypogymnia tubulosa, Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta, Hypotrachyna britannica, Hypotrachyna endochlora, Hypotrachyna laevigata, Hypotrachyna revoluta, Hypotrachyna sinuosa, Hypotrachyna taylorensis, Icmadophila ericetorum, Illosporiopsis christiansenii, Illosporium carneum, Immersaria athroocarpa, Imshaugia aleurites, Intralichen christiansenii, Ionaspis, Ionaspis lacustris, Ionaspis suaveolens, Jamesiella anastomosans, Jamesiella scotica, Japewiella tavaresiana, Koerberiella wimmeriana, Lachnum corticale, Lambiella furvella, Lambiella gyrizans, Lambiella insularis, Lasallia pustulata, Lasiosphaeriopsis salisburyi, Lathagrium dichotomum, Lathagrium fuscovirens, Lecanactis abietina, Lecanactis subabietina, Lecania, Lecania aipospila, Lecania atrynoides, Lecania baeomma, Lecania chlorotiza, Lecania cuprea, Lecania cyrtella, Lecania cyrtellina, Lecania erysibe, Lecania erysibe s. lat., Lecania fructigena, Lecania hutchinsiae, Lecania naegelii, Lecania nylanderiana, Lecania rabenhorstii, Lecania suavis, Lecania sylvestris, Lecania turicensis, Lecanographa amylacea, Lecanographa dilleniana, Lecanographa lyncea, Lecanora, Lecanora achariana, Lecanora actophila, Lecanora agardhiana, Lecanora aitema, Lecanora albella, Lecanora albellula, Lecanora albescens, Lecanora alboflavida, Lecanora andrewii, Lecanora argentata, Lecanora barkmaniana, Lecanora campestris subsp. campestris, Lecanora carpinea, Lecanora cenisia, Lecanora chlarotera, Lecanora compallens, Lecanora conferta, Lecanora confusa, Lecanora conizaeoides f. conizaeoides, Lecanora conizaeoides f. variola, Lecanora crenulata, Lecanora dispersa, Lecanora epanora, Lecanora expallens, Lecanora fugiens, Lecanora gangaleoides, Lecanora gisleriana, Lecanora hagenii, Lecanora handelii, Lecanora helicopis, Lecanora horiza, Lecanora intricata, Lecanora intumescens, Lecanora jamesii, Lecanora muralis, Lecanora ochroidea, Lecanora orosthea, Lecanora persimilis, Lecanora poliophaea, Lecanora polytropa, Lecanora praepostera, Lecanora pulicaris, Lecanora quercicola, Lecanora rupicola var. rupicola, Lecanora saligna, Lecanora sambuci, Lecanora sarcopidoides, Lecanora semipallida, Lecanora soralifera, Lecanora stenotropa, Lecanora strobilina, Lecanora subaurea, Lecanora subcarnea, Lecanora subintricata, Lecanora sublivescens, Lecanora sulphurea, Lecanora symmicta, Lecanora varia, Lecanora zosterae, Lecidea, Lecidea auriculata, Lecidea berengeriana, Lecidea commaculans, Lecidea confluens, Lecidea diducens, Lecidea endomelaena, Lecidea erythrophaea, Lecidea fuliginosa, Lecidea fuscoatra, Lecidea grisella, Lecidea hypopta, Lecidea lactea s. lat., Lecidea lactea s. str., Lecidea lapicida, Lecidea lithophila, Lecidea luteoatra, Lecidea phaeops, Lecidea plana, Lecidea promixta, Lecidea sanguineoatra auct., non (Wulfen) Ach., Lecidea swartzioidea, Lecidea turgidula, Lecidella, Lecidella asema, Lecidella carpathica, Lecidella elaeochroma f. elaeochroma, Lecidella elaeochroma f. soralifera, Lecidella meiococca, Lecidella scabra, Lecidella stigmatea, Lecidella viridans, Lecidoma demissum, Leimonis erratica, Lemmopsis arnoldiana, Lempholemma botryosum, Lempholemma chalazanodes, Lempholemma chalazanum, Lempholemma cladodes, Lempholemma intricatum, Lempholemma polyanthes, Lempholemma radiatum, Lepraria, Lepraria atlantica, Lepraria bergensis, Lepraria borealis, Lepraria caesioalba, Lepraria crassissima, Lepraria diffusa var. chrysodetoides, Lepraria diffusa var. diffusa, Lepraria eburnea, Lepraria ecorticata, Lepraria elobata, Lepraria incana s. lat., Lepraria incana s. str., Lepraria jackii, Lepraria lobificans, Lepraria membranacea, Lepraria neglecta, Lepraria nivalis, Lepraria nylanderiana, Lepraria rigidula, Lepraria sylvicola, Lepraria umbricola, Lepraria vouauxii, Leprocaulon microscopicum, Leproplaca chrysodeta, Leproplaca cirrochroa, Leproplaca obliterans, Leptogium, Leptogium brebissonii, Leptogium britannicum, Leptogium burgessii, Leptogium cochleatum, Leptogium cyanescens, Leptogium diffractum, Leptogium massiliense, Leptogium teretiusculum, Leptorhaphis epidermidis, Leptorhaphis maggiana, Lichen (unidentified), Lichenochora, Lichenochora mediterraneae, Lichenochora obscuroides, Lichenoconium, Lichenoconium erodens, Lichenoconium usneae, Lichenodiplis opegraphae, Lichenodiplis pertusariicola, Lichenomphalia, Lichenomphalia alpina, Lichenomphalia hudsoniana, Lichenomphalia umbellifera, Lichenomphalia velutina, Lichenosticta alcicornaria, Lichina confinis, Lichina pygmaea, Lichinodium sirosiphoideum, Lithographa tesserata, Llimonaea sorediata, Lobaria, Lobaria amplissima, Lobaria pulmonaria, Lobaria scrobiculata, Lobaria virens, Lobothallia recedens, Lopadium disciforme, Loxospora elatina, Marchandiomyces corallinus, Massalongia carnosa, Massjukiella polycarpa, Megalaria grossa, Megalaria pulverea, Megalospora tuberculosa, Megaspora verrucosa, Melanelia hepatizon, Melanelia stygia, Melanelia subaurifera, Melanelixia fuliginosa, Melanelixia subaurifera, Melanohalea elegantula, Melanohalea exasperata, Melanohalea exasperatula, Melanohalea laciniatula, Melaspilea amota, Melaspilea bagliettoana, Melaspilea granitophila, Melaspilea interjecta, Melaspilea ochrothalamia, Menegazzia subsimilis, Menegazzia terebrata, Merismatium deminutum, Micarea, Micarea adnata, Micarea alabastrites, Micarea botryoides, Micarea byssacea, Micarea cinerea, Micarea cinerea f. cinerea, Micarea cinerea f. tenuispora, Micarea coppinsii, Micarea deminuta, Micarea denigrata, Micarea doliiformis, Micarea farinosa, Micarea globulosella, Micarea hedlundii, Micarea leprosula, Micarea lignaria var. endoleuca, Micarea lignaria var. lignaria, Micarea lithinella, Micarea marginata, Micarea melaena, Micarea micrococca, Micarea misella, Micarea myriocarpa, Micarea nitschkeana, Micarea paratropa, Micarea peliocarpa, Micarea prasina, Micarea pseudomarginata, Micarea pycnidiophora, Micarea stipitata, Micarea submilliaria, Micarea subnigrata, Micarea subviridescens, Micarea synotheoides, Micarea ternaria, Micarea viridileprosa, Micarea xanthonica, Microcalicium, Microcalicium ahlneri, Microcalicium disseminatum, Milospium graphideorum, Minutophoma chrysophthalmae, Miriquidica atrofulva, Miriquidica complanata f. complanata, Miriquidica leucophaea, Miriquidica lulensis, Miriquidica pycnocarpa f. pycnocarpa, Miriquidica pycnocarpa f. sorediata, Mniaecia jungermanniae, Moelleropsis, Moelleropsis nebulosa, Monodictys cellulosa, Montanelia disjuncta, Muellerella lichenicola, Muellerella pygmaea, Mycobilimbia epixanthoides, Mycobilimbia pilularis, Mycoblastus caesius, Mycoblastus sanguinarius f. leprosus, Mycoblastus sanguinarius f. sanguinarius, Mycoglaena myricae, Mycomicrothelia atlantica, Mycomicrothelia confusa, Mycoporum antecellens, Mycoporum lacteum, Myriospora, Nephroma laevigatum, Nephroma parile, Nephroma tangeriense, Nesolechia oxyspora, Nevesia sampaiana, Nigromacula uniseptata, Normandina, Normandina acroglypta, Normandina pulchella, Ochrolechia, Ochrolechia androgyna, Ochrolechia frigida f. frigida, Ochrolechia inaequatula, Ochrolechia microstictoides, Ochrolechia parella, Ochrolechia subviridis, Ochrolechia tartarea, Ochrolechia turneri s. lat., Ochrolechia turneri s. str., Octospora, Opegrapha, Opegrapha areniseda, Opegrapha atra, Opegrapha calcarea, Opegrapha cesareensis, Opegrapha corticola, Opegrapha dolomitica, Opegrapha fumosa, Opegrapha herbarum, Opegrapha lithyrga, Opegrapha mougeotii, Opegrapha multipuncta, Opegrapha niveoatra, Opegrapha parasitica, Opegrapha paraxanthodes, Opegrapha pertusariicola, Opegrapha physciaria, Opegrapha rupestris, Opegrapha sorediifera, Opegrapha thelotrematis, Opegrapha vermicellifera, Opegrapha viridipruinosa ad int., Opegrapha vulgata, Opegrapha xerica, Opegrapha zonata, Ophioparma ventosa, Pachnolepia pruinata, Pachyphiale, Pachyphiale carneola, Pannaria conoplea, Pannaria rubiginosa, Paralecanographa grumulosa, Paranectria, Paranectria oropensis subsp. oropensis, Parmelia, Parmelia discordans, Parmelia ernstiae, Parmelia omphalodes, Parmelia saxatilis, Parmelia submontana, Parmelia sulcata, Parmeliella, Parmeliella parvula, Parmeliella testacea, Parmeliella triptophylla, Parmelina carporrhizans, Parmelina pastillifera, Parmelina tiliacea, Parmelinopsis horrescens, Parmelinopsis minarum, Parmeliopsis ambigua, Parmeliopsis hyperopta, Parmotrema, Parmotrema arnoldii, Parmotrema crinitum, Parmotrema perlatum, Parmotrema reticulatum, Parmotrema robustum, Pectenia atlantica, Pectenia ligulata, Pectenia plumbea, Peltigera, Peltigera britannica, Peltigera canina, Peltigera collina, Peltigera didactyla, Peltigera elisabethae, Peltigera horizontalis, Peltigera hymenina, Peltigera leucophlebia, Peltigera membranacea, Peltigera neckeri, Peltigera polydactylon, Peltigera praetextata, Peltigera rufescens, Peltigera venosa, Pertusaria, Pertusaria albescens, Pertusaria albescens var. albescens, Pertusaria albescens var. corallina, Pertusaria amara f. amara, Pertusaria amara f. pulvinata, Pertusaria amarescens, Pertusaria aspergilla, Pertusaria chiodectonoides, Pertusaria coccodes, Pertusaria corallina, Pertusaria coronata, Pertusaria excludens, Pertusaria flavicans, Pertusaria flavida, Pertusaria hymenea, Pertusaria lactescens, Pertusaria leioplaca, Pertusaria melanochlora, Pertusaria monogona, Pertusaria multipuncta, Pertusaria ophthalmiza, Pertusaria pertusa, Pertusaria pseudocorallina, Pertusaria pupillaris, Pertusaria pustulata, Petractis, Petractis clausa, Phaeographis, Phaeographis dendritica, Phaeographis inusta, Phaeographis lyellii, Phaeographis smithii, Phaeophyscia nigricans, Phaeophyscia orbicularis, Phaeophyscia sciastra, Phaeopyxis punctum, Phaeopyxis varia, Phaeospora parasitica, Phlyctis agelaea, Phlyctis argena, Phylloblastia, Phyllopsora rosei, Physcia, Physcia adscendens nom. cons., Physcia aipolia, Physcia caesia, Physcia clementei, Physcia dubia, Physcia leptalea, Physcia stellaris, Physcia tenella, Physcia tribacia, Physcia tribacioides, Physconia, Physconia distorta, Physconia enteroxantha, Physconia grisea, Physconia perisidiosa, Piccolia ochrophora, Pilophorus strumaticus, Placidiopsis custnani, Placopsis, Placopsis lambii, Placopyrenium canellum, Placopyrenium fuscellum, Placynthiella, Placynthiella dasaea, Placynthiella hyporhoda, Placynthiella icmalea, Placynthiella oligotropha, Placynthiella uliginosa, Placynthium asperellum, Placynthium flabellosum, Placynthium garovaglioi, Placynthium hungaricum, Placynthium nigrum, Placynthium subradiatum, Placynthium tremniacum, Platismatia glauca, Pleurosticta acetabulum, Polyblastia agraria, Polyblastia albida, Polyblastia cruenta, Polyblastia cupularis, Polyblastia dermatodes, Polyblastia efflorescens, Polyblastia melaspora, Polyblastia philaea, Polyblastia quartzina, Polyblastia terrestris, Polyblastia theleodes, Polycauliona verruculifera, Polychidium muscicola, Polycoccum microstictum, Polycoccum minutulum, Polycoccum peltigerae, Polycoccum pulvinatum, Polycoccum squamarioides, Polysporina simplex, Porina, Porina aenea, Porina ahlesiana, Porina borreri, Porina byssophila, Porina chlorotica f. chlorotica, Porina coralloidea, Porina curnowii, Porina effilata, Porina grandis, Porina guentheri var. guentheri, Porina guentheri var. lucens, Porina hibernica, Porina interjungens, Porina lectissima, Porina leptalea, Porina linearis, Porina rosei, Porocyphus coccodes, Porocyphus kenmorensis, Porocyphus leptogiella, Porpidia, Porpidia cinereoatra, Porpidia contraponenda, Porpidia crustulata, Porpidia flavicunda, Porpidia flavocruenta, Porpidia hydrophila, Porpidia islandica, Porpidia macrocarpa f. macrocarpa, Porpidia macrocarpa f. nigrocruenta, Porpidia melinodes, Porpidia ochrolemma, Porpidia platycarpoides, Porpidia rugosa, Porpidia soredizodes, Porpidia speirea, Porpidia striata, Porpidia superba f. sorediata, Porpidia superba f. superba, Porpidia tuberculosa, Pronectria robergei, Pronectria santessonii, Protoblastenia calva, Protoblastenia cyclospora, Protoblastenia incrustans, Protoblastenia lilacina, Protoblastenia rupestris, Protoblastenia siebenhaariana, Protopannaria pezizoides, Protoparmelia atriseda, Protoparmelia badia, Protoparmelia memnonia, Protothelenella corrosa, Protothelenella sphinctrinoidella, Protothelenella sphinctrinoides, Psammina stipitata, Pseudephebe pubescens, Pseudevernia furfuracea s. lat., Pseudevernia furfuracea sensu stricto, Pseudevernia furfuracea var. ceratea, Pseudevernia furfuracea var. furfuracea, Pseudocyphellaria intricata, Pseudocyphellaria lacerata, Pseudocyphellaria norvegica, Pseudoschismatomma rufescens, Psilolechia clavulifera, Psilolechia leprosa, Psilolechia lucida, Psora decipiens, Psora globifera, Psoroglaena stigonemoides, Psorotichia schaereri, Pterygiopsis concordatula, Pterygiopsis lacustris, Ptychographa xylographoides, Punctelia borreri, Punctelia jeckeri, Punctelia reddenda, Punctelia subrudecta s. lat., Punctelia subrudecta s. str., Pycnothelia papillaria, Pyrenocollema, Pyrenopsis furfurea, Pyrenopsis grumulifera, Pyrenopsis impolita, Pyrenopsis subareolata, Pyrenula, Pyrenula acutispora, Pyrenula chlorospila, Pyrenula coryli, Pyrenula hibernica, Pyrenula laevigata, Pyrenula macrospora, Pyrenula nitida, Pyrenula occidentalis, Pyrrhospora quernea, Racodium rupestre, Ramalina, Ramalina calicaris, Ramalina canariensis, Ramalina cuspidata, Ramalina farinacea, Ramalina fastigiata, Ramalina fraxinea, Ramalina lacera, Ramalina pollinaria, Ramalina polymorpha, Ramalina portuensis, Ramalina siliquosa, Ramalina subfarinacea, Ramonia chrysophaea, Ramonia dictyospora, Ramonia interjecta, Rhaphidicyrtis trichosporella, Rhizocarpon, Rhizocarpon amphibium, Rhizocarpon anaperum, Rhizocarpon caeruleoalbum, Rhizocarpon cinereovirens, Rhizocarpon distinctum, Rhizocarpon expallescens, Rhizocarpon furfurosum, Rhizocarpon geminatum, Rhizocarpon geographicum, Rhizocarpon grande, Rhizocarpon hochstetteri, Rhizocarpon inarense, Rhizocarpon infernulum f. sylvaticum, Rhizocarpon intermediellum, Rhizocarpon lavatum, Rhizocarpon lecanorinum, Rhizocarpon ochrolechiae, Rhizocarpon oederi, Rhizocarpon petraeum, Rhizocarpon polycarpum, Rhizocarpon reductum, Rhizocarpon richardii, Rhizocarpon simillimum, Rhizocarpon subgeminatum, Rhizocarpon submodestum, Rhizocarpon superficiale, Rhizocarpon umbilicatum, Rhizocarpon viridiatrum, Rhymbocarpus cruciatus, Rhymbocarpus ericetorum, Rimularia, Rimularia badioatra, Rimularia intercedens, Rimularia limborina, Rinodina, Rinodina aspersa, Rinodina atrocinerea, Rinodina beccariana, Rinodina biloculata, Rinodina bischoffii, Rinodina confragosa, Rinodina conradii, Rinodina efflorescens, Rinodina flavosoralifera, Rinodina griseosoralifera, Rinodina immersa, Rinodina interpolata, Rinodina isidioides, Rinodina luridescens, Rinodina milvina, Rinodina occulta, Rinodina oleae, Rinodina orculariopsis, Rinodina oxydata, Rinodina roboris var. roboris, Rinodina sophodes, Rinodina teichophila, Roccella fuciformis, Roccella phycopsis, Roccellographa, Roccellographa circumscripta, Roccellographa sorediata, Romjularia lurida, Ropalospora viridis, Roselliniella cladoniae, Rostania ceranisca, Rostania occultata, Rufoplaca arenaria, Sagediopsis lomnitzensis, Sarcogyne, Sarcogyne clavus, Sarcogyne hypophaea, Sarcogyne lapponica, Sarcogyne regularis, Sarcosagium campestre var. campestre, Sarcosagium campestre var. macrosporum, Sarea resinae, Schaereria cinereorufa, Schaereria corticola, Schaereria fuscocinerea var. fuscocinerea, Schismatomma, Schismatomma decolorans, Schismatomma graphidioides, Schismatomma niveum, Schismatomma quercicola, Schismatomma umbrinum, Sclerococcum montagnei, Sclerococcum sphaerale, Scoliciosporum chlorococcum, Scoliciosporum curvatum, Scoliciosporum intrusum, Scoliciosporum pruinosum, Scoliciosporum umbrinum, Scythioria phlogina, Scytinium biatorinum, Scytinium gelatinosum, Scytinium intermedium, Scytinium lichenoides, Scytinium palmatum, Scytinium plicatile, Scytinium schraderi, Scytinium subtile, Scytinium subtorulosum, Scytinium tenuissimum, Scytinium turgidum, Silobia rufescens, Skyttea buelliae, Skyttea nitschkei, Solenopsora, Solenopsora candicans, Solenopsora holophaea, Solenopsora vulturiensis, Solorina saccata, Solorina spongiosa, Sparria endlicheri, Sphaerellothecium parietinarium, Sphaerophorus, Sphaerophorus fragilis, Sphaerophorus globosus, Sphaerulina dolichotera, Sphinctrina tubiformis, Sphinctrina turbinata, Spirographa, Spirographa fusisporella, Sporastatia polyspora, Sporodophoron cretaceum, Squamarina cartilaginea, Staurothele caesia, Staurothele fissa, Staurothele guestphalica, Staurothele hymenogonia, Staurothele rufa, Staurothele rugulosa, Staurothele rupifraga, Staurothele succedens, Steinia geophana, Stenocybe nitida, Stenocybe pullatula, Stenocybe septata, Stereocaulon, Stereocaulon condensatum, Stereocaulon dactylophyllum var. dactylophyllum, Stereocaulon delisei, Stereocaulon evolutum, Stereocaulon glareosum, Stereocaulon leucophaeopsis, Stereocaulon nanodes, Stereocaulon pileatum, Stereocaulon plicatile, Stereocaulon saxatile, Stereocaulon symphycheilum, Stereocaulon tornense, Stereocaulon vesuvianum var. nodulosum, Stereocaulon vesuvianum var. symphycheileoides, Stereocaulon vesuvianum var. vesuvianum, Sticta, Sticta canariensis (blue-green phycotype), Sticta canariensis (combined thalli - green and blue-green phycotypes growing togethe, Sticta canariensis s. str. (green morph), Sticta fuliginosa, Sticta limbata, Sticta sylvatica, Stigmidium, Stigmidium aggregatum, Stigmidium congestum, Stigmidium microspilum, Stigmidium solorinarium, Strangospora microhaema, Strangospora moriformis, Strangospora pinicola, Strigula jamesii, Strigula phaea, Strigula stigmatella var. alpestris, Strigula stigmatella var. stigmatella, Strigula taylorii, Strigula thelopsidoides, Synalissa symphorea, Syncesia myrticola, Syzygospora, Taeniolella phaeophysciae, Taeniolella rolfii, Telogalla olivieri, Teloschistes flavicans, Tephromela atra var. atra, Tephromela grumosa, Tephromela pertusarioides, Thamnolia vermicularis subsp. subuliformis, Thelenella muscorum var. muscorum, Thelenella muscorum var. octospora, Thelidium, Thelidium decipiens, Thelidium fontigenum, Thelidium fumidum, Thelidium incavatum, Thelidium minutulum, Thelidium papulare f. papulare, Thelidium pluvium, Thelidium pyrenophorum, Thelidium zwackhii, Thelocarpon, Thelocarpon epibolum s. lat., Thelocarpon epibolum sensu stricto, Thelocarpon epibolum var. epibolum, Thelocarpon impressellum, Thelocarpon intermediellum, Thelocarpon laureri, Thelocarpon lichenicola, Thelocarpon magnussonii, Thelocarpon olivaceum, Thelocarpon opertum, Thelocarpon pallidum, Thelocarpon robustum, Thelocarpon saxicola, Thelocarpon superellum, Thelopsis melathelia, Thelopsis rubella, Thelotrema, Thelotrema lepadinum, Thermutis velutina, Thrombium epigaeum, Tomasellia, Tomasellia diffusa, Tomasellia gelatinosa, Toninia aromatica, Toninia diffracta, Toninia episema, Toninia fusispora, Toninia mesoidea, Toninia sedifolia, Toninia thiopsora, Toninia verrucarioides, Trapelia, Trapelia coarctata, Trapelia corticola, Trapelia glebulosa, Trapelia obtegens, Trapelia placodioides, Trapeliopsis aeneofusca, Trapeliopsis flexuosa, Trapeliopsis gelatinosa, Trapeliopsis glaucolepidea, Trapeliopsis granulosa, Trapeliopsis percrenata, Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa, Trapeliopsis wallrothii, Tremella cladoniae, Tremella coppinsii, Tremella pertusariae, Tremolecia atrata, Trimmatothelopsis smaragdula, Tubeufia, Tuckermannopsis chlorophylla, Tuckermanopsis chlorophylla, Tylophoron hibernicum, Tylothallia biformigera, Umbilicaria, Umbilicaria cylindrica, Umbilicaria deusta, Umbilicaria hirsuta, Umbilicaria polyphylla, Umbilicaria polyrrhiza, Umbilicaria proboscidea, Umbilicaria torrefacta, Unguiculariopsis thallophila, Usnea, Usnea articulata, Usnea ceratina, Usnea cornuta, Usnea dasopoga, Usnea esperantiana, Usnea flammea, Usnea flavocardia, Usnea florida, Usnea fragilescens var. mollis, Usnea fulvoreagens, Usnea glabrata, Usnea glabrescens, Usnea hirta, Usnea rubicunda, Usnea subfloridana, Usnea wasmuthii, Vahliella leucophaea, Varicellaria hemisphaerica, Varicellaria lactea, Varicellaria velata, Variospora aurantia, Variospora flavescens, Variospora thallincola, Verrucaria, Verrucaria acrotella, Verrucaria aethiobola, Verrucaria aquatilis, Verrucaria baldensis, Verrucaria bryoctona, Verrucaria bulgarica, Verrucaria caerulea, Verrucaria cyanea, Verrucaria ditmarsica, Verrucaria dolosa, Verrucaria dufourii, Verrucaria elaeina, Verrucaria elaeomelaena, Verrucaria funckii, Verrucaria fusconigrescens, Verrucaria halizoa, Verrucaria hochstetteri, Verrucaria hydrela, Verrucaria internigrescens, Verrucaria latebrosa, Verrucaria latericola, Verrucaria macrostoma f. furfuracea, Verrucaria macrostoma f. macrostoma, Verrucaria margacea, Verrucaria mucosa, Verrucaria muralis, Verrucaria nigrescens, Verrucaria ochrostoma, Verrucaria pachyderma, Verrucaria pinguicula, Verrucaria polysticta, Verrucaria praetermissa, Verrucaria prominula, Verrucaria simplex, Verrucaria striatula, Verrucaria viridula, Vestergrenopsis elaeina, Vezdaea, Vezdaea acicularis, Vezdaea aestivalis, Vezdaea cobria, Vezdaea leprosa, Vezdaea retigera, Vezdaea rheocarpa, Violella fucata, Vouauxiella lichenicola, Vouauxiomyces santessonii, Vouauxiomyces truncatus, Vulpicida pinastri, Wadeana dendrographa, Wadeana minuta, Weddellomyces epicallopisma, Xanthocarpia crenulatella, Xanthoparmelia conspersa, Xanthoparmelia delisei, Xanthoparmelia loxodes, Xanthoparmelia mougeotii, Xanthoparmelia pulla, Xanthoparmelia tinctina, Xanthoparmelia verruculifera, Xanthoria, Xanthoria aureola, Xanthoria calcicola, Xanthoria candelaria s. str., Xanthoria elegans, Xanthoria parietina, Xanthoria ucrainica, Xanthoria ulophyllodes, Xanthoriicola physciae, Xerotrema quercicola ad int., Xylographa vitiligo, Xylopsora caradocensis, Xylopsora friesii, Zwackhia prosodea, Zwackhia viridis, Zwackhiomyces lacustris, Zwackhiomyces sphinctrinoides


Quality control

The data should not be regarded as having comprehensive geographic or taxonomic coverage. The absence of a record does not necessarily indicate absence of the lichen. The data should therefore be checked against original sources before use in contentious circumstances, and specialist advice sought where appropriate.

Method Steps

  1. The dataset has been compiled from field and herbarium records, and verified by specialist review.