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Belgian IFBL Flora Checklists (1939-1971)


The Atlas of the Flora (Pteridophytes – Spermatophytes) of Belgium and Luxemburg (Van Rompaey & Delvosalle 1972) is the result of the first national flora mapping project (1939- 1971). Unfortunately, the data used to build it are only digitised at a synthetic level (units of 16 km²). To be able to investigate the changes in the flora between the first mapping period and the second (1972 up to now) in all its aspects, especially in relation to environmental factors (climatic, pollution, land use…), it is necessary to digitise the original data, i.e. the field records on the flora (flora checklists) made within 1km² IFBL squares. Here we propose to digitise a substantial part of this original dataset (about 2000 lists, i.e. 1/5 of the approx. 10000 available lists), after a selection procedure based on (1) maximizing the spatial dispersion of the data throughout Belgium and (2) the quality of the individual lists, e.g. the highest number of observed taxa (data already encoded in a database for the whole dataset).

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