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National Feral Ferret (Mustela putoris furo) Database


Records of feral ferret (Mustela putoris furo) in Ireland

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Data used in publication Buckley, D.J. & Lundy, M. (2012) The current distribution and potential for future range expansion of feral ferret Mustela putorisu furo in Ireland. European Journal of Wildlife Research DOI 10.1007/s10344-012-0677-4

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Date range: Jan 1, 1906 - Jan 1, 2012

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Barry O'Neill
National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland National Biodiversity Data Centre, Beechfield House, Carriganore WIT West Campus, Waterford, Ireland Waterford County Waterford Ireland 00 353 51 306240
Metadata author
National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland Beechfield house, Carriganore WIT West Campus County Waterford Ireland +353 (0)51 306 240
Daniel J. Buckley
Daniel J. Buckley School of Biology and Environmental Science,Science Centre West, University College Dublin,Belfield Dublin 4, Ireland

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National Biodiversity Data Centre

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Apr 9, 2013

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Dec 21, 2012

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Species Groups recorded: terrestrial mammal.

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The island of Ireland


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The island of Ireland


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Method Steps

  1. A national survey from 2006-2008 was initiated and records of feral ferret from different sources were compiled.