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Korean Insect Database


Insect is the most diverse group of all animals in the world. They occupy more than 80% of all animals. In Korea, there are about 12,000 species reported. This is known to be less than 30% of all Korean insect species. Several DB's on Korean insect have been made but any of DB not free opened for the public access via internet resources. The first Korean insect Factual database have been made with the support from the KISTI This DB include 1,800 species of Korean insects mainly Lepidoptera groups. This DB have 14 Field structures and include professional taxonomic informations on insect species, their images (specimen, gental structure, etc.), and distributional data. including North Korea distribution data In case of insect DB system, geographical data are the most basic information. GIS system is most suitable tools for the managing this data but do not applied in this DB yet. New approach to induce the more effective use of insect Factual-DB such as GIS systems, including recorded all korean insect strongly desired.

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Hyung-Seon (Howard) Park
Sungsoo Ahn
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Park, Kyu Tek