Korean Aquatic Vascular Plants

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Korean Aquatic Vascular Plants


In spite of the advantages of providing much accessibility to the database of native vascular plants in Korea on the web-based academic and technological faces, aquatic vascular plants database is nearly rare because of the difficulties of these data collecting and management in the fields. Therefore to manage aquatic vascular plants more effectively and support academic and industrial applications, we have planed to construct a aquatic vascular plants database system with the informations about identification, classification, reference, residence/distribution, image, economical value, and genetic character. Firstly, we constructed a schema using Crow's Foot ERD (Entity-relationship diagram) and then developed the standard interface for sharing with other biological databases. This kind of Database will make it possible to efficiently integrate, store and retrieve information data on the web about native aquatic vascular plants in Korea.

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Hyung-Seon(Howard) Park
Sungsoo Ahn
Software Engineer
Hong-Keun Choi