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Factual Database of Native Flora Seeds in Korea


Seeds from 600 common plants including weeds, crop plants, herbs and resources plants were collected in the southwestern part of the Korean Peninsula. Seeds collected were carefully stored in refrgerator until use, investigated morphologically, and photographed. The seeds in database were described with color photographs, their taxonomical position, and morphological characteristics. Korean-English bilingual description of the species included Korean name, family, scientific name, English and Japanese common names, habitat, biotechnological importance, distrubution, propagation and characters in eco-physiology and keys of correct identification of each plant part such as leaves, stems, roots, fruits and seeds. In describing plant species, difficulties also arise from the variation that occurs within species, depending on where or when the plant grows under natural or agricultual coditions. Database was converted from MySQL and constructed using a PHP (http://ruby.kisti.re.kr/~seeds)

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Hyung-Seon (Howard) Park
Sungsoo Ahn
Software Engineer
Hong Gi Jang