Korean Mushroom

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Korean Mushroom


* Objective of the study and its importance 1. Object : Object of DB in Korea mushrooms gives information to people for biological resources and utilization of mushrooms. DB of Korea mushrooms provide information many peoples and students as well as specialist. Environmental pollution and ecological destruction have destructed species diversity including fungal fungi. So DB construction of Korea mushrooms provide useful genetic resources of mushrooms in future. * Content and scope of the study 1. Scope of DB : Pyrenomycetes and Discomycetes of Ascomycotina : Hymenomycetes and Gasteromycetes of Basidiomycotina. 2. Contents of DB A. Program. B. Korean Name. C. Scientific Name. D. Taxonomical System with species, genus, famil, order, class, and division. E. Distribution of Korea. F. Fungal resources. G. Ecological habitation. H. Life cycle. I. Photogrhy and picture. J. Spores by microscopic observation. K. Illustrated book. L. Comparativation of north and south mushrooms

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