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Korean Insect Database (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)


The Family Ichneumonidae belong to the Hymenoptera is one of the largest taxa of animals. There are approximately 14,816 valid species of 36 subfamilies in the family. The number is more than total species number of the Subphylum Vertebrate and includes 5-8% of the Class Insecta. The vast majority of the ichneumons are parasitoids of other insects. The most common hosts are the larvae of Coleoptera, Lepidoptera and other families of Hymenoptera. The female Ichneumon searches for a suitable host, lays eggs on or in the host, and the immature stages then develop to completion at the expense of a single host, killing it in the process. This ecological characteristics could be applied for biological control agents, so lots of taxonomical research get accomplished in the Europe and North America. Insect owned relationship to be close to a human life and gave a lot of profit economically, but the limitless potential energy and industry a little utility were almost neglected misgovernment. A magnitude of future enemy value of study examination materials about this figure punishment is large. A magnitude of future enemy value of study examination materials about this figure punishment is large. Provides a classification system of a Korean mountain figure punishment, a characteristic of a servant, information about a use plan to scholar, student engaged in a related field and researchers that database anger does creature variety related literature about a figure punishment materials, and carry out study. Also, This data can use a student and the public with the education materials which it grants what do motive induction and an interest through an arrangement to be systematic in order to be able to easily approach, and special materials for researchers or teacher, student can use, and culture, sightseeing public information can go side by side several.

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