BANDASCA, BAse de DAtos sobre SCArab…

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BANDASCA, BAse de DAtos sobre SCArabaeidae


These data proceed from BANDASCA, a database which compiles all the available information from literature, museum and private collections, doctoral thesis, as well as other unpublished data available for the entire Iberian Peninsula (see structure in Lobo and Martín-Piera 1991). At present, it contains the information of 96 981 individuals of the 53 Iberian Scarabaeinae species. A database-record was defined as a pool of specimens of a single species with identical database field values (locality, UTM coordinates, altitude, date of capture (day/month/year), type of habitat and food resource; among others) regardless of the number of specimens; so any difference in any database field value gave rise to a new database-record.

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Spanish National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC)

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Oct 6, 2010

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