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RMT Trawl catch from the 1986/87 V7 AAMBER voyage


This data were collected on the sixth Nella Dan voyage of a long term field survey project being conducted by the Australian Antarctic Division, to collect distribution, abundance and population structure data for the krill Euphausia superba in the Prydz Bay region, Antarctica. A Rectangular Midwater Trawl (RMT 1+8) was used for the collection of ... larval and post larval (juvenile and adult) krill Euphausia superba, and other zooplankton. Three haul methods were used. At each station a shallow downward oblique haul was taken from the surface to 200m. At selected stations a deep downward oblique haul from 200m to 1000m was taken to collect early developmental stages of Euphausia superba. When krill swarms were located at particular depths (by a Simrad EK 120 echosounder), specific aimed horizontal tows were made.

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