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Taxa Watermanagement the Netherlands (TWN)


The Taxa Watermanagement the Netherlands (TWN) checklist consists of several lists of species that are relevant for the proper management of Dutch inland water bodies. The lists contain aquatic, semi-aquatic as well as terrestrial organisms. Nomenclature of the taxa is consequent binominal with references to authors and identification literature. At a regular base the lists are being updated and improved by specialists from the Rijkswaterstaat laboratories. The lists are part of the official Aquo-standard, used by all Dutch water managing organisations. The TWN checklist accommodates over 16.000 species and is sub-divided in lists on amphibians, birds, butterflies, diatoms, macroalgae, macroinvertebrates, mammals, macrophytes, nematodes, phytoplankton, reptiles and zooplankton.

Administrative contact
Arnold Veen
Zuiderwagenplein 2, Lelystad NL, NL-8224 AD

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