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MODIRISK: Monitoring of Mosquito Vectors of Disease


MODIRISK aims at studying biodiversity of mosquitoes and monitoring/predicting its changes, and hence actively prepares to address issues on the impact of biodiversity change with particular reference to invasive species and the risk to introduce new pathogens. This is essential in the perspective of the ongoing global changes creating suitable conditions for the spread of invasive species and the (re)emergence of vector-borne diseases in Europe. The main strengths of the project in the context of sustainable development are the link between biodiversity and health-environment, and its contribution to the development of tools to better describe the spatial distribution of mosquito biodiversity. MODIRISK addresses key topics of the global initiative Diversitas, which was one of the main drivers of the 'Research programme Science for a Sustainable Development' (SSD).



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This dataset is linked with 2 other mosquito related datasets. One datset used for longitudinal study and the historical dataset from RBINS.

Temporal coverages

Date range: Jan 1, 2007 - Jan 1, 2011

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Veerle Versteirt
Avia-GIS Rischotlei 33 2980 Zoersel Antwerp
Metadata author
Veerle Versteirt
Avia-GIS Rischotlei 33 2980 Zoersel Antwerp
Administrative contact
Veerle Versteirt
Avia-GIS Rischotlei 33 2980 Zoersel Antwerp


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Belgium Biodiversity Platform

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Jan 30, 2017

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Nov 28, 2013

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Belgian BIF IPT

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Other Contacts

Dimitri Brosens
Belgian Biodiversity Platform Kliniekstraat 25 9050 Brussels België Belgium 32497354796
Wouter Dekoninck
RBINS Vautierstraat 29 1000 Brussels Brussels Capital Region Belgium
Wim Van Bortel
ECDC Stockholm Sweden
Thierry Hance
UCL Belgium
Principal investigator
Veerle Versteirt

Taxonomic Coverage

Diptera; Cullicidae; Reinert, 2000 ! Taxonomical problem... Aedes (splitt.. biodiversity & health)

Anophelinae, Cullicinae


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Study area description

The area studies covers the entire Belgian Area.



Project Personnel

Principal investigator
Veerle Versteirt


Study extent

Corine land cover: arban, nature and agriculture were sampled from 2007 to 2011. The cross-sectional field survey was conducted in 2007 and 2008 by use of a network of CO2-baited Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus traps throughout Belgium in three key habitats. These habitats (urban, agriculture and nature) were selected based on the Corine database. Twenty seven traps operated simultaneously (nine per team, three teams leaded by three partner institutes). Each trap operated seven days on one study site after which it was placed on the next study site. During the inventory 936 randomly selected sites were selected of which 97% were sampled. Additionally sites in import risk areas were sampled to evaluate the presence of exotic mosquito species in Belgium. At the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) about 1400 mosquito-specimens from the Belgian collection of the Entomology Department were screened and if needed, added to the collection. These data, "collection data" are available through

Sampling description

All samples were taken with the Mosquito magnet liberty PLUS. A CO2 baited trap.

Quality control

The identifications where made by 3 independent specialists. Yearly a quality control of the samples were done by a independent specialist. (double check). Also a DNA barcoding was performed to double check on the specimens.

Method Steps

  1. Sample protocol: (veerle stuurt door, is nog ni gepubliceerd) Sample, identification


Changes in Species Richness and Spatial Distribution of Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) Inferred From Museum Specimen Records and a Recent Inventory: A Case Study From Belgium Suggests Recent Expanded Distribution of Arbovirus and Malaria Vectors W. Dekoninck Journal of Medical Entomology(2013),50(2):237

V. Versteirt, S. Boyer, D. Damiens, E.M. De Clercq, W. Dekoninck, E. Ducheyne, P. Grootaert, C. Garros, T. Hance, G. Hendrickx, M. Coosemans and W. Van Bortel Nationwide inventory of mosquito biodiversity (Diptera: Culicidae) in Belgium, Europe. Bulletin of Entomological Research, Available on CJO 2012

Versteirt V., De Clercq E., Dekoninck W., Damiens D., Ayrinhac A., Jacobs F. & Van Bortel W. "Mosquito vectors of disease: spatial biodiversity, drivers of change, and risk". Final Report. Brussels : Belgian Science Policy 2009 –152 p. (Research Programme Science for a Sustainable Development)