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Seasearch Pink Sea Fan, Eunicella verrucosa, Survey


This Dataset consists of records of sightings of Pink Sea Fans, Eunicella verrucosa, and associated species, Sea Fan Anemone, Amphianthus dohrnii, Sea Fan Nudibranch, Tritonia nilsodhneri and Sea Fan False Cowrie, Simnia hiscocki, by volunteer scuba divers. The dataset forms part of a larger survey also covering size, colour and condition of pink sea fan populations.



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Additional data on the survey as whole, including recording techniques and downloadable reports, is available on the Seasearch website

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Date range: 11-Sep-1999 - 15-Aug-2015

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England, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands.


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Data have been recorded in situ by volunteer scuba divers trained in Seasearch survey techniques and using common survey protocols. The four species covered can be identified with a high level of confidence in situ by trained divers. It should be noted that these species, along with a large number of others, are also recorded in the Seasearch Marine Surveys dataset also on the Gateway. This dataset only includes records from the focused Pink Sea Fan surveys and both sources should be used for a full picture of distribution of all four species.

Method Steps

  1. Data has been obtained from visual observations by SCUBA divers.