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Zoological Museum Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam (NL) – Mollusca_Pectinoidea


Currently the molluscan collection of ZMA consists of over 12.000 samples (ca. 50.000 specimens) of Pectinoidea (ca. 10.800 Pectinidae and ca. 1450 Propeamussiidae samples) of which 143 type samples (69 type lots of Pectinidae and 74 type lots of Propeamussiidae), all (re)identified and digitilized by Henk H. Dijkstra (The Netherlands). The major part (8345 samples) of this collection is donated by Dijkstra to ZMA. The remaining part is from different sources, i.e. from private donations, exchanges, scientific cruises and expeditions. Nearly all the recent species of Pectinidae (ca. 300 species) and Propeamussiidae (ca. 100 species) are represented. Most of the Pectinidae species are collected by private collectors or by fishermen from the tidal zone to upper bathyal depths, whereas Propeamussiidae are mostly sampled from bathyal depths by the Siboga expedition and the recent French expeditions to the tropical Indo-Pacific.

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