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HBRG Insects Dataset


ll records of insects (strictly Hexapoda, including Entognatha) available to HBRG at August 2015, including all those previously held on the database at IMAG. Assembly and mobilisation of this dataset has been funded by grants from Scottish Natural Heritage since 2004, and by members of the Highland Biodiversity Partnership from 2011.


Casual recording, but HBRG interests have included targeted recording of some species.

Additional Information

All the taxon records used in the HBRG atlases of butterflies. bumblebees and ants are included. Details on the website www.hbrg.org.uk. HBRG can provide limited interpretation and analysis of data, for which a fee may be charged.

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Date range: Jan 1, 1800 - Aug 25, 2016

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Highland Biological Recording Group
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Highland Biological Recording Group
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Highland Biological Recording Group Admininistrator


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Highland Biological Recording Group

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Sep 2, 2016

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Sep 15, 2010

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UK National Biodiversity Network

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Concentrated in Highland, but any records submitted from within UK are included. Coverage will reflect observer location and activity. The majority of reco… more


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Taxonomic Coverage

Abax parallelepipedus, Abdera flexuosa, Abdera triguttata, Abia candens, Abia sericea, Abraxas grossulariata, Abrostola tripartita, Absyrtus vicinator, Acalypta brunnea, Acalypta carinata, Acalypta nigrina, Acalypta parvula, Acanosema nervosa, Acanthocinus aedilis, Acantholyda (Acantholyda) erythrocephala, Acantholyda (Itycorsia) posticalis, Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale, Acasis viretata, Achaius oratorius, Achalcus flavicollis, Acherontia atropos, Achlya flavicornis, Achlya flavicornis subsp. galbanus, Achlya flavicornis subsp. scotica, Acidia cognata, Acidota crenata, Acilius canaliculatus, Acilius sulcatus, Aclastus gracilis, Aclastus minutus, Acleris, Acleris aspersana, Acleris bergmanniana, Acleris caledoniana, Acleris emargana, Acleris ferrugana, Acleris hastiana, Acleris hyemana, Acleris laterana, Acleris lipsiana, Acleris logiana, Acleris maccana, Acleris notana, Acleris rhombana, Acleris rufana, Acleris sparsana, Acleris variegana, Aclista rufopetiolata, Aclypea opaca, Acnemia nitidicollis, Acompocoris alpinus, Acompocoris pygmaeus, Acrodactyla quadrisculpta, Acrolocha sulcula, Acronicta, Acronicta euphorbiae, Acronicta euphorbiae subsp. myricae, Acronicta leporina, Acronicta menyanthidis, Acronicta menyanthidis subsp. menyanthidis, Acronicta menyanthidis subsp. scotica, Acronicta psi, Acronicta rumicis, Acropiesta flaviventris, Acrosathe annulata, Acrotrichis (Acrotrichis) brevipennis, Acrotrichis (Acrotrichis) cognata, Acrotrichis (Ctenopteryx) grandicollis, Acrulia inflata, Actebia praecox, Actenicerus sjaelandicus, Actia, Actia crassicornis, Adalia bipunctata, Adalia decempunctata, Adela cuprella, Adelges laricis, Adelognathus pallipes, Adelphocoris lineolatus, Aedes cantans, Aedes caspius, Aedes cinereus, Aedes punctor, Aegialia (Aegialia) arenaria, Aepus marinus, Aeshna caerulea, Aeshna cyanea, Aeshna juncea, Aethalura punctulata, Aethecerus nitidus, Aethes cnicana, Aethes hartmanniana, Agabus, Agabus (Acatodes) arcticus, Agabus (Acatodes) congener, Agabus (Acatodes) sturmii, Agabus (Agabus) uliginosus, Agabus (Gaurodytes) affinis, Agabus (Gaurodytes) bipustulatus, Agabus (Gaurodytes) guttatus, Agabus (Gaurodytes) nebulosus, Agabus (Gaurodytes) paludosus, Agabus (Gaurodytes) unguicularis, Agapeta hamana, Agapetus delicatulus, Agapetus fuscipes, Agapetus ochripes, Agathidium (Agathidium) atrum, Agathidium (Agathidium) laevigatum, Agathidium (Agathidium) seminulum, Agathidium (Cyphoceble) arcticum, Agathidium (Cyphoceble) nigrinum, Agathidium (Neoceble) marginatum, Agathidium (Neoceble) nigripenne, Agathidium (Neoceble) rotundatum, Agathidium (Neoceble) varians, Aglais io, Aglais urticae, Aglaostigma fulvipes, Agonopterix, Agonopterix arenella, Agonopterix assimilella, Agonopterix carduella, Agonopterix ciliella, Agonopterix heracliana, Agonopterix kaekeritziana, Agonopterix nervosa, Agonopterix ocellana, Agonopterix scopariella, Agonopterix umbellana, Agonopterix yeatiana, Agonum (Agonum) ericeti, Agonum (Agonum) marginatum, Agonum (Agonum) muelleri, Agonum (Europhilus) fuliginosum, Agriopis aurantiaria, Agriopis leucophaearia, Agriopis marginaria, Agriotes acuminatus, Agriotes lineatus, Agriotes obscurus, Agriphila geniculea, Agriphila inquinatella, Agriphila straminella, Agriphila tristella, Agrius convolvuli, Agrochola circellaris, Agrochola helvola, Agrochola litura, Agrochola lota, Agrochola lychnidis, Agrochola macilenta, Agromyza abiens, Agromyza alnibetulae, Agromyza alnivora, Agromyza anthracina, Agromyza demeijerei, Agromyza filipendulae, Agromyza idaeiana, Agromyza lucida, Agromyza mobilis, Agromyza nana, Agromyza nigrella, Agromyza nigrescens, Agromyza nigrociliata, Agromyza reptans, Agromyza rondensis, Agromyza sulfuriceps, Agrotis clavis, Agrotis exclamationis, Agrotis ipsilon, Agrotis ripae, Agrotis segetum, Agrotis vestigialis, Agrypnia varia, Agrypnus murinus, Agrypon flaveolatum, Alaobia sodalis, Alcis jubata, Alcis repandata, Alcis repandata subsp. muraria, Alcis repandata subsp. repandata, Alcis repandata subsp. sodorensium, Alebra albostriella, Alebra wahlbergi, Aleochara (Aleochara) brevipennis, Aleochara (Aleochara) curtula, Aleochara (Xenochara) lanuginosa, Allacma fusca, Allantus basalis, Allantus calceatus, Allantus laticinctus, Allantus rufocinctus, Allantus togatus, Alliopsis silvestris, Alliopsis sitiens, Allocotocera pulchella, Allodia anglofennica, Allodia grata, Allodia lugens, Allodia ornaticollis, Allodia zaitzevi, Allophyes oxyacanthae, Allopiophila luteata, Allygus mixtus, Allygus modestus, Alnetoidea alneti, Aloconota (Aloconota) cambrica, Aloconota (Aloconota) currax, Aloconota (Aloconota) gregaria, Aloconota (Aloconota) insecta, Alomya debellator, Alosterna tabacicolor, Alsophila aescularia, Altica ericeti, Altica oleracea, Altica palustris, Alucita hexadactyla, Amara (Amara) aenea, Amara (Amara) communis, Amara (Amara) eurynota, Amara (Amara) familiaris, Amara (Amara) ovata, Amara (Bradytus) apricaria, Amara (Bradytus) fulva, Amara (Celia) bifrons, Amara (Zezea) plebeja, Amauromyza flavifrons, Amauromyza labiatarum, Amauronematus fallax, Amauronematus histrio, Amblyptilia acanthadactyla, Amblyptilia punctidactyla, Amblyteles armatorius, Ametastegia (Ametastegia) glabrata, Ametastegia (Protemphytus) tenera, Amidobia talpa, Amischa analis, Amischa bifoveolata, Ammophila sabulosa, Ampedus balteatus, Ampedus nigrinus, Ampedus pomorum, Amphigerontia bifasciata sensu lato, Amphigerontia contaminata, Amphinemura sulcicollis, Amphipoea, Amphipoea crinanensis, Amphipoea fucosa subsp. paludis, Amphipoea lucens, Amphipoea oculea agg., Amphipyra pyramidea, Amphipyra tragopoginis, Anacaena globulus, Anacaena lutescens, Anacampsis populella, Anacharis eucharioides, Anania fuscalis, Anania hortulata, Anania terrealis, Anapausis soluta, Anaplectoides prasina, Anarta melanopa, Anarta myrtilli, Anarta trifolii, Anasimyia lineata, Anasimyia lunulata, Anaspis (Anaspis) frontalis, Anaspis (Anaspis) maculata, Anaspis (Nassipa) rufilabris, Anastrangalia sanguinolenta, Anatella flavomaculata, Anatis ocellata, Anax imperator, Anchomenus dorsalis, Ancistrocerus gazella, Ancistrocerus oviventris, Ancistrocerus parietinus, Ancistrocerus parietum, Ancistrocerus scoticus, Ancylis badiana, Ancylis geminana, Ancylis laetana, Ancylis myrtillana, Ancylis uncella, Ancylis unguicella, Andrena, Andrena (Andrena) clarkella, Andrena (Andrena) fucata, Andrena (Andrena) fulva, Andrena (Andrena) helvola, Andrena (Andrena) lapponica, Andrena (Andrena) synadelpha, Andrena (Cnemidandrena) denticulata, Andrena (Cnemidandrena) fuscipes, Andrena (Cnemidandrena) nigriceps, Andrena (Euandrena) bicolor, Andrena (Euandrena) ruficrus, Andrena (Hoplandrena) scotica, Andrena (Hoplandrena) trimmerana, Andrena (Leucandrena) barbilabris, Andrena (Margandrena) marginata, Andrena (Melandrena) cineraria, Andrena (Melandrena) nigroaenea, Andrena (Melandrena) thoracica, Andrena (Micrandrena) minutula, Andrena (Micrandrena) semilaevis, Andrena (Micrandrena) subopaca, Andrena (Oreomelissa) coitana, Andrena (Plastandrena) pilipes, Andrena (Poliandrena) tarsata, Andrena (Taeniandrena) similis, Andrena (Taeniandrena) wilkella, Andrena (Trachandrena) haemorrhoa, Andrena (Zonandrena) flavipes, Andricus anthracina, Andricus curvator, Andricus curvator f. sexual, Andricus fecundator, Andricus fecundator f. agamic, Andricus inflator, Andricus kollari, Andricus kollari f. agamic, Andricus legitimus, Andricus lignicola, Andricus lignicola f. agamic, Andricus nudus, Andricus quadrilineatus, Andricus quercuscalicis, Andricus quercuscalicis f. agamic, Andricus quercuscorticis, Andricus quercusradicis, Andricus quercusramuli, Andricus quercusramuli f. sexual, Andricus seminationis f. agamic, Andricus solitarius, Andrion regensteinense, Aneugmenus fuerstenbergensis, Aneugmenus padi, Anevrina thoracica, Anisodactylus binotatus, Anisostephus betulinus, Anisotoma glabra, Anisotoma humeralis, Anobium punctatum, Anomoia purmunda, Anoplius (Anoplius) concinnus, Anoplius (Anoplius) nigerrimus, Anoplonyx destructor, Anoplotrupes stercorosus, Anoplus plantaris, Anorthoa munda, Anoscopus albifrons, Anoscopus flavostriatus, Anoscopus limicola, Anotylus inustus, Anotylus maritimus, Anotylus rugosus, Anotylus sculpturatus, Anotylus tetracarinatus, Anteon arcuatum, Anteon brachycerum, Anteon flavicorne, Anteon jurineanum sensu lato, Anteon tripartitum, Antherophagus similis, Anthidium (Anthidium) manicatum, Anthobium atrocephalum, Anthobium unicolor, Anthocharis cardamines, Anthocoris confusus, Anthocoris gallarum-ulmi, Anthocoris nemoralis, Anthocoris nemorum, Anthocoris sarothamni, Anthocoris simulans, Anthomyia liturata, Anthomyza, Anthomyza collini, Anthomyza dorsata, Anthomyza gracilis, Anthonomus (Anthonomus) brunnipennis, Anthonomus (Anthonomus) pedicularius, Anthonomus (Anthonomus) rubi, Anthonomus (Anthonomus) ulmi, Anthonomus (Furcipus) rectirostris, Anthophagus (Anthophagus) alpinus, Anthophagus (Phaganthus) caraboides, Anthophila fabriciana, Anthophora (Anthophora) plumipes, Anthophora (Clisodon) furcata, Anthophora (Heliophila) bimaculata, Anticheta analis, Anticlea derivata, Antitype chi, Antocha vitripennis, Apamea crenata, Apamea epomidion, Apamea furva, Apamea furva subsp. britannica, Apamea lithoxylaea, Apamea monoglypha, Apamea remissa, Apamea scolopacina, Apamea sordens, Apamea unanimis, Apamea zeta, Apamea zeta subsp. assimilis, Aphanotrigonum trilineatum, Aphantopus hyperantus, Aphelia paleana, Aphelia viburnana, Aphelopus atratus, Aphelopus melaleucus, Aphelopus nigriceps, Aphelopus serratus, Aphidecta, Aphidecta obliterata, Aphidius picipes, Aphis (Aphis) craccae, Aphodius (Acrossus) depressus, Aphodius (Acrossus) rufipes, Aphodius (Agoliinus) lapponum, Aphodius (Agrilinus) ater, Aphodius (Agrilinus) rufus, Aphodius (Aphodius) fimetarius, Aphodius (Aphodius) pedellus, Aphodius (Melinopterus) prodromus, Aphodius (Melinopterus) sphacelatus, Aphodius (Nimbus) contaminatus, Aphodius (Planolinus) borealis, Aphodius (Planolinus) fasciatus, Aphomia sociella, Aphrodes, Aphrodes aestuarina, Aphrodes bicincta, Aphrodes makarovi, Aphrophora alni, Aphrosylus celtiber, Apiloscatopse picea, Apion cruentatum, Apion frumentarium, Apion haematodes, Apis mellifera, Aplasta ononaria, Aplocera plagiata, Aplocera plagiata subsp. plagiata, Aplocera plagiata subsp. scotica, Aplotarsus incanus, Apocheima hispidaria, Apolygus lucorum, Apolygus spinolae, Aporophyla lueneburgensis, Aporophyla lutulenta, Aporophyla nigra, Apotomis, Apotomis betuletana, Apotomis sauciana, Apotomis semifasciana, Apotomis sororculana, Apotomis turbidana, Appendicia truncata, Apteropeda orbiculata, Arachnospila (Ammosphex) anceps, Arachnospila (Anoplochares) minutula, Arachnospila (Anoplochares) spissa, Aradus betulae, Aradus depressus, Archaeopsylla erinacei subsp. erinacei, Archarius pyrrhoceras, Archarius salicivorus, Archiearis parthenias, Archinemapogon yildizae, Arctia caja, Arctocorisa germari, Arctophila superbiens, Arctorthezia cataphracta, Arge gracilicornis, Arge ustulata, Argogorytes mystaceus, Argynnis aglaja, Argynnis aglaja subsp. aglaja, Argyra argentina, Argyra argyria, Argyra diaphana, Argyra elongata, Argyra leucocephala, Argyra perplexa, Argyra vestita, Argyresthia albistria, Argyresthia arceuthina, Argyresthia aurulentella, Argyresthia bonnetella, Argyresthia brockeella, Argyresthia conjugella, Argyresthia dilectella, Argyresthia glaucinella, Argyresthia goedartella, Argyresthia laevigatella, Argyresthia praecocella, Argyresthia pruniella, Argyresthia pygmaeella, Argyresthia retinella, Argyresthia semifusca, Argyrotaenia ljungiana, Arhopalus rusticus, Aricia artaxerxes, Arocephalus punctum, Arthaldeus pascuellus, Arytaina genistae, Arytainilla spartiophila, Asaphidion flavipes agg., Asaphidion pallipes, Asciodema obsoleta, Asemum striatum, Asphondylia sarothamni, Aspidiphorus orbiculatus, Aspilapteryx tringipennella, Asteia elegantula, Asthena albulata, Astiphromma splenium, Atethmia centrago, Athalia circularis, Athalia cordata, Athalia lugens, Athalia scutellariae, Atherix ibis, Atheta aeneicollis, Atheta aquatica, Atheta boletophila, Atheta brunneipennis, Atheta graminicola, Atheta picipennis, Atheta vaga, Athous (Athous) haemorrhoidalis, Athous (Athous) vittatus, Athripsodes albifrons, Athripsodes aterrimus, Athripsodes cinereus, Atlantoraphidia maculicollis, Atolmis rubricollis, Atomaria (Anchicera) apicalis, Atomaria (Anchicera) atricapilla, Atomaria (Anchicera) fuscata, Atomaria (Anchicera) fuscipes, Atomaria (Anchicera) lewisi, Atomaria (Anchicera) munda, Atomaria (Anchicera) nitidula, Atomaria (Anchicera) rubella, Atomaria (Anchicera) testacea, Atomaria (Atomaria) pulchra, Atractodes (Atractodes) bicolor, Atractodes (Atractodes) gilvipes, Atractotomus magnicornis, Atractotomus parvulus, Atrecus affinis, Atrichopogon lucorum, Atrichopogon rostratus, Atylotus fulvus, Aulacidea hieracii, Aulagromyza hendeliana, Austrolimnophila ochracea, Autalia impressa, Autalia rivularis, Autographa bractea, Autographa gamma, Autographa jota, Autographa pulchrina, Axylia putris, Axysta cesta, Azelia aterrima, Azelia cilipes, Azelia nebulosa, Azelia zetterstedtii, Baccha, Baccha elongata, Bactericera acutipennis, Bactericera curvatinervis, Bactra furfurana, Bactra lancealana, Badister (Badister) bullatus, Baeopelma foersteri, Baetis muticus, Baetis rhodani, Baetis scambus, Balclutha punctata, Banchus volutatorius, Barichneumon bilunulatus, Barynotus squamosus, Barypeithes (Exomias) araneiformis, Barypeithes (Exomias) pellucidus, Bayeriola thymicola, Bellardia pandia, Bellardia pubicornis, Bellardia viarum, Bellardia vulgaris, Bembidion (Bembidionetolitzkya) atrocaeruleum, Bembidion (Bembidionetolitzkya) geniculatum, Bembidion (Bembidionetolitzkya) tibiale, Bembidion (Emphanes) minimum, Bembidion (Metallina) lampros, Bembidion (Ocydromus) bruxellense, Bembidion (Ocydromus) decorum, Bembidion (Ocydromus) femoratum, Bembidion (Ocydromus) saxatile, Bembidion (Ocydromus) tetracolum, Bembidion (Philochthus) guttula, Bembidion (Philochthus) mannerheimii, Bembidion (Princidium) punctulatum, Bembidion (Testedium) bipunctatum, Bembidion (Trepanedoris) doris, Bembidion andreae, Beraea maurus, Beraea pullata, Beraeodes minutus, Beris chalybata, Beris geniculata, Beris morrisii, Beris vallata, Bertkauia lucifuga, Berytinus (Berytinus) signoreti, Bessobia excellens, Bethylus cephalotes, Bethylus fuscicornis, Betulapion simile, Bezzia annulipes, Bibio clavipes, Bibio johannis, Bibio lanigerus, Bibio lepidus, Bibio leucopterus, Bibio marci, Bibio nigriventris, Bibio pomonae, Bibio varipes, Bibloplectus spinosus, Bibloporus bicolor, Bicellaria intermedia, Bicellaria nigra, Bicellaria pilosa, Bicellaria simplicipes, Bicellaria spuria, Bicellaria subpilosa, Bicellaria sulcata, Bicellaria vana, Biorhiza pallida, Biorhiza pallida f. sexual, Birka cinereipes, Bisnius fimetarius, Bisnius puella, Biston betularia, Biston strataria, Blastesthia posticana, Blastobasis adustella, Blastobasis lacticolella, Bledius (Astycops) subterraneus, Bledius (Bledius) limicola, Bledius (Hesperophilus) annae, Bledius (Hesperophilus) gallicus, Blennocampa phyllocolpa, Blepharidopterus angulatus, Blepharomyia pagana, Blepharomyia piliceps, Boletina basalis, Boletina gripha, Boletina pallidula, Boletina plana, Boletina trivittata, Bolitobius castaneus, Bolitobius cingulatus, Bolitophagus reticulatus, Bolitophila cinerea, Bolitophila hybrida, Boloria euphrosyne, Boloria selene, Boloria selene subsp. selene, Bombus, Bombus (Bombus) cryptarum, Bombus (Bombus) lucorum, Bombus (Bombus) magnus, Bombus (Bombus) sensu stricto, Bombus (Bombus) terrestris, Bombus (Kallobombus) soroeensis, Bombus (Megabombus) hortorum, Bombus (Melanobombus) lapidarius, Bombus (Psithyrus) barbutellus, Bombus (Psithyrus) bohemicus, Bombus (Psithyrus) campestris, Bombus (Psithyrus) sylvestris, Bombus (Psithyrus) vestalis, Bombus (Pyrobombus) hypnorum, Bombus (Pyrobombus) jonellus, Bombus (Pyrobombus) monticola, Bombus (Pyrobombus) pratorum, Bombus (Subterraneobombus) distinguendus, Bombus (Thoracobombus) humilis, Bombus (Thoracobombus) muscorum, Bombus (Thoracobombus) pascuorum, Bombus (Thoracobombus) ruderarius, Bombus lucorum sensu lato, Bombylius canescens, Bombylius major, Borboropsis puberula, Boreonectes multilineatus, Boreophilia eremita, Boreus hyemalis, Borkhausenia fuscescens, Borophaga carinifrons, Botanophila fugax, Botanophila latifrons, Botanophila seneciella, Botanophila silvatica, Botanophila striolata, Bothynotus pilosus, Botria subalpina, Brachionycha nubeculosa, Brachonyx pineti, Brachycolus cerastii, Brachycolus stellariae, Brachylomia viminalis, Brachyopa insensilis, Brachyopa pilosa, Brachyptera putata, Brachyptera risi, Brachypterus glaber, Brachypterus urticae, Brachystomella parvula, Brachythops flavens, Brachytron pratense, Bracteon litorale, Bradycellus caucasicus, Bradycellus harpalinus, Bradycellus ruficollis, Bradycellus sharpi, Bradycellus verbasci, Bradysia bicolor, Bradysia chandleri, Bradysia tilicola, Brevicornu griseicolle, Brevicornu kingi, Brevicornu sericoma, Brillia bifida, Broscus cephalotes, Bryaxis puncticollis, Brychius elevatus, Bryocoris pteridis, Bryophacis rugipennis, Bryophila domestica, Bryotropha, Bryotropha affinis, Bryotropha galbanella, Bryotropha politella, Bryotropha similis, Bryotropha terrella, Bryotropha umbrosella, Bucculatrix cidarella, Bucculatrix demaryella, Bucculatrix humiliella, Bupalus piniaria, Byrrhus fasciatus, Byrrhus pilula, Byrrhus pustulatus, Byturus tomentosus, Cabera exanthemata, Cabera pusaria, Cacopsylla brunneipennis, Cacopsylla mali, Cacopsylla pulchra, Cacopsylla sorbi, Caecilius fuscopterus, Caenis luctuosa, Caenorhinus mannerheimii, Cafius xantholoma, Calameuta pallipes, Calathus, Calathus (Amphigynus) rotundicollis, Calathus (Calathus) erratus, Calathus (Calathus) fuscipes, Calathus (Calathus) melanocephalus, Calathus (Calathus) micropterus, Calathus (Calathus) mollis, Calathus melanocephalus agg., Caliroa cerasi, Callicorixa wollastoni, Calliopum aeneum, Calliopum elisae, Calliopum geniculatum, Calliopum simillimum, Calliphora loewi, Calliphora subalpina, Calliphora uralensis, Calliphora vicina, Calliphora vomitoria, Callophrys rubi, Calobata petronella, Calocoris (Calocoris) alpestris, Calocoris (Calocoris) roseomaculatus, Calodromius spilotus, Calopteryx virgo, Caloptilia alchimiella, Caloptilia betulicola, Caloptilia cuculipennella, Caloptilia elongella, Caloptilia rufipennella, Caloptilia stigmatella, Calvia quattuordecimguttata, Campaea margaritaria, Campiglossa argyrocephala, Campiglossa plantaginis, Campodea silvestrii, Campsicnemus alpinus, Campsicnemus armatus, Campsicnemus compeditus, Campsicnemus curvipes, Campsicnemus loripes, Campsicnemus scambus, Camptogramma bilineata, Camptogramma bilineata subsp. atlantica, Camptogramma bilineata subsp. bilineata, Camptogramma bilineata subsp. hibernica, Camptozygum aequale, Campylocheta inepta, Campylomyza bicolor, Campyloneura virgula, Cantharis cryptica, Cantharis figurata, Cantharis livida, Cantharis nigra, Cantharis nigricans, Cantharis obscura, Cantharis pallida, Cantharis paludosa, Cantharis pellucida, Cantharis rufa, Cantharis rustica, Capnia atra, Capsus ater, Capua vulgana, Carabus (Archicarabus) nemoralis, Carabus (Carabus) granulatus, Carabus (Eucarabus) arvensis, Carabus (Limnocarabus) clatratus, Carabus (Megodontus) violaceus, Carabus (Mesocarabus) problematicus, Carabus (Oreocarabus) glabratus, Caradrina clavipalpis, Caradrina morpheus, Carcelia lucorum, Carcina quercana, Carpatolechia alburnella, Carpatolechia notatella, Carpatolechia proximella, Carsia sororiata, Carsia sororiata subsp. anglica, Carterocephalus palaemon, Cartodere (Aridius) bifasciata, Cartodere (Aridius) nodifer, Cartodere elongata, Caryocolum, Caryocolum marmorea, Cassida flaveola, Cassida prasina, Cassida rubiginosa, Catops, Catops coracinus, Catops fuliginosus, Catops kirbii, Catops morio, Catops nigricans, Catops nigrita, Catops tristis, Catoptria furcatellus, Catoptria margaritella, Catoptria margaritella subsp. margaritella, Catoptria permutatellus, Catoptria pinella, Cauchas fibulella, Cedestis gysseleniella, Cedestis subfasciella, Celaena haworthii, Celaena leucostigma, Celaena leucostigma subsp. leucostigma, Celaena leucostigma subsp. scotica, Celastrina argiolus subsp. britanna, Celypha lacunana, Celypha rivulana, Centroptilum luteolum, Cephalcia lariciphila, Cephalops varipes, Cephenemyia auribarbis, Ceraclea albimacula, Ceraclea annulicornis, Ceraclea dissimilis, Ceraclea fulva, Ceramica pisi, Cerapteryx graminis, Cerastis rubricosa, Ceratapion (Ceratapion) gibbirostre, Ceratinostoma ostiorum, Ceratitis capitata, Ceratocombus (Ceratocombus) coleoptratus, Ceratophyllus (Ceratophyllus) gallinae, Ceratophyllus (Emmareus) borealis, Ceratophyllus (Emmareus) fionnus, Ceratophysella denticulata, Ceratophysella scotica, Cercopis vulnerata, Cercyon (Cercyon) alpinus, Cercyon (Cercyon) depressus, Cercyon (Cercyon) haemorrhoidalis, Cercyon (Cercyon) impressus, Cercyon (Cercyon) lateralis, Cercyon (Cercyon) littoralis, Cercyon (Cercyon) melanocephalus, Cercyon (Cercyon) pygmaeus, Cercyon (Cercyon) terminatus, Cercyon (Cercyon) tristis, Cercyon (Cercyon) unipunctatus, Cercyon (Paracercyon) analis, Cerobasis guestfalica, Cerodontha atronitens, Cerodontha bimaculata, Cerodontha caricicola, Cerodontha denticornis, Cerodontha flavocingulata, Cerodontha incisa, Cerodontha iraeos, Cerodontha luctuosa, Cerodontha morosa, Cerodontha venturii, Ceromya bicolor, Ceropales maculata, Ceroptres arator, Cerura vinula, Cerylon ferrugineum, Cerylon histeroides, Cetema elongatum, Cetema simile, Cetonia aurata, Ceutorhynchus assimilis, Ceutorhynchus contractus, Ceutorhynchus erysimi, Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus, Ceutorhynchus sulcicollis, Ceutorhynchus typhae, Chaetarthria seminulum s. lat., Chaetida longicornis, Chaetocladius dentiforceps, Chaetocladius perennis, Chaetocnema concinna, Chaetopteryx villosa, Chaetosa punctipes, Chaetostomella cylindrica, Chalarus fimbriatus, Chalarus pughi, Chalcosyrphus nemorum, Chamaemyia aridella, Chamaemyia flavipalpis, Chamaemyia geniculata, Chamaemyia juncorum, Chamaemyia nigripalpis, Chamaemyia polystigma, Chamaemyia sylvatica, Chamaepsila atra, Chamaepsila buccata, Chamaepsila clunalis, Chamaepsila humeralis, Chamaepsila nigra, Chamaepsila nigricornis, Chamaepsila obscuritarsis, Chamaepsila pallida, Chamaepsila persimilis, Chamaepsila rosae preocc., Chamaepsylla hartigi, Chamaesyrphus scaevoides, Chaoborus crystallinus, Charagochilus (Charagochilus) gyllenhalii, Charissa obscurata, Chartoscirta cincta, Chartoscirta cocksii, Chartoscirta elegantula, Cheilosia ahenea, Cheilosia albipila, Cheilosia albitarsis, Cheilosia antiqua, Cheilosia barbata, Cheilosia bergenstammi, Cheilosia chrysocoma, Cheilosia fraterna, Cheilosia grossa, Cheilosia illustrata, Cheilosia impressa, Cheilosia latifrons, Cheilosia longula, Cheilosia pagana, Cheilosia proxima, Cheilosia scutellata, Cheilosia urbana, Cheilosia variabilis, Cheilosia vernalis, Cheilosia vicina, Cheilotrichia cinerascens, Cheilotrichia imbuta, Chelifera concinnicauda, Chelifera diversicauda, Chelifera monostigma, Chelifera pectinicauda, Chelifera precabunda, Chelifera precatoria, Chelifera trapezina, Chersodromia alata, Chersodromia arenaria, Chersodromia hirta, Chesias legatella, Chesias rufata, Chesias rufata subsp. scotica, Cheumatopsyche lepida, Chiasmia clathrata, Chilocorus renipustulatus, Chimarra marginata, Chionaspis salicis, Chironomus aprilinus, Chironomus longistylus, Chironomus luridus, Chironomus plumosus, Chironomus riparius, Chironomus salinarius, Chirosia albitarsis, Chirosia betuleti, Chirosia grossicauda, Chirosia histricina, Chlamydatus (Chlamydatus) saltitans, Chlamydatus (Euattus) pulicarius, Chlamydatus (Euattus) pullus, Chlamydatus (Eurymerocoris) wilkinsoni, Chloriona glaucescens, Chloroclysta, Chloroclysta miata, Chloroclysta siterata, Chloroclystis v-ata, Chloromyia formosa, Chloroperla, Chloroperla tripunctata, Chlorops calceatus, Chlorops hypostigma, Chlorops limbatus, Chlorops meigenii, Chlorops pumilionis, Chlorops scalaris, Chlorops speciosus, Choleva (Choleva) agilis, Choleva (Choleva) angustata, Choleva (Choleva) fagniezi, Choleva (Choleva) jeanneli, Choleva (Cholevopsis) spadicea, Choreutis pariana, Chorthippus brunneus, Chorthippus parallelus, Chromatomyia aprilina, Chromatomyia horticola, Chromatomyia lonicerae, Chromatomyia milii, Chromatomyia nigra, Chromatomyia periclymeni, Chromatomyia primulae, Chromatomyia scolopendri, Chrysis ignita, Chrysis impressa, Chrysis ruddii, Chrysis rutiliventris, Chrysis viridula, Chrysoesthia sexguttella, Chrysogaster cemiteriorum, Chrysogaster solstitialis, Chrysogaster virescens, Chrysolina hyperici, Chrysolina intermedia, Chrysolina polita, Chrysolina staphylaea, Chrysolina varians, Chrysomela aenea, Chrysopa, Chrysoperla carnea group, Chrysoperla carnea sensu stricto, Chrysopilus asiliformis, Chrysopilus cristatus, Chrysops relictus, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Chrysotoxum, Chrysotoxum arcuatum, Chrysotoxum bicinctum, Chrysotropia ciliata, Chrysotus cilipes, Chrysotus femoratus, Chrysotus gramineus, Chyromya flava, Cicadella viridis, Cicadula, Cicadula aurantipes, Cicadula frontalis, Cicadula intermedia, Cicadula persimilis, Cicadula quadrinotata, Cicadula saturata, Cicindela campestris, Cidaphus areolatus, Cidaphus atricillus, Cidaria fulvata, Cidnopus aeruginosus, Cilix glaucata, Cimberis attelaboides, Cimbex femoratus, Cimbex luteus, Cimex lectularius, Cinara (Cinara) pinea, Cinetus fuliginosus, Cinetus iridipennis, Cionus alauda, Cionus scrophulariae, Cirrhia gilvago, Cirrhia icteritia, Cis bidentatus, Cis boleti, Cis hispidus, Cis jacquemartii, Cis lineatocribratus, Cis nitidus, Cis punctulatus, Cixius (Acanthocixius) similis, Cixius cambricus, Cixius cunicularius, Cixius distinguendus, Cixius nervosus, Cixius similis sensu lato, Cixius similis sensu stricto, Cladius (Priophorus) brullei, Cladius (Priophorus) pallipes, Cladius (Trichiocampus) grandis, Clambus nigrellus, Claremontia tenuicornis ?, Cleora cinctaria, Cleorodes lichenaria, Clepsis consimilana, Clepsis senecionana, Clepsis spectrana, Clinocera fontinalis, Clinocera stagnalis, Clinohelea unimaculata, Clivina fossor, Cloeon dipterum, Clostera pigra, Closterotomus fulvomaculatus, Closterotomus norwegicus, Clunio marinus, Clusia flava, Clusiodes, Clusiodes albimanus, Clusiodes apicalis, Clusiodes geomyzinus, Clytra quadripunctata, Cnephasia asseclana, Cnephasia incertana, Cnephasia stephensiana, Cnodacophora stylifera, Coccidula rufa, Coccinella hieroglyphica, Coccinella quinquepunctata, Coccinella septempunctata, Coccinella undecimpunctata, Cochylis atricapitana, Cochylis nana, Codrus niger, Coeliodes rana, Coeliodinus rubicundus, Coelioxys (Coelioxys) elongata, Coelopa frigida, Coelopa pilipes, Coelostoma orbiculare, Coenagrion hastulatum, Coenagrion puella, Coenagrion pulchellum, Coenobia rufa, Coenocalpe lapidata, Coenonympha pamphilus, Coenonympha tullia, Coenonympha tullia subsp. scotica, Coenosia agromyzina, Coenosia albicornis, Coenosia bilineella, Coenosia distinguens, Coenosia femoralis, Coenosia intermedia, Coenosia lacteipennis, Coenosia means, Coenosia mollicula, Coenosia pedella, Coenosia perpusilla, Coenosia pulicaria, Coenosia pumila, Coenosia rufipalpis, Coenosia testacea, Coenosia tigrina, Coleophora, Coleophora albicosta, Coleophora alticolella, Coleophora antennariella, Coleophora caespititiella, Coleophora discordella, Coleophora glaucicolella, Coleophora glitzella, Coleophora gryphipennella, Coleophora juncicolella, Coleophora laricella, Coleophora limosipennella, Coleophora lusciniaepennella, Coleophora milvipennis, Coleophora saxicolella, Coleophora serratella, Coleophora taeniipennella, Coleophora tamesis, Coleophora virgaureae, Coleophora vitisella, Colias croceus, Colletes (Colletes) daviesanus, Colletes (Colletes) floralis, Colletes (Colletes) fodiens, Colletes (Colletes) succinctus, Colobostema nigripenne, Colocasia coryli, Colostygia multistrigaria, Colostygia olivata, Colostygia pectinataria, Colotois pennaria, Colymbetes fuscus, Coniopteryx, Coniopteryx (Coniopteryx) pygmaea nec auctt., Coniopteryx (Coniopteryx) tineiformis, Conisternum tinctinerve, Conistra ligula, Conistra vaccinii, Conomelus anceps, Conops quadrifasciatus, Conosanus obsoletus, Conostethus brevis, Contarinia barbichei, Contarinia jacobaeae, Contarinia loti, Contarinia petioli, Contarinia scoparii, Contarinia scrophulariae, Contarinia steini, Contarinia tiliarum, Contarinia tremulae, Conwentzia pineticola, Conwentzia psociformis, Coproica vagans, Copromyza nigrina, Coptotriche marginea, Coranarta cordigera, Coranus (Coranus) subapterus, Cordalia obscura, Cordilura albipes, Cordilura picticornis, Cordilura pubera, Cordilura pudica, Cordilura rufimana, Cordulegaster boltonii, Cordulia aenea, Cordyla brevicornis, Cordyla insons, Cordyla semiflava, Coremacera marginata, Corixa, Corixa punctata, Corixidae, Corticaria punctulata, Corticaria serrata, Corticarina similata, Cortinicara gibbosa, Corynoptera parvula, Cosmia trapezina, Cosmorhoe ocellata, Cosmotettix panzeri, Cossus cossus, Crabro cribrarius, Crabro peltarius, Craesus septentrionalis, Crambus ericella, Crambus lathoniellus, Crambus pascuella, Crambus perlella, Crambus pratella, Crambus uliginosellus, Craniophora ligustri, Craspedolepta, Craspedolepta nervosa, Craspedolepta sonchi, Crataerina hirundinis, Crataerina pallida, Cratichneumon culex, Cratichneumon rufifrons, Cratichneumon viator, Creophilus maxillosus, Crepidodera fulvicornis, Cricotopus bicinctus, Criomorphus albomarginatus, Criomorphus moestus, Criorhina berberina, Criorhina floccosa, Criorhina ranunculi, Crocallis elinguaria, Crossocerus (Blepharipus) annulipes, Crossocerus (Blepharipus) leucostomus, Crossocerus (Blepharipus) megacephalus, Crossocerus (Crossocerus) elongatulus, Crossocerus (Crossocerus) pusillus, Crossocerus (Crossocerus) tarsatus, Crossocerus (Cuphopterus) dimidiatus, Crossocerus (Hoplocrabro) quadrimaculatus, Crossopalpus curvipes, Crumomyia fimetaria, Crumomyia nitida, Crumomyia roserii, Crunoecia irrorata, Crypteffigies albilarvatus, Crypteffigies lanius, Cryptoblabes bistriga, Cryptocephalus labiatus, Cryptocephalus pusillus, Cryptocheilus (Adonta) notatus, Cryptomyzus (Cryptomyzus) ribis, Cryptophagus cellaris, Cryptophagus dentatus, Cryptophagus denticulatus, Cryptophagus pilosus, Cryptophagus pubescens, Cryptophagus scanicus, Cryptophagus setulosus, Cryptopleurum minutum, Cryptostemma alienum, Ctenicera cuprea, Ctenicera pectinicornis, Ctenichneumon castigator, Ctenochira gilvipes, Ctenosciara hyalipennis, Cucullia chamomillae, Cucullia umbratica, Culicoides impunctatus, Culicoides obsoletus, Culicoides pulicaris, Culiseta annulata, Cunctochrysa albolineata, Cupido minimus, Curtonotus alpinus, Curtonotus aulicus, Cybosia mesomella, Cychramus luteus, Cychrus caraboides, Cychrus caraboides subsp. rostratus, Cyclophora albipunctata, Cydia coniferana, Cydia cosmophorana, Cydia fagiglandana, Cydia splendana, Cydia ulicetana, Cylindrotoma distinctissima, Cyllecoris histrionius, Cymatia bonsdorffii, Cymindis (Tarulus) vaporariorum, Cymus glandicolor, Cynips agama, Cynips agama f. agamic, Cynips divisa, Cynips divisa f. agamic, Cynips longiventris, Cynips longiventris f. agamic, Cynips quercusfolii, Cynips quercusfolii f. agamic, Cynomya mortuorum, Cypha laeviuscula, Cypha longicornis, Cyphon coarctatus, Cyphon hilaris, Cyphon kongsbergensis, Cyphon laevipennis, Cyphon ochraceus, Cyphon padi, Cyphon palustris, Cyphon punctipennis, Cyphon variabilis, Cyphostethus tristriatus, Cyrnus flavidus, Cyrnus trimaculatus, Cyrtorhinus caricis, Cytilus sericeus, Cyzenis albicans, Dacnusa areolaris, Dadobia immersa, Dahlica lichenella, Dalopius marginatus, Dalotia coriaria, Daphnis nerii, Dascillus cervinus, Dasineura acrophila, Dasineura aparines, Dasineura fraxinea, Dasineura fraxini, Dasineura galiicola, Dasineura hygrophila, Dasineura kiefferiana, Dasineura malpighii, Dasineura pteridis, Dasineura pustulans, Dasineura ranunculi, Dasineura rosae, Dasineura rossi, Dasineura thomasiana, Dasineura tortilis, Dasineura trifolii, Dasineura ulmaria, Dasineura urticae, Dasineura viciae, Dasypolia templi, Dasypsyllus (Dasypsyllus) gallinulae subsp. gallinulae, Dasysyrphus albostriatus, Dasysyrphus hilaris, Dasysyrphus pinastri, Dasysyrphus tricinctus, Dasysyrphus venustus, Deilephila elpenor, Deilephila porcellus, Deileptenia ribeata, Delia florilega, Delia lamelliseta, Delia linearis, Delia nuda, Delia pallipennis, Delina nigrita, Delphacodes capnodes, Delplanqueia dilutella, Deltocephalus pulicaris, Deltote uncula, Dendrophagus crenatus, Denisia similella, Denisia subaquilea, Denticollis linearis, Denticucullus pygmina, Deporaus betulae, Depressaria badiella, Depressaria daucella, Depressaria pulcherrimella, Depressaria radiella, Deraeocoris (Knightocapsus) lutescens, Deronectes latus, Dexia vacua, Dexiosoma caninum, Diacanthous undulatus, Diachrysia, Diachrysia chrysitis, Diacrisia sannio, Diadocidia ferruginosa, Diamesa bohemani, Dianous coerulescens, Diaphora mendica, Diapria conica, Diarsia brunnea, Diarsia dahlii, Diarsia florida, Diarsia mendica, Diarsia mendica subsp. mendica, Diarsia mendica subsp. orkneyensis, Diarsia mendica subsp. thulei, Diarsia rubi, Diastata adusta, Diastata costata, Diastata fuscula, Diastata nebulosa, Dicallomera fascelina, Dicheirotrichus gustavii, Dichochrysa ventralis, Dichomeris juniperella, Dichrooscytus rufipennis, Dichrorampha montanana, Dichrorampha petiverella, Dichrorampha plumbana, Dicraeus vagans, Dicranomyia aquosa, Dicranomyia autumnalis, Dicranomyia caledonica, Dicranomyia chorea, Dicranomyia didyma, Dicranomyia fusca, Dicranomyia goritiensis, Dicranomyia halterata, Dicranomyia halterella, Dicranomyia modesta, Dicranomyia morio, Dicranomyia omissinervis, Dicranomyia sera, Dicranomyia stigmatica, Dicranomyia stylifera, Dicranophragma nemorale, Dicranophragma separatum, Dicranota claripennis, Dicranota exclusa, Dicranota gracilipes, Dicranota lucidipennis, Dicranota pavida, Dicranota subtilis, Dicranotropis divergens, Dicranotropis hamata, Dicrotendipes objectans, Dictenidia bimaculata, Dictya umbrarum, Dictyoptera aurora, Dicyphus (Brachyceroea) globulifer, Dicyphus (Dicyphus) epilobii, Dicyphus (Dicyphus) errans, Dicyphus (Dicyphus) stachydis, Dicyphus (Idolocoris) pallicornis, Dicyrtomina ornata, Didea fasciata, Didea intermedia, Dikraneura variata, Dilophus febrilis, Dilophus femoratus, Dilophus humeralis, Dimetrota atramentaria, Dimetrota cinnamoptera, Dimetrota ischnocera, Dimetrota laevana, Dimetrota nigripes, Dimetrota setigera, Dinaraea aequata, Dinarda dentata, Dinera carinifrons, Dineura virididorsata, Dinocras cephalotes, Dioctria cothurnata, Dioryctria, Dioryctria abietella, Dioryctria simplicella, Dioxyna bidentis, Diphyus castanopyga, Diplazon annulatus, Diplazon laetatorius, Diplazon pectoratorius, Diplazon tetragonus, Diplodoma laichartingella, Diplolepis eglanteriae, Diplolepis rosae, Diplolepis spinosissimae, Diplonevra nitidula, Diprion pini, Discobola annulata, Disogmus areolator, Dithryca guttularis, Ditrichophora calceata, Ditrichophora nectens, Ditula angustiorana, Diura bicaudata, Diurnea fagella, Diurnea lipsiella, Dixa dilatata, Dixa nebulosa, Dixa puberula, Dixa submaculata, Dixella aestivalis, Dixella martinii, Dixella obscura, Dolerus (Achaetoprion) madidus, Dolerus (Dicrodolerus) vestigialis, Dolerus (Dolerus) bajulus, Dolerus (Dolerus) cothurnatus, Dolerus (Dolerus) yukonensis, Dolerus (Poodolerus) aeneus, Dolerus (Poodolerus) asper, Dolerus (Poodolerus) brevicornis, Dolerus (Poodolerus) gonager, Dolerus (Poodolerus) haematodes, Dolerus (Poodolerus) niger, Dolerus (Poodolerus) nitens, Dolerus (Poodolerus) picipes, Dolerus (Poodolerus) varispinus, Dolichocephala guttata, Dolichocephala irrorata, Dolichocephala oblongoguttata, Dolichomitus imperator, Dolichomitus terebrans, Dolichopeza albipes, Dolichopus acuticornis, Dolichopus argyrotarsis, Dolichopus atratus, Dolichopus atripes, Dolichopus brevipennis, Dolichopus caligatus, Dolichopus claviger, Dolichopus clavipes, Dolichopus diadema, Dolichopus discifer, Dolichopus festivus, Dolichopus griseipennis, Dolichopus lepidus, Dolichopus longitarsis, Dolichopus nubilus, Dolichopus pennatus, Dolichopus phaeopus, Dolichopus picipes, Dolichopus plumipes, Dolichopus popularis, Dolichopus rupestris, Dolichopus signatus, Dolichopus simplex, Dolichopus subpennatus, Dolichopus trivialis, Dolichopus ungulatus, Dolichopus urbanus, Dolichopus vitripennis, Dolichopus wahlbergi, Dolichovespula (Dolichovespula) media, Dolichovespula (Pseudovespula) norwegica, Dolichovespula (Pseudovespula) saxonica, Dolichovespula (Pseudovespula) sylvestris, Dolycoris baccarum, Donacaula mucronella, Donacia aquatica, Donacia clavipes, Donacia crassipes, Donacia impressa, Donacia obscura, Donacia thalassina, Donacia versicolorea, Dorylomorpha albitarsis, Dorylomorpha confusa, Dorylomorpha xanthopus, Dorytomus taeniatus, Drepana falcataria, Drepana falcataria subsp. scotica, Dromius agilis, Dromius angustus, Dromius quadrimaculatus, Dropephylla devillei, Dropephylla vilis, Drosophila andalusiaca, Drosophila fenestrarum, Drosophila subobscura, Drosophila tristis, Drusilla canaliculata, Drusus annulatus, Drymeia hamata, Drymeia vicana, Drymonia dodonaea, Drymonia ruficornis, Drymus (Sylvadrymus) brunneus, Drymus (Sylvadrymus) ryei, Drymus (Sylvadrymus) sylvaticus, Dryobotodes eremita, Dryocoetes autographus, Dryomyza decrepita, Dryomyza flaveola, Dryophilocoris (Dryophilocoris) flavoquadrimaculatus, Dryophilus pusillus, Dryops (Dryops) ernesti, Dryops (Dryops) luridus, Dynatosoma cochleare, Dysaphis, Dyschirius (Dyschiriodes) globosus, Dyschirius (Dyschiriodes) impunctipennis, Dyschirius (Dyschiriodes) salinus, Dyscia fagaria, Dyseriocrania subpurpurella, Dyspetes praerogator, Dysstroma citrata, Dysstroma citrata subsp. citrata, Dysstroma citrata subsp. pythonissata, Dysstroma truncata, Dytiscus lapponicus, Dytiscus marginalis, Dytiscus semisulcatus, Dziedzickia marginata, Eana incanana, Eana osseana, Eana penziana, Eana penziana subsp. colquhounana, Earinus gloriatorius, Earophila badiata, Eccoptomera ornata, Ecdyonurus, Ecdyonurus dispar, Ecdyonurus venosus, Ecliptopera silaceata, Ectemnius (Clytochrysus) cavifrons, Ectemnius (Clytochrysus) lapidarius, Ectemnius (Hypocrabro) continuus, Ectemnius (Metacrabro) cephalotes, Ectoedemia albifasciella, Ectoedemia argyropeza, Ectoedemia minimella, Ectoedemia occultella, Ectoedemia weaveri, Ectopsocus axillaris, Ectopsocus petersi, Ectropis, Ectropis crepuscularia, Ectropis sp., Edwardsiana, Edwardsiana avellanae, Edwardsiana geometrica, Edwardsiana salicicola, Egle ciliata, Eilema lurideola, Elachiptera cornuta agg., Elachista albidella, Elachista albifrontella, Elachista alpinella, Elachista argentella, Elachista atricomella, Elachista canapennella, Elachista freyerella, Elachista kilmunella, Elachista regificella, Elachista rufocinerea, Elachista subalbidella, Elachista trapeziella, Elachista triatomea, Elaphrus (Elaphrus) cupreus, Elaphrus (Elaphrus) uliginosus, Elaphrus (Trichelaphrus) riparius, Elasmostethus interstinctus, Elasmucha grisea, Elatophilus (Elatophilus) nigricornis, Electrogena lateralis, Electrophaes corylata, Elgiva cucularia, Elgiva solicita, Elipsocus abdominalis, Elipsocus hyalinus, Elipsocus pumilis sensu lato, Elmis aenea, Elodes, Elodes minuta, Elodes pseudominuta, Eloeophila maculata, Eloeophila mundata, Eloeophila submarmorata, Elophila nymphaeata, Elymana sulphurella, Ematurga atomaria, Ematurga atomaria subsp. atomaria, Empicoris vagabundus, Empis aemula, Empis aestiva, Empis bicuspidata, Empis borealis, Empis chioptera, Empis digramma, Empis grisea, Empis hyalipennis, Empis livida, Empis lucida, Empis nigripes, Empis nuntia, Empis opaca, Empis punctata, Empis scotica nomen nudum, Empis stercorea, Empis tessellata, Empis trigramma, Empis tumida, Empis verralli, Empoasca decipiens, Empoasca vitis, Empria alector, Empria candidata, Empria excisa, Empria immersa, Empria liturata, Empria longicornis, Empria pallimacula, Empria pumila, Empria tridens, Enallagma cyathigerum, Enargia paleacea, Encephalus complicans, Endelomyia aethiops, Enderleinella obsoleta, Endochironomus dispar, Endomychus coccineus, Endothenia marginana, Endromis versicolora, Endromopoda nigricoxis, Endrosis sarcitrella, Enicmus fungicola, Enicmus rugosus, Enicospilus ramidulus, Ennomos alniaria, Ennomos erosaria, Enochrus affinis sensu auct. partim not (Thunberg, 1794), Enochrus fuscipennis, Enochrus ochropterus, Entephria caesiata, Entephria flavicinctata, Entephria flavicinctata subsp. ruficinctata, Entomobrya albocincta, Entomobrya nicoleti, Entomobrya nivalis, Epagoge grotiana, Epermenia chaerophyllella, Ephemera danica, Ephistemus globulus, Epiblema cirsiana, Epiblema costipunctana, Epiblema scutulana, Epicampocera succincta, Epichlorops puncticollis, Epinotia abbreviana, Epinotia bilunana, Epinotia brunnichana, Epinotia caprana, Epinotia crenana, Epinotia cruciana, Epinotia immundana, Epinotia maculana, Epinotia mercuriana, Epinotia nemorivaga, Epinotia nisella, Epinotia ramella, Epinotia rubiginosana, Epinotia solandriana, Epinotia subocellana, Epinotia tedella, Epinotia tenerana, Epinotia tetraquetrana, Epinotia trigonella, Epione repandaria, Epiphragma ocellare, Epiphyas postvittana, Epirrhoe alternata, Epirrhoe alternata subsp. alternata, Epirrhoe alternata subsp. obscurata, Epirrhoe galiata, Epirrhoe rivata, Epirrhoe tristata, Epirrita, Epirrita autumnata, Epirrita christyi, Epirrita dilutata, Epirrita filigrammaria, Epistrophe eligans, Epistrophe grossulariae, Episyrphus balteatus, Epuraea (Epuraea) aestiva, Epuraea (Epuraea) biguttata, Epuraea (Epuraea) marseuli, Epuraea (Epuraea) pallescens, Epuraea (Epuraea) rufomarginata, Epuraea (Epuraea) terminalis, Epuraea (Epuraea) variegata, Erannis defoliaria, Erebia aethiops, Erebia aethiops subsp. aethiops, Erebia epiphron, Erebia epiphron subsp. scotica, Eremocoris abietis, Eremocoris plebejus, Eriocampa ovata, Erioconopa diuturna, Erioconopa trivialis, Eriocrania cicatricella, Eriocrania salopiella, Eriocrania semipurpurella, Eriocrania sparrmannella, Eriocrania unimaculella, Eriopsela quadrana, Erioptera flavata, Erioptera fuscipennis, Erioptera lutea, Erioptera meigeni, Erioptera occoecata, Erioptera sordida, Erioptera stictica, Eriosoma (Schizoneura) ulmi, Eriosoma patchiae, Eriothrix rufomaculata, Eriozona erratica, Eriozona syrphoides, Eristalinus aeneus, Eristalinus sepulchralis, Eristalis, Eristalis abusivus, Eristalis arbustorum, Eristalis horticola, Eristalis intricarius, Eristalis nemorum, Eristalis pertinax, Eristalis rupium, Eristalis tenax, Errastunus ocellaris, Erynnis tages, Erynnis tages subsp. tages, Esolus parallelepipedus, Esperia sulphurella, Euceraphis betulae, Euceraphis punctipennis, Euclidia glyphica, Euclidia mi, Eucnecosum brachypterum, Euconomelus lepidus, Eucosma campoliliana, Eucosma cana, Eucosma hohenwartiana, Eudasyphora cyanella, Eudasyphora cyanicolor, Eudectus whitei, Eudonia, Eudonia alpina, Eudonia angustea, Eudonia lacustrata, Eudonia mercurella, Eudonia murana, Eudonia pallida, Eudonia truncicolella, Eudorylas subfascipes, Eugnorisma depuncta, Eugnorisma glareosa, Eugnorisma glareosa form edda, Eugnorisma glareosa subsp. glareosa, Euleia heraclei, Eulia ministrana, Eulithis mellinata, Eulithis populata, Eulithis prunata, Eulithis testata, Eumerus funeralis, Eumerus strigatus, Eupelix cuspidata, Eupeodes corollae, Eupeodes latifasciatus, Eupeodes luniger, Eupeodes nielseni, Euphydryas aurinia, Euphylidorea meigenii, Eupithecia, Eupithecia abbreviata, Eupithecia absinthiata, Eupithecia absinthiata form goossensiata, Eupithecia assimilata, Eupithecia centaureata, Eupithecia distinctaria subsp. constrictata, Eupithecia exiguata, Eupithecia expallidata, Eupithecia icterata, Eupithecia icterata form cognata, Eupithecia icterata subsp. subfulvata, Eupithecia indigata, Eupithecia innotata, Eupithecia innotata form fraxinata, Eupithecia intricata, Eupithecia intricata subsp. intricata, Eupithecia intricata subsp. millieraria, Eupithecia lariciata, Eupithecia linariata, Eupithecia nanata, Eupithecia pulchellata, Eupithecia pulchellata subsp. hebudium, Eupithecia pulchellata subsp. pulchellata, Eupithecia pusillata, Eupithecia pusillata subsp. pusillata, Eupithecia pygmaeata, Eupithecia satyrata, Eupithecia satyrata subsp. callunaria, Eupithecia satyrata subsp. satyrata, Eupithecia subfuscata, Eupithecia tantillaria, Eupithecia tenuiata, Eupithecia tripunctaria, Eupithecia venosata, Eupithecia virgaureata, Eupithecia vulgata, Eupithecia vulgata subsp. scotica, Euplectus karstenii, Euplectus signatus, Euplexia lucipara, Eupoecilia angustana, Eupsilia transversa, Eupteryx atropunctata, Eupteryx aurata, Eupteryx cyclops, Eupteryx florida, Eupteryx notata, Eupteryx signatipennis, Eupteryx stachydearum, Eupteryx vittata, Eurhadina concinna, Eurhadina pulchella, Eurithia anthophila, Eurois occulta, Euryptilium saxonicum, Euscelis incisus, Euscelis lineolatus, Eusphalerum minutum, Eusphalerum sorbi, Eusphalerum torquatum, Euthrix potatoria, Euthycera fumigata, Euthyneura myrtilli, Eutomostethus ephippium, Eutomostethus luteiventris, Eutrichapion (Eutrichapion) ervi, Eutrichapion (Eutrichapion) viciae, Eutrichota pilimana, Euura (Euura) amerinae, Euura (Euura) atra, Euura (Euura) auritae, Euura (Euura) venusta, Euura (Gemmura) mucronata, Euxoa cursoria, Euxoa nigricans, Euxoa obelisca subsp. grisea, Euxoa tritici, Evacanthus acuminatus, Evacanthus interruptus, Evagetes crassicornis, Evergestis extimalis, Evergestis forficalis, Exallonyx (Eocodrus) longicornis, Exallonyx (Exallonyx) subserratus s.lat., Exapate congelatella, Exapion (Ulapion) ulicis, Exechia contaminata, Exechia festiva, Exechia fusca, Exechia nigra, Exechiopsis leptura, Exechiopsis subulata, Exochomus quadripustulatus, Exorista larvarum, Exorista rustica, Exoteleia dodecella, Exyston sponsorius, Fagocyba carri, Fagocyba cruenta, Falcaria lacertinaria, Falseuncaria ruficiliana, Fannia armata, Fannia canicularis, Fannia difficilis, Fannia fuscula, Fannia immutica, Fannia lustrator, Fannia manicata, Fannia mollissima, Fannia pallitibia, Fannia polychaeta, Fannia postica, Fannia posticata, Fannia rondanii, Fannia scalaris, Fannia serena, Fannia similis, Fannia tuberculata, Fannia umbratica, Fannia umbrosa, Fannia vesparia, Favonius quercus, Fenusa (Kaliofenusa) ulmi, Fenusa dohrnii, Fenusa pumila, Fenusella glaucopis, Fenusella nana, Ferdinandea cuprea, Fleutiauxellus maritimus, Florodelphax leptosoma sensu lato, Florodelphax leptosoma sensu stricto, Folsomia quadrioculata, Forcipata citrinella, Forcipata forcipata, Forficula auricularia, Formica aquilonia, Formica cunicularia, Formica exsecta, Formica fusca, Formica lemani, Formica lugubris, Formica sanguinea, Formicoxenus nitidulus, Friesea mirabilis, Fucellia maritima nomen nudum, Furcula bicuspis, Furcula bifida, Furcula furcula, Galeruca tanaceti, Galerucella calmariensis, Galerucella lineola, Galerucella nymphaeae, Gandaritis pyraliata, Gasterophilus intestinalis, Gastrodes abietum, Gastrodes grossipes, Gastrophysa polygoni, Gastrophysa viridula, Geocrypta galii, Geocrypta trachelii, Geodromicus longipes, Geodromicus nigrita, Geometra papilionaria, Geomyza balachowskyi, Geomyza majuscula, Geomyza tripunctata, Geostiba circellaris, Geotrupes spiniger, Geotrupes stercorarius, Gerris (Gerris) costae, Gerris (Gerris) gibbifer, Gerris (Gerris) lacustris, Gerris (Gerris) odontogaster, Gerris (Gerris) thoracicus, Gerris (Gerriselloides) lateralis, Gilletteella cooleyi, Gillmeria pallidactyla, Gilpinia frutetorum, Gilpinia pallida, Gimnomera tarsea, Glacies coracina, Glaenocorisa propinqua, Glischrochilus (Glischrochilus) quadripunctatus, Glischrochilus (Librodor) hortensis, Globiceps (Kelidocoris) fulvicollis subsp. cruciatus, Globiceps (Kelidocoris) juniperi, Glossosoma, Glossosoma boltoni, Glossosoma conformis, Glyphipterix forsterella, Glyphipterix schoenicolella, Glyphipterix simpliciella, Glyphipterix thrasonella, Glyphotaelius pellucidus, Glypta ceratites, Glypta elongata, Glypta extincta, Glypta parvicaudata, Glyptotendipes (Glyptotendipes) viridis, Glyptotendipes (Phytotendipes) pallens, Gnophos obfuscata, Gnoriste bilineata, Gonatopus clavipes, Gonioctena decemnotata, Gonioctena olivacea, Gonioctena pallida, Gonomyia conoviensis, Gonomyia dentata, Gonomyia simplex, Gortyna flavago, Gracillaria syringella, Grammotaulius nitidus, Graphiphora augur, Graphomya maculata, Graphomya minor, Graphopsocus cruciatus, Graptodytes flavipes, Graptodytes pictus, Griposia aprilina, Grynobius planus, Grypocoris (Lophyromiris) stysi, Grypotes puncticollis, Grypus equiseti, Gymnancyla canella, Gymnetron beccabungae, Gymnocheta viridis, Gymnoclasiopa cinerella, Gymnoscelis rufifasciata, Gypsonoma sociana, Gyrinus aeratus, Gyrinus caspius, Gyrinus distinctus, Gyrinus minutus, Gyrinus natator, Gyrinus opacus, Gyrinus substriatus, Gyrohypnus angustatus, Gyrohypnus punctulatus, Gyrophaena affinis, Habrocerus capillaricornis, Hada plebeja, Hadena bicruris, Hadena caesia, Hadena caesia subsp. mananii, Hadena confusa, Hadrodactylus vulneratus, Haematobosca stimulans, Haematopota, Haematopota crassicornis, Haematopota pluvialis, Halesus, Halesus digitatus, Halictus (Halictus) rubicundus, Halictus (Seladonia) tumulorum, Haliplus (Haliplinus) heydeni, Haliplus (Haliplinus) lineolatus, Haliplus (Haliplinus) ruficollis, Haliplus (Haliplinus) sibiricus, Haliplus (Haliplus) confinis, Haliplus (Liaphlus) fulvus, Haliplus (Neohaliplus) lineatocollis, Hallodapus rufescens, Hallomenus binotatus, Halosalda lateralis, Halyzia sedecimguttata, Hammerschmidtia ferruginea, Haploglossa picipennis, Harmandiola cavernosa, Harmandiola globuli, Harmandiola pustulans, Harmandiola tremulae, Harmonia axyridis, Harpactus tumidus, Harpalus (Harpalus) affinis, Harpalus (Harpalus) laevipes, Harpalus (Harpalus) latus, Harpalus (Harpalus) rubripes, Harpalus (Harpalus) rufipalpis, Harpalus (Harpalus) tardus, Harpalus (Pseudoophonus) rufipes, Harpocera thoracica, Hartigiola annulipes, Hayhurstia atriplicis, Hebecnema nigricolor, Hebecnema umbratica, Hebecnema vespertina, Hecatera bicolorata, Hedya atropunctana, Hedya nubiferana, Hedychridium ardens, Hedychrum niemelai, Helcomyza ustulata, Heleomyza borealis, Heleomyza serrata, Helicoconis hirtinervis, Helina annosa, Helina atricolor, Helina ciliatocosta, Helina consimilis, Helina depuncta, Helina evecta, Helina fratercula, Helina impuncta, Helina maculipennis, Helina obscurata, Helina protuberans, Helina pubiseta, Helina quadrum, Helina reversio, Helina vicina, Heliothis peltigera, Heliozela hammoniella, Heliozela resplendella, Heliozela sericiella, Helius longirostris, Helophilus hybridus, Helophilus pendulus, Helophilus trivittatus, Helophorus (Atracthelophorus) brevipalpis, Helophorus (Helophorus) flavipes, Helophorus (Helophorus) strigifrons, Helophorus (Megahelophorus) aequalis, Helophorus (Megahelophorus) grandis, Hemaris tityus, Hemerobius humulinus, Hemerobius lutescens, Hemerobius marginatus, Hemerobius micans, Hemerobius nitidulus, Hemerobius perelegans, Hemerobius pini, Hemerobius simulans, Hemerobius stigma, Hemerodromia baetica, Hemerodromia oratoria, Hemerodromia raptoria, Hemicrepidius hirtus, Hemistola chrysoprasaria, Hepialus humuli, Hepialus humuli subsp. humuli, Hercostomus aerosus, Hercostomus assimilis, Hercostomus brevicornis, Hercostomus celer, Hercostomus chetifer, Hercostomus cupreus, Hercostomus metallicus, Hercostomus nigripennis, Hercostomus nigriplantis, Herina frondescentiae, Heringia heringi, Herminia grisealis, Herminia tarsipennalis, Hesperocorixa castanea, Hesperocorixa linnaei, Hesperocorixa sahlbergi, Heterarthrus aceris, Heterarthrus microcephalus, Heterarthrus nemoratus, Heterarthrus vagans, Heterocerus flexuosus, Heterocordylus (Heterocordylus) genistae, Heterocordylus (Heterocordylus) tibialis, Heteromurus nitidus, Heteromyza commixta, Heteromyza oculata, Heteromyza rotundicornis, Heteropelma amictum, Heteropelma megarthrum, Hexatoma bicolor, Hexatoma fuscipennis, Hexomyza simplicoides, Hilara abdominalis, Hilara brevistyla, Hilara canescens, Hilara chorica, Hilara clavipes, Hilara clypeata, Hilara curtisi, Hilara discoidalis, Hilara diversipes, Hilara intermedia, Hilara interstincta, Hilara litorea, Hilara longivittata, Hilara lundbecki, Hilara manicata, Hilara maura, Hilara nitidula, Hilara obscura, Hilara quadrivittata, Hilara submaura, Himacerus (Anaptus) major, Himacerus (Aptus) mirmicoides, Himacerus (Himacerus) apterus, Hipparchia semele, Hippobosca equina, Hippodamia (Adonia) variegata, Hister unicolor, Hofmannophila pseudospretella, Holotrichapion (Legaricapion) aethiops, Homolobus infumator, Homotherus locutor, Hoplodrina blanda, Hoplodrina octogenaria, Hybomitra bimaculata, Hybomitra distinguenda, Hybomitra lurida, Hybomitra montana, Hybos culiciformis, Hybos femoratus, Hybos grossipes, Hydraecia micacea, Hydraena britteni, Hydraena gracilis, Hydrellia griseola, Hydrellia maura, Hydrellia meigeni, Hydriomena furcata, Hydriomena impluviata, Hydriomena ruberata, Hydrobius fuscipes, Hydrocyphon deflexicollis, Hydromya dorsalis, Hydrophoria lancifer, Hydrophoria linogrisea, Hydrophorus albiceps, Hydrophorus balticus, Hydrophorus nebulosus, Hydrophorus oceanus, Hydrophorus praecox, Hydrophorus rufibarbis, Hydroporus angustatus, Hydroporus discretus, Hydroporus erythrocephalus, Hydroporus gyllenhalii, Hydroporus incognitus, Hydroporus longicornis, Hydroporus longulus, Hydroporus melanarius, Hydroporus memnonius, Hydroporus morio, Hydroporus nigrita, Hydroporus obscurus, Hydroporus obsoletus, Hydroporus palustris, Hydroporus planus, Hydroporus pubescens, Hydroporus striola, Hydroporus tessellatus, Hydroporus tristis, Hydroporus umbrosus, Hydropsyche instabilis, Hydropsyche siltalai, Hydroptila, Hydroptila angulata, Hydroptila forcipata, Hydroptila simulans, Hydroptila sparsa, Hydroptila sylvestris, Hydroptila tigurina, Hydroptila tineoides, Hydrotaea albipuncta, Hydrotaea armipes, Hydrotaea cinerea, Hydrotaea cyrtoneurina, Hydrotaea dentipes, Hydrotaea diabolus, Hydrotaea irritans, Hydrotaea militaris, Hydrotaea similis, Hydrothassa glabra, Hydrothassa marginella, Hygrotus (Coelambus) novemlineatus, Hygrotus (Hygrotus) inaequalis, Hygrotus (Hygrotus) quinquelineatus, Hylaea fasciaria, Hylaeus (Hylaeus) communis, Hylaeus (Prosopis) brevicornis, Hylaeus (Prosopis) confusus, Hylaeus (Spatulariella) hyalinatus, Hylastes ater, Hylastes brunneus, Hylastes cunicularius, Hylecoetus dermestoides, Hyledelphax elegantula, Hylemya nigrimana, Hylemya urbica, Hylemya vagans, Hylemya variata, Hylemyza partita, Hyles gallii, Hylobius (Callirus) abietis, Hylurgops palliatus, Hypatima rhomboidella, Hypena proboscidalis, Hypena rostralis, Hypera (Eririnomorphus) rumicis, Hypera (Hypera) postica, Hyperacmus crassicornis, Hypnoidus riparius, Hypoderma diana, Hypomecis punctinalis, Hyposoter carbonarius, Hyppa rectilinea, Iassus lanio, Ichneumon aquilonius, Ichneumon extensorius, Ichneumon vulneratorius, Idaea aversata, Idaea biselata, Idaea dimidiata, Idaea seriata, Idaea straminata, Idiocerus lituratus, Idiodonus cruentatus, Idioptera pulchella, Ilione albiseta, Ilione lineata, Ilybius aenescens, Ilybius ater, Ilybius fuliginosus, Ilybius montanus, Ilybius wasastjernae, Ilythea spilota, Incurvaria masculella, Incurvaria oehlmanniella, Incurvaria pectinea, Incurvaria praelatella, Ips acuminatus, Ischiolepta denticulata, Ischiolepta pusilla, Ischnoceros rusticus, Ischnopsyllus (Ischnopsyllus) octactenus, Ischnopterapion (Ischnopterapion) loti, Ischnura elegans, Iseropus stercorator, Ismarus halidayi, Isochnus foliorum, Isomira murina, Isoneuromyia semirufa, Isoperla grammatica, Isotoma viridis, Isotomiella minor, Isotomurus maculatus, Isotomurus palustris, Isotomurus unifasciatus, Iteomyia capreae, Iteomyia major, Ithytrichia lamellaris, Itoplectis alternans, Itoplectis maculator, Jaapiella floriperda, Jaapiella vacciniorum, Jaapiella veronicae, Jassargus flori, Jassargus pseudocellaris, Jassargus sursumflexus, Jassidophaga villosa, Javesella, Javesella discolor, Javesella dubia, Javesella forcipata, Javesella obscurella, Javesella pellucida, Judolia sexmaculata, Kelisia guttulifera, Kelisia vittipennis, Kleidocerys ericae, Kleidocerys truncatulus, Korscheltellus fusconebulosa, Korscheltellus fusconebulosa form gallicus, Korscheltellus lupulina, Korynetes caeruleus, Kowarzia bipunctata, Kybos ludus, Kybos populi, Kybos smaragdulus, Kybos strigilifer, Lacanobia contigua, Lacanobia oleracea, Lacanobia thalassina, Lacanobia w-latinum, Laccobius bipunctatus, Laccobius minutus, Lachesilla pedicularia, Lagria hirta, Lamprochromus bifasciatus, Lampronia corticella, Lamproplax picea, Lampropteryx suffumata, Lampyris noctiluca, Laothoe populi, Laphria flava, Laricobius erichsonii, Lasiocampa quercus, Lasiocampa quercus subsp. callunae, Lasioglossum, Lasioglossum (Dialictus) cupromicans, Lasioglossum (Dialictus) leucopus, Lasioglossum (Dialictus) morio, Lasioglossum (Dialictus) smeathmanellum, Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) albipes, Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) calceatum, Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) fratellum, Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) fulvicorne, Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) pauxillum, Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) punctatissimum, Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) rufitarse, Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) villosulum, Lasioglossum (Lasioglossum) leucozonium, Lasiomma latipenne, Lasiommata megera, Lasioptera populnea, Lasius alienus, Lasius flavus, Lasius fuliginosus, Lasius mixtus, Lasius niger, Lasius niger sensu lato, Lasius platythorax, Lateroligia ophiogramma, Lathrobium (Lathrobium) brunnipes, Lathrobium (Lathrobium) elongatum, Lathrobium (Lathrobium) fulvipenne, Lathrobium (Lathrobium) geminum, Lathrobium (Platydomene) angusticolle, Lauxania cylindricornis, Lebia (Lamprias) chlorocephala, Leiodes calcarata, Leiodes litura, Leiodes obesa, Leiomyza laevigata, Leiomyza scatophagina, Leiopus nebulosus sens. lat., pre 2009, Leiosoma deflexum, Leistus (Leistophorus) fulvibarbis, Leistus (Leistus) terminatus, Leistus (Pogonophorus) rufomarginatus, Lejogaster metallina, Lejogaster tarsata, Lepidocyrtus cyaneus, Lepidocyrtus lanuginosus, Lepidocyrtus lignorum, Lepidostoma hirtum, Lepisma saccharina, Leptarthrus brevirostris, Leptocera caenosa, Leptocera fontinalis, Leptogaster guttiventris, Leptophlebia marginata, Leptophlebia vespertina, Leptopterna dolabrata, Leptopterna ferrugata, Leptosciarella pilosa, Leptosciarella rejecta, Leptosciarella subpilosa, Leptosciarella trochanterata, Leptothorax acervorum, Leptura quadrifasciata, Leptusa norvegica, Leptusa pulchella, Lestes sponsa, Lesteva longoelytrata, Lesteva monticola, Lesteva pubescens, Lesteva punctata, Lesteva sicula, Leucania comma, Leucophora, Leucophora cinerea, Leucoptera laburnella, Leucoptera spartifoliella, Leucorrhinia dubia, Leucozona glaucia, Leucozona laternaria, Leucozona lucorum, Leuctra, Leuctra fusca, Leuctra geniculata, Leuctra hippopus, Leuctra inermis, Leuctra moselyi, Leuctra nigra, Levipalpus hepatariella, Liancalus virens, Libellula depressa, Libellula quadrimaculata, Lilioceris lilii, Limerodops elongatus, Limnaecia phragmitella, Limnebius truncatellus, Limnellia fallax, Limnellia stenhammari, Limnephilus affinis, Limnephilus auricula, Limnephilus binotatus, Limnephilus centralis, Limnephilus extricatus, Limnephilus griseus, Limnephilus hirsutus, Limnephilus incisus, Limnephilus lunatus, Limnephilus luridus, Limnephilus marmoratus, Limnephilus politus, Limnephilus rhombicus, Limnephilus sparsus, Limnephilus stigma, Limnephilus vittatus, Limnia paludicola, Limnia unguicornis, Limnius volckmari, Limnobaris dolorosa, Limnobaris t-album, Limnophila apicata, Limnophila ferruginea, Limnophila glabricula, Limnophila maculata, Limnophila nemoralis seperata seg. sensu Stubbs, Limnophila phaeostigma, Limnophila schranki, Limnophila squalens, Limnophila submarmorata, Limnophila verralli, Limnophora maculosa, Limnophora olympiae, Limnophora riparia, Limnospila albifrons, Limonia affinis, Limonia dilutior, Limonia flavipes, Limonia lutea agg., Limonia macrostigma, Limonia nubeculosa, Limonia phragmitidis, Limonia trivittata, Limotettix striola, Lindbergina aurovittata, Lindenius albilabris, Linnaemya rossica, Linnaemya vulpina, Linnavuoriana decempunctata, Linnavuoriana sexmaculata, Liocoris tripustulatus, Liogluta alpestris, Liogluta longiuscula, Liogluta pagana, Liopiophila varipes, Lipoptena cervi, Lipsothrix ecucullata, Lipsothrix remota, Liriomyza amoena, Liriomyza flaveola, Liriomyza strigata, Liriomyza virgo, Lispe tentaculata, Lispocephala alma, Lispocephala brachialis, Lispocephala erythrocera, Lispocephala falculata, Lispocephala pallipalpis, Lispocephala spuria, Lispocephala verna, Lithosia quadra, Lithostege griseata, Litoligia literosa, Livia juncorum, Lobesia littoralis, Lobophora halterata, Lochmaea caprea, Lochmaea suturalis, Loensia fasciata, Loensia pearmani, Lomaspilis marginata, Lomographa temerata, Lonchaea obscuritarsis, Lonchaea ragnari, Lonchodryinus ruficornis, Lonchoptera bifurcata, Lonchoptera lutea, Lonchoptera meijerei, Lonchoptera nigrociliata, Longalatedes elymi, Longitarsus aeneicollis, Longitarsus ganglbaueri, Longitarsus holsaticus, Longitarsus jacobaeae, Longitarsus luridus, Longitarsus melanocephalus, Longitarsus suturellus, Lophosceles, Lophosceles cinereiventris, Lophosceles mutatus, Lopus decolor, Lordithon lunulatus, Lordithon thoracicus, Lordithon trinotatus, Loricera pilicornis, Loricula elegantula, Loricula pselaphiformis, Lotophila atra, Loxocera ichneumonea, Loxocera sylvatica, Loxostege sticticalis, Lozotaenia forsterana, Lucilia ampullacea, Lucilia caesar, Lucilia illustris, Lucilia sericata, Lucilia silvarum, Luperina testacea, Luperus flavipes, Luperus longicornis, Lycaena phlaeas, Lycia hirtaria, Lycia lapponaria, Lycia lapponaria subsp. scotica, Lycia zonaria, Lyciella quadrivittata, Lycophotia porphyrea, Lyctocoris (Lyctocoris) campestris, Lydella stabulans, Lydina aenea, Lygocoris (Lygocoris) pabulinus, Lygocoris (Lygocoris) rugicollis, Lygus maritimus, Lygus pratensis, Lygus punctatus, Lygus rugulipennis, Lygus wagneri, Lyonetia clerkella, Lype phaeopa, Lypha dubia, Lyprocorrhe anceps, Macaria alternata, Macaria brunneata, Macaria carbonaria, Macaria liturata, Macaria notata, Macaria wauaria, Machaerium maritimae, Machimus cingulatus, Macquartia nudigena, Macquartia praefica, Macquartia pubiceps, Macquartia tenebricosa, Macrocentrus nitidus, Macrocera centralis, Macrocera fasciata, Macrocera parva, Macrocera stigma, Macrocera stigmoides, Macrocera vittata, Macrodema micropterum, Macrodiplosis, Macrodiplosis dryobia, Macrodiplosis roboris, Macrodiplosis volvens, Macroglossum stellatarum, Macrolabis heraclei, Macrolabis holosteae, Macrolophus pygmaeus, Macrolophus rubi, Macropelopia adaucta, Macropelopia nebulosa, Macropsis impura, Macrorchis meditata, Macrosaldula scotica, Macrosteles fieberi, Macrosteles horvathi, Macrosteles laevis, Macrosteles ossiannilssoni, Macrosteles sexnotatus, Macrosteles variatus, Macrosteles viridigriseus, Macrothylacia rubi, Macrotylus (Alloeonycha) paykulli, Macustus grisescens, Magdalis (Magdalis) duplicata, Magdalis (Magdalis) phlegmatica, Magdalis (Odontomagdalis) carbonaria, Malacocoris chlorizans, Malthinus flaveolus, Malthodes, Malthodes flavoguttatus, Malthodes fuscus, Malthodes guttifer, Malthodes marginatus, Malthodes minimus, Malthodes mysticus, Malthodes pumilus, Mamestra brassicae, Maniola jurtina, Maniola jurtina subsp. splendida, Margarinotus (Paralister) ventralis, Margarinotus (Ptomister) striola, Martania taeniata, Massalongia rubra, Matilella fusca, Mecomma (Globicellus) dispar, Mecomma (Mecomma) ambulans, Medetera fasciata, Medetera freyi, Medetera setiventris, Medina collaris, Megachile (Delomegachile) willughbiella, Megachile (Eutricharaea) leachella, Megachile (Megachile) centuncularis, Megachile (Megachile) versicolor, Megachile (Xanthosarus) circumcincta, Megachile (Xanthosarus) maritima, Megalinus glabratus, Megamelus notula, Megaphthalma pallida, Megarthrus depressus, Megaselia coccyx, Megaselia pleuralis, Megaselia sordida, Megasternum concinnum, Megastylus orbitator, Megasyrphus annulipes, Megophthalmus scanicus, Meigenia, Meiosimyza affinis, Meiosimyza decempunctata, Meiosimyza decipiens, Meiosimyza illota, Meiosimyza laeta, Meiosimyza mihalyii, Meiosimyza platycephala, Meiosimyza rorida, Meiosimyza subfasciata, Melanchra persicariae, Melangyna, Melangyna arctica, Melangyna cincta, Melangyna compositarum, Melangyna labiatarum, Melangyna lasiophthalma, Melangyna quadrimaculata, Melangyna umbellatarum, Melanimon tibialis, Melanogaster aerosa, Melanogaster hirtella, Melanomya nana, Melanophora roralis, Melanostoma, Melanostoma dubium, Melanostoma mellinum, Melanostoma scalare, Melanotus villosus, Melecta albifrons, Meligethes aeneus, Meligethes pedicularius, Meligethes viridescens, Melinda gentilis, Melinda viridicyanea, Meliscaeva auricollis, Meliscaeva cinctella, Melitta haemorrhoidalis, Mellinus arvensis, Meloe, Meloe proscarabaeus, Meloe violaceus, Melolontha, Melolontha hippocastani, Melolontha melolontha, Merodon equestris, Meromyza ornata, Meromyza sp. indet., Merrifieldia leucodactyla, Mesapamea, Mesapamea didyma, Mesapamea secalis, Mesapamea secalis agg., Mesembrina meridiana, Mesoleptus incessor, Mesoleptus laevigatus, Mesoleptus vigilatorius, Mesoleuca albicillata, Mesoligia furuncula, Mesoneura opaca, Mesopsocus immunis, Mesopsocus unipunctatus sensu lato, Metalimnobia bifasciata, Metalimnobia quadrinotata, Metallus albipes, Metallus lanceolatus, Metasyrphus latifasciatus, Metasyrphus latilunulatus, Metasyrphus nitens, Metidiocerus elegans, Metidiocerus rutilans, Metopia campestris, Metopomyza flavonotata, Metopsia clypeata, Metriocnemus albolineatus, Metriocnemus eurynotus, Metriocnemus fuscipes, Metriocnemus ursinus, Metylophorus nebulosus, Micralymma marinum, Micrambe, Micrambe ulicis, Micrambe woodroffei, Micranurida pygmaea, Micrelus ericae, Microcara testacea, Microchrysa cyaneiventris, Microchrysa flavicornis, Microchrysa polita, Microdiprion pallipes, Microdon, Microdon analis, Microdon mutabilis, Microdota amicula, Micromorphus albipes, Micromus paganus, Micromus variegatus, Micropeplus porcatus, Micropeplus staphylinoides, Micropeza corrigiolata, Micropeza lateralis, Microprosopa pallidicauda, Micropsectra fusca, Micropterix aruncella, Micropterix aureatella, Micropterix calthella, Micropterix mansuetella, Micropterna sequax, Microtendipes caledonicus, Mimesa equestris, Mimumesa dahlbomi, Mindarus abietinus, Minettia fasciata, Minettia longipennis, Minettia longiseta, Minettia rivosa, Miota monilicornis, Miota perplexa, Miota petiolaris, Mirificarma mulinella, Miscodera arctica, Mniotype adusta, Mocyta amplicollis, Mocyta fungi, Molophilus appendiculatus, Molophilus ater, Molophilus curvatus, Molophilus flavus, Molophilus griseus, Molophilus medius, Molophilus obscurus, Molophilus occultus, Molophilus ochraceus, Molophilus propinquus, Molophilus serpentiger, Molophilus undulatus, Mompha conturbatella, Mompha locupletella, Mompha propinquella, Mompha raschkiella, Monalocoris (Monalocoris) filicis, Monochroa tenebrella, Monoctenus juniperi, Monopis laevigella, Monopis weaverella, Monotoma (Gyrocecis) conicicollis, Monotoma (Monotoma) longicollis, Monsoma pulveratum, Morellia hortorum, Morellia simplex, Mormo maura, Morychus aeneus, Muellerianella, Muellerianella brevipennis, Muellerianella extrusa, Muellerianella fairmairei, Musca domestica, Muscina levida, Muscina prolapsa, Muscina stabulans, Myathropa florea, Mycetophila alea, Mycetophila blanda, Mycetophila britannica, Mycetophila confluens, Mycetophila edwardsi, Mycetophila formosa, Mycetophila fungorum, Mycetophila ichneumonea, Mycetophila marginata, Mycetophila perpallida, Mycetophila signatoides, Mycetophila stylata, Mycetophila subsigillata, Mycetophila unipunctata, Mycetophila vittipes, Mycetoporus angularis, Mycetoporus clavicornis, Mycetoporus lepidus, Mycetoporus nigricollis, Mycetoporus splendidus, Mycomya fimbriata, Mycomya marginata, Mycomya neohyalinata, Mycomya nitida, Mycomya tenuis, Mycomya winnertzi, Mydaea ancilla, Mydaea anicula, Mydaea corni, Mydaea deserta, Mydaea electa, Mydaea humeralis, Mydaea orthonevra, Mydaea urbana, Myopa buccata, Myospila meditabunda, Myrmecozela ochraceella, Myrmedobia exilis, Myrmeleotettix maculatus, Myrmica lobicornis, Myrmica lonae, Myrmica rubra, Myrmica ruginodis, Myrmica sabuleti, Myrmica scabrinodis, Myrmica sulcinodis, Myrosia maculosa, Myrrha octodecimguttata, Mystacides azurea, Mystacides nigra, Mythimna conigera, Mythimna ferrago, Mythimna impura, Mythimna impura form scotica, Mythimna impura subsp. impura, Mythimna litoralis, Mythimna pallens, Myzia oblongoguttata, Myzus (Myzus) cerasi, Nabis (Dolichonabis) limbatus, Nabis (Nabicula) flavomarginatus, Nabis (Nabis) ericetorum, Nabis (Nabis) ferus, Nabis (Nabis) rugosus, Naenia typica, Nanna brevifrons, Nanna fasciata, Nargus (Nargus) wilkinii, Narycia duplicella, Neanura muscorum, Nebria (Boreonebria) nivalis, Nebria (Boreonebria) rufescens, Nebria (Nebria) brevicollis, Nebria (Nebria) salina, Nebrioporus (Nebrioporus) assimilis, Nebrioporus (Nebrioporus) depressus, Nebrioporus (Nebrioporus) elegans, Nebula salicata, Nebula salicata subsp. latentaria, Necrobia violacea, Necrodes littoralis, Nedyus quadrimaculatus, Neliocarus sus, Nemapogon, Nemapogon clematella, Nemapogon cloacella, Nemapogon picarella, Nematinus fuscipennis, Nematinus luteus, Nematopogon pilella, Nematopogon schwarziellus, Nematopogon swammerdamella, Nematus, Nematus (Kontuniemiana) ribesii, Nematus (Pteronidea) flavescens, Nematus (Pteronidea) melanaspis, Nematus (Pteronidea) myosotidis, Nematus (Pteronidea) viridis, Nemophora minimella, Nemopoda nitidula, Nemotelus notatus, Nemotelus uliginosus, Nemoura cinerea, Nemurella pictetii, Neoascia geniculata, Neoascia meticulosa, Neoascia podagrica, Neoascia tenur, Neocnemodon verrucula, Neocnemodon vitripennis, Neocoenorrhinus germanicus, Neocrepidodera ferruginea, Neocrepidodera transversa, Neodiprion sertifer, Neoempheria pictipennis, Neofaculta ericetella, Neohilara subterranea, Neoitamus cyanurus, Neoleria inscripta, Neoleria ruficauda, Neoleucopis obscura, Neolimnomyia filata, Neolimonia dumetorum, Neolygus contaminatus, Neolygus viridis, Neomyia cornicina, Neophilaenus campestris, Neophilaenus exclamationis, Neophilaenus lineatus, Neophyllomyza acyglossa, Nepa cinerea, Nephrotoma analis, Nephrotoma appendiculata, Nephrotoma dorsalis, Nephrotoma flavescens, Nephrotoma flavipalpis, Nephrotoma quadrifaria, Nephrotoma scurra, Nephrotoma submaculosa, Nephus redtenbacheri, Neria cibaria, Neria commutata, Neria ephippium, Nesoselandria morio, Netelia (Bessobates) virgata, Neuraphes (Neuraphes) angulatus, Neuraphes (Neuraphes) elongatulus, Neuratelia nemoralis, Neuratelia nigricornis, Neureclipsis bimaculata, Neuroctena anilis, Neurohelea luteitarsis, Neuroterus albipes, Neuroterus albipes f. agamic, Neuroterus anthracinus f. agamic, Neuroterus numismalis, Neuroterus numismalis f. agamic, Neuroterus quercusbaccarum, Neuroterus quercusbaccarum f. agamic, Neuroterus quercusbaccarum f. sexual, Nicrophorus, Nicrophorus humator, Nicrophorus interruptus, Nicrophorus investigator, Nicrophorus vespillo, Nicrophorus vespilloides, Nineta flava, Nineta vittata, Niptus hololeucus, Nitidula bipunctata, Noctua comes, Noctua fimbriata, Noctua janthe, Noctua orbona, Noctua pronuba, Nola confusalis, Nomada, Nomada fabriciana, Nomada flavoguttata, Nomada fucata, Nomada goodeniana, Nomada leucophthalma, Nomada marshamella, Nomada obtusifrons, Nomada panzeri, Nomada ruficornis, Nomada rufipes, Nomada striata, Nomophila noctuella, Nonagria typhae, Norellisoma lituratum, Norellisoma spinimanum, Nosopsyllus (Nosopsyllus) fasciatus, Notaris acridulus, Notaris aethiops, Nothochrysa capitata, Nothodelphax distincta, Notiophilus aesthuans, Notiophilus aquaticus, Notiophilus biguttatus, Notiophilus germinyi, Notiophilus palustris, Notiphila (Agrolimna) uliginosa, Notiphila annulipes, Notiphila cinerea, Notiphila nigricornis, Notiphila riparia, Notocelia cynosbatella, Notocelia trimaculana, Notocelia uddmanniana, Notodonta dromedarius, Notodonta ziczac, Notonecta (Notonecta) glauca, Notonecta (Notonecta) maculata, Notonecta (Notonecta) obliqua, Notostira elongata, Notothecta flavipes, Notus flavipennis, Nudaria mundana, Nudobius lentus, Nycteola revayana, Nycterosea obstipata, Nymphalis antiopa, Nymphalis polychloros, Nymphula nitidulata, Nysius, Nysius ericae, Nysius thymi, Nysson spinosus, Obrium cantharinum, Ocalea picata, Ochina ptinoides, Ochlodes sylvanus, Ochropacha duplaris, Ochropleura plecta, Ochsenheimeria urella, Ochthebius (Asiobates) dilatatus, Ochthebius (Homalochthebius) minimus, Ochthebius (Ochthebius) lenensis, Ochthebius (Ochthebius) viridis, Ochthera mantis, Ocnerostoma friesei, Octotemnus glabriculus, Ocydromia glabricula, Ocydromia melanopleura, Ocypus (Matidus) brunnipes, Ocypus (Ocypus) olens, Ocypus (Pseudocypus) aeneocephalus, Ocys harpaloides, Ocytata pallipes, Odeles marginata, Odezia atrata, Odontocerum albicorne, Odontopera bidentata, Odontosia carmelita, Odynerus (Odynerus) spinipes, Oecetis ochracea, Oedalea stigmatella, Oedemopsis scabricula, Oiceoptoma thoracicum, Oligia, Oligia fasciuncula, Oligia latruncula, Oligia strigilis, Oligia versicolor, Oligotrophus betulae, Oligotrophus juniperinus, Oligotrophus panteli, Olisthopus rotundatus, Olophrum fuscum, Olophrum piceum, Omalium excavatum, Omalium italicum, Omalium laeviusculum, Omalium riparium, Omalium rivulare, Omalium rugatum, Omocestus viridulus, Omonadus floralis, Omosita depressa, Omphaloscelis lunosa, Oncodelphax pullula, Oncopsis alni, Oncopsis avellanae, Oncopsis flavicollis, Oncopsis subangulata, Oncopsis tristis, Ontholestes murinus, Ontholestes tessellatus, Opacifrons coxata, Opacifrons humida, Operophtera brumata, Operophtera fagata, Opetia nigra, Opheltes glaucopterus, Ophion luteus, Ophion obscuratus, Ophion ocellaris, Ophion parvulus, Ophion pteridis, Ophion scutellaris, Opisthograptis luteolata, Opomyza germinationis, Opomyza petrei, Opostega salaciella, Orchesella cincta, Orchesia undulata, Orchestes (Orchestes) pilosus, Orchestes (Orchestes) quercus, Orchestes (Orchestes) rusci, Orchestes (Salius) fagi, Orectochilus villosus, Oreodytes davisii, Oreodytes sanmarkii, Oreodytes septentrionalis, Oreostiba tibialis, Orfelia nemoralis, Orgyia antiqua, Ormosia hederae, Ormosia pseudosimilis, Ormosia staegeriana, Ornithomya chloropus, Ornithopsylla laetitiae, Orthetrum coerulescens, Orthocentrus monilicornis, Orthocephalus saltator, Orthocerus clavicornis, Orthochaetes setiger, Orthonama vittata, Orthonevra geniculata, Orthonevra nobilis, Orthops (Orthops) basalis, Orthops (Orthops) campestris, Orthops (Orthops) kalmii, Orthosia cerasi, Orthosia cruda, Orthosia gothica, Orthosia gracilis, Orthosia incerta, Orthosia populeti, Orthotaenia undulana, Orthotylus (Litocoris) ericetorum, Orthotylus (Orthotylus) marginalis, Orthotylus (Orthotylus) ochrotrichus, Orthotylus (Orthotylus) prasinus, Orthotylus (Orthotylus) tenellus, Orthotylus (Orthotylus) viridinervis, Orthotylus (Pachylops) adenocarpi, Orthotylus (Pachylops) virescens, Orthotylus (Pinocapsus) fuscescens, Orthotylus (Pseudorthotylus) bilineatus, Orygma luctuosum, Oscinella angularis, Oscinella frit, Oscinella nigerrima, Oscinella nitidissima, Oscinella pusilla, Oscinella trochanterata, Oscinella vastator, Oscinella vindicata, Osmia (Chalcosmia) caerulescens, Osmia (Helicosmia) aurulenta, Osmia (Melanosmia) parietina, Osmia (Melanosmia) uncinata, Osmia (Osmia) bicornis, Ossiannilssonola callosa, Oswaldia muscaria, Othius angustus, Othius laeviusculus, Othius punctulatus, Othius subuliformis, Otiorhynchus, Otiorhynchus (Arammichnus) atroapterus, Otiorhynchus (Dorymerus) rugifrons, Otiorhynchus (Dorymerus) singularis, Otiorhynchus (Dorymerus) sulcatus, Otiorhynchus (Otiorhynchus) arcticus, Otiorhynchus (Otiorhynchus) nodosus, Otiorhynchus (Otiorhynchus) porcatus, Otiorhynchus (Otiorhynchus) scaber, Otiorhynchus (Tournieria) ovatus, Oulema melanopus s.l., Oulema obscura, Oulema rufocyanea, Oulimnius troglodytes, Oulimnius tuberculatus, Oxybelus uniglumis, Oxycera pardalina, Oxycera pygmaea, Oxyethira flavicornis, Oxyethira frici, Oxylabis thomsoni, Oxypoda annularis, Oxypoda formiceticola, Oxypoda haemorrhoa, Oxypoda islandica, Oxypoda soror, Oxypoda tirolensis, Oxytelus laqueatus, Pachycnemia hippocastanaria, Pachynematus (Epicenematus) montanus, Pachynematus (Pachynematus) lichtwardti, Pachynematus clitellatus, Pachypappa tremulae, Pachyprotasis rapae, Pachytomella parallela, Pales pavida, Palloptera modesta, Palloptera quinquemaculata, Palloptera saltuum, Palloptera trimacula, Palloptera umbellatarum, Palloptera usta, Palloptera ustulata, Palomena prasina, Palpomyia flavipes, Palpomyia quadrispinosa, Palpomyia semifumosa, Palpomyia spinipes, Pammene aurana, Pammene regiana, Pammene rhediella, Pammene splendidulana, Pamphilius sylvaticus, Pamphilius varius, Pamponerus germanicus, Pandemis cerasana, Pandemis corylana, Pandemis heparana, Panemeria tenebrata, Panolis flammea, Panorpa germanica, Pantilius (Pantilius) tunicatus, Panurgus banksianus, Panzeria rudis, Papestra biren, Parabolitobius inclinans, Paracoenia fumosa, Paracymus scutellaris, Paradarisa consonaria, Paradelia intersecta, Paradelia lunatifrons, Paradelphacodes litoralis, Paradelphomyia nielseni, Paradelphomyia senilis, Paradromius linearis, Paragus, Paragus haemorrhous, Paraleptophlebia cincta, Paraliburnia clypealis, Parallelomma vittatum, Paranchus albipes, Paraphotistus impressus, Parapiesma quadratum subsp. quadratum, Parapiophila flavipes, Parapsallus vitellinus, Pararge aegeria, Parasemia plantaginis, Parasemia plantaginis subsp. plantaginis, Parastichtis suspecta, Parasyrphus lineola, Parasyrphus malinellus, Parasyrphus nigritarsis, Parasyrphus punctulatus, Parasyrphus vittiger, Parethelcus pollinarius, Parhelophilus versicolor, Parisotoma notabilis, Parornix alpicola, Parornix anglicella, Parornix betulae, Parornix devoniella, Parornix scoticella, Parornix torquillella, Parydra aquila, Parydra fossarum, Parydra littoralis, Pasiphila rectangulata, Passaloecus monilicornis, Patrobus assimilis, Patrobus atrorufus, Patrobus septentrionis, Paykullia maculata, Pedicia claripennis, Pedicia immaculata, Pedicia littoralis, Pedicia rivosa, Pedicia schummeli, Pedicia straminea, Pedicia unicolor, Pegomya, Pegomya betae, Pegomya fulgens, Pegomya geniculata, Pegomya notabilis, Pegomya steini, Pegomya vittigera, Pegomya zonata, Pegoplata aestiva, Pegoplata infirma, Pegoplata patellans, Pelatachina tibialis, Pelenomus quadrituberculatus, Pelidnoptera fuscipennis, Pelidnoptera nigripennis, Pelina nitens, Pella humeralis, Pelurga comitata, Pemphredon, Pemphredon (Cemonus) inornata, Pemphredon (Cemonus) lethifera, Pemphredon (Cemonus) rugifera, Pemphredon (Pemphredon) lugubris, Pennithera firmata, Pentatoma rufipes, Perapion (Perapion) curtirostre, Perapion (Perapion) hydrolapathi, Perapion (Perapion) marchicum, Perapion (Perapion) violaceum, Perconia strigillaria, Peribatodes rhomboidaria, Pericoma fuliginosa, Pericoma mutua, Pericoma nubila, Peridroma saucia, Perineura rubi, Periplaneta australasiae, Perittia obscurepunctella, Perizoma affinitata, Perizoma albulata, Perizoma albulata subsp. albulata, Perizoma alchemillata, Perizoma blandiata, Perizoma blandiata subsp. blandiata, Perizoma didymata, Perizoma didymata subsp. didymata, Perizoma flavofasciata, Perizoma minorata subsp. ericetata, Perla bipunctata, Perlodes microcephalus, Petrobius brevistylis, Petrobius maritimus, Petrophora chlorosata, Phaedon armoraciae, Phaenoglyphis villosa, Phaenopria cameroni, Phaenoserphus dubiosus, Phaenoserphus fuscipes, Phaenoserphus viator, Phalacrocera replicata, Phalacrus substriatus, Phalera bucephala, Phaonia angelicae, Phaonia consobrina, Phaonia errans, Phaonia erronea, Phaonia falleni, Phaonia incana, Phaonia meigeni, Phaonia pallida, Phaonia palpata, Phaonia rufipalpis, Phaonia rufiventris, Phaonia serva, Phaonia subventa, Phaonia tuguriorum, Phaonia valida, Phasia hemiptera, Phaulernis fulviguttella, Phebellia glauca, Phengaris arion, Pheosia gnoma, Pheosia tremula, Pherbellia albocostata, Pherbellia cinerella, Pherbellia dubia, Pherbellia griseola, Pherbellia pallidiventris, Pherbellia schoenherri, Pherbellia ventralis, Pherbina coryleti, Phiaris metallicana, Phiaris micana, Phiaris obsoletana, Phiaris palustrana, Phiaris schulziana, Phigalia pilosaria, Philaenus spumarius, Philedone gerningana, Philedonides lunana, Philhygra elongatula, Philhygra melanocera, Philonicus albiceps, Philonthus carbonarius, Philonthus cognatus, Philonthus decorus, Philonthus intermedius, Philonthus laminatus, Philonthus longicornis, Philonthus marginatus, Philonthus rotundicollis, Philonthus sanguinolentus, Philonthus splendens, Philonthus tenuicornis, Philonthus varians, Philopedon plagiatum, Philopotamus montanus, Philorhizus melanocephalus, Philorhizus notatus, Philorinum sordidum, Philotarsus parviceps, Philotarsus picicornis sensu stricto, Philotelma defectum, Phloeocharis subtilissima, Phloeonomus pusillus, Phloeotribus rhododactylus, Phlogophora meticulosa, Phoenicocoris obscurellus, Phora atra, Phora praepandens, Phora stictica, Phora tincta, Phorbia sepia, Photedes minima, Phragmatobia fuliginosa, Phragmatobia fuliginosa subsp. borealis, Phratora vitellinae, Phratora vulgatissima, Phronia biarcuata, Phronia forcipata, Phronia humeralis, Phronia nitidiventris, Phronia signata, Phryganea grandis, Phryxe, Phryxe magnicornis, Phryxe nemea, Phycita roborella, Phylan gibbus, Phylidorea abdominalis, Phylidorea ferruginea, Phylidorea fulvonervosa, Phylidorea longicornis, Phylidorea squalens, Phyllaphis fagi, Phyllobius (Dieletus) argentatus, Phyllobius (Metaphyllobius) glaucus, Phyllobius (Metaphyllobius) pomaceus, Phyllobius (Nemoicus) oblongus, Phyllobius (Parnemoicus) roboretanus, Phyllobius (Phyllobius) pyri, Phyllobius (Pterygorrhynchus) maculicornis, Phyllobius (Subphyllobius) virideaeris, Phyllocolpa carinifrons, Phyllocolpa coriacea, Phyllocolpa leucapsis, Phyllocolpa leucosticta, Phyllodrepoidea crenata, Phyllodromia melanocephala, Phyllomyza beckeri, Phyllomyza securicornis, Phyllonorycter, Phyllonorycter coryli, Phyllonorycter corylifoliella, Phyllonorycter emberizaepenella, Phyllonorycter froelichiella, Phyllonorycter harrisella, Phyllonorycter heegeriella, Phyllonorycter hilarella, Phyllonorycter junoniella, Phyllonorycter klemannella, Phyllonorycter lautella, Phyllonorycter maestingella, Phyllonorycter messaniella, Phyllonorycter nicellii, Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae, Phyllonorycter quercifoliella, Phyllonorycter rajella, Phyllonorycter salicicolella, Phyllonorycter scopariella, Phyllonorycter sorbi, Phyllonorycter stettinensis, Phyllonorycter strigulatella, Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella, Phyllopertha horticola, Phylloporia bistrigella, Phyllotreta flexuosa, Phyllotreta undulata, Phylloxera sp., Phylus (Phylus) coryli, Phylus (Phylus) melanocephalus, Phymatocera aterrima, Phymatopus hecta, Physocephala nigra, Physocephala rufipes, Phytobia cambii, Phytocoris (Ktenocoris) ulmi, Phytocoris (Phytocoris) dimidiatus, Phytocoris (Phytocoris) longipennis, Phytocoris (Phytocoris) pini, Phytocoris (Phytocoris) populi, Phytocoris (Phytocoris) tiliae, Phytoliriomyza, Phytoliriomyza hilarella, Phytoliriomyza melampyga, Phytometra viridaria, Phytomyza, Phytomyza aconiti, Phytomyza angelicastri, Phytomyza aquilegiae, Phytomyza astrantiae, Phytomyza calthivora, Phytomyza calthophila, Phytomyza chaerophylli, Phytomyza crassiseta, Phytomyza cytisi, Phytomyza diversicornis, Phytomyza heracleana, Phytomyza ilicis, Phytomyza lappae, Phytomyza minuscula, Phytomyza obscurella, Phytomyza ranunculi, Phytomyza rufescens, Phytomyza soenderupi, Phytomyza solidaginis, Phytomyza sphondyliivora, Phytomyza spondylii, Phytomyza tussilaginis, Phytosciara flavipes, Picromerus bidens, Picrostigeus recticauda, Pieris, Pieris brassicae, Pieris napi, Pieris napi subsp. sabellicae, Pieris rapae, Piesma maculatum, Piezodorus lituratus, Piezura pardalina, Pilaria discicollis, Pilaria meridiana, Pimpla flavicoxis, Pimpla melanacrias, Pimpla sodalis, Pimpla spuria, Pimpla turionellae, Pinalitus cervinus, Pinalitus rubricatus, Piniphila bifasciana, Pipiza bimaculata, Pipiza luteitarsis, Pipiza noctiluca, Pipizella viduata, Pipunculus campestris, Pipunculus fonsecai, Pipunculus lenis, Pirapion immune, Pissodes pini, Pissodes validirostris, Pithanus maerkelii, Pityogenes bidentatus, Pityophagus ferrugineus, Pityophthorus pubescens, Plagiognathus (Plagiognathus) arbustorum, Plagiognathus (Plagiognathus) chrysanthemi, Plagodis dolabraria, Plagodis pulveraria, Planaphrodes bifasciata, Platambus maculatus, Plateumaris discolor, Plateumaris sericea, Platycampus luridiventris, Platycheirus albimanus, Platycheirus ambiguus, Platycheirus angustatus, Platycheirus clypeatus, Platycheirus clypeatus agg., Platycheirus europaeus, Platycheirus fulviventris, Platycheirus granditarsus, Platycheirus immarginatus, Platycheirus manicatus, Platycheirus melanopsis, Platycheirus nielseni, Platycheirus occultus, Platycheirus peltatus, Platycheirus peltatus agg., Platycheirus perpallidus, Platycheirus podagratus, Platycheirus ramsarensis, Platycheirus rosarum, Platycheirus scambus, Platycheirus scutatus, Platycheirus sticticus, Platycheirus tarsalis, Platydracus fulvipes, Platydracus latebricola, Platydracus stercorarius, Platylabus dolorosus, Platylabus intermedius, Platylabus rufus, Platynus assimilis, Platypalpus agilis, Platypalpus alter, Platypalpus calceatus, Platypalpus candicans, Platypalpus ciliaris, Platypalpus clarandus, Platypalpus cursitans, Platypalpus ecalceatus, Platypalpus exilis, Platypalpus interstinctus, Platypalpus kirtlingensis, Platypalpus laticinctus, Platypalpus longicornis, Platypalpus longiseta, Platypalpus luteus, Platypalpus macula, Platypalpus minutus, Platypalpus nigritarsis, Platypalpus notatus, Platypalpus pallidiventris, Platypalpus strigifrons, Platypalpus tuomikoskii, Platypalpus verralli, Platyptilia gonodactyla, Platyptilia isodactylus, Platystethus (Platystethus) arenarius, Plebejus argus, Plectrocnemia conspersa, Plectrocnemia geniculata, Plemeliella betulicola, Plemyria rubiginata, Plemyria rubiginata subsp. plumbata, Plesiodema pinetella, Pleuroptya ruralis, Pleurota bicostella, Plusia festucae, Plusia putnami, Plusia putnami subsp. gracilis, Plusia putnami subsp. putnami, Plutella porrectella, Plutella xylostella, Podabrus alpinus, Poecilobothrus nobilitatus, Poecilocampa populi, Poecilus versicolor, Pogonocherus fasciculatus, Pogonocherus hispidulus, Pogonognathellus flavescens, Pogonognathellus longicornis, Pogonota barbata, Polia bombycina, Polia hepatica, Polia nebulosa, Polietes domitor, Polietes hirticrus, Polietes lardarius, Pollenia amentaria, Pollenia angustigena, Pollenia griseotomentosa, Pollenia labialis, Pollenia pediculata, Pollenia rudis, Pollenia vagabunda, Polyblastus (Polyblastus) varitarsus, Polycentropus flavomaculatus, Polydrusus (Eustolus) pterygomalis, Polydrusus (Neoeustolus) cervinus, Polydrusus (Neoeustolus) pilosus, Polydrusus (Polydrusus) tereticollis, Polygonia c-album, Polylepta guttiventris, Polymerus (Poeciloscytus) unifasciatus, Polymerus (Poeciloscytus) unifasciatus var. lateralis (unavailable name), Polymerus (Polymerus) nigrita, Polyommatus icarus, Polyommatus icarus subsp. icarus, Polypedilum pedestre, Polystepha malpighii, Pompilus cinereus, Pontania (Eupontania) collactanea, Pontania (Eupontania) herbaceae, Pontania (Eupontania) myrsiniticola, Pontania (Eupontania) pedunculi, Pontania (Eupontania) vesicator, Pontania (Eupontania) viminalis, Pontania (Pontania) bridgmanii, Pontania (Pontania) proxima, Pontania (Pontania) tuberculata, Poophagus sisymbrii, Populicerus confusus, Populicerus laminatus, Populicerus populi, Potamophylax cingulatus, Potamophylax latipennis, Povolnya leucapennella, Prasocuris junci, Prasocuris phellandrii, Prays fraxinella, Priocnemis (Priocnemis) fennica, Priocnemis (Priocnemis) parvula, Priocnemis (Priocnemis) schioedtei, Priocnemis (Umbripennis) perturbator, Prionocera pubescens, Prionocera turcica, Pristiphora (Lygaeotus) carinata, Pristiphora (Pristiphora) aphantoneura, Pristiphora (Pristiphora) geniculata, Pristiphora (Pristiphora) rufipes, Pristiphora (Sharliphora) nigella, Pristiphora pallipes, Probolus culpatorius, Prochoreutis sehestediana, Prochyliza nigricornis, Procladius choreus, Procladius crassinervis, Procloeon bifidum, Proctotrupes gravidator, Prodiamesa olivacea, Profenusa pygmaea, Prolita sexpunctella, Prolita solutella, Promethes bridgmani, Promethes sulcator, Propylea quattuordecimpunctata, Prosimulium hirtipes, Prosternon tessellatum, Protaetia (Potosia) metallica, Protanypus morio, Protaphorura armata, Protapion assimile, Protapion difforme, Protapion fulvipes, Protapion varipes, Protarchanara brevilinea, Proteinus brachypterus, Proteinus crenulatus, Proteinus macropterus, Proteinus ovalis, Protocalliphora azurea, Protolampra sobrina, Protonemura meyeri, Protophormia terraenovae, Protopirapion atratulum, Psallus (Apocremnus) betuleti, Psallus (Hylopsallus), Psallus (Hylopsallus) perrisi, Psallus (Hylopsallus) variabilis, Psallus (Mesopsallus) ambiguus, Psallus (Pityopsallus) luridus, Psallus (Psallus) confusus, Psallus (Psallus) falleni, Psallus (Psallus) flavellus, Psallus (Psallus) haematodes, Psallus (Psallus) lepidus, Psallus (Psallus) mollis, Psallus (Psallus) salicis, Psallus (Psallus) varians, Psallus luridus, Psammotettix cephalotes, Psammotettix confinis, Psammotettix frigidus, Psammotettix nodosus, Psammotettix putoni sensu lato, Psammotettix sabulicola, Psectrocladius platypus, Pselaphus heisei, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, Pseudatemelia josephinae, Pseudisotoma sensibilis, Pseudobrachypeza helvetica, Pseudocoenosia abnormis, Pseudocoenosia solitaria, Pseudocollinella humida, Pseudoips prasinana, Pseudoips prasinana subsp. britannica, Pseudoips prasinana subsp. prasinana, Pseudolyciella pallidiventris, Pseudomalus auratus, Pseudopanthera macularia, Pseudotelphusa paripunctella, Pseudoterpna pruinata subsp. atropunctaria, Psila fimetaria, Psila merdaria, Psilosoma lefebvrei, Psococerastis gibbosa, Psyche casta, Psychoda cinerea, Psychoda phalaenoides, Psychomyia pusilla, Psylla alni sensu lato, Psylla alni sensu stricto, Psylla hartigi, Psylla melanoneura, Psylla pulchra, Psylla sorbi, Psylliodes chrysocephala, Psylliodes napi, Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata, Psyllopsis fraxini, Psyllopsis fraxinicola, Ptenidium (Ptenidium) formicetorum, Ptenidium (Ptenidium) pusillum, Pterapherapteryx sexalata, Pteromicra angustipennis, Pterophorus pentadactyla, Pterostichus, Pterostichus (Argutor) diligens, Pterostichus (Argutor) strenuus, Pterostichus (Bothriopterus) adstrictus, Pterostichus (Bothriopterus) oblongopunctatus, Pterostichus (Omaseus) melanarius, Pterostichus (Platysma) niger, Pterostichus (Pseudomaseus) nigrita, Pterostichus (Pseudomaseus) rhaeticus, Pterostichus (Pterostichus) cristatus, Pterostichus (Steropus) madidus, Pterostichus nigrita agg., Pterostoma palpina, Pteroxanium kelloggi, Ptiliola kunzei, Ptiliolum (Euptilium) schwarzi, Ptiliolum (Ptiliolum) spencei, Ptilium myrmecophilum, Ptilodon capucina, Ptinella cavelli, Ptinus subpilosus, Ptinus tectus, Ptomaphagus subvillosus, Ptychoptera albimana, Ptychoptera lacustris, Ptychoptera minuta, Ptychoptera scutellaris, Pulex (Pulex) irritans, Pyratula zonata, Pyrausta, Pyrausta despicata, Pyrausta ostrinalis, Pyrausta purpuralis, Pyrgus malvae, Pyronia tithonus, Pyropteron muscaeformis, Pyropterus nigroruber, Pyrrhosoma nymphula, Pytho depressus, Quadraceps obliquus, Quedius (Distichalius) cinctus, Quedius (Microsaurus) brevis, Quedius (Microsaurus) invreae, Quedius (Microsaurus) lateralis, Quedius (Microsaurus) maurus, Quedius (Microsaurus) xanthopus, Quedius (Quedionuchus) plagiatus, Quedius (Quedius) curtipennis, Quedius (Quedius) fuliginosus, Quedius (Quedius) levicollis, Quedius (Quedius) molochinus, Quedius (Raphirus) boopoides, Quedius (Raphirus) boops, Quedius (Raphirus) fulvicollis, Quedius (Raphirus) maurorufus, Quedius (Raphirus) nitipennis, Quedius (Raphirus) persimilis, Quedius (Raphirus) picipes, Quedius (Raphirus) schatzmayri, Quedius (Raphirus) umbrinus, Rabdophaga cinerearum, Rabdophaga dubiosa, Rabdophaga heterobia, Rabdophaga nervorum, Rabdophaga salicis, Rabdophaga strobilina, Rabocerus gabrieli, Rachispoda breviceps s. lat., pre 1991, Rachispoda fuscipennis, Rachispoda lutosa, Ragas unica, Ramonda spathulata, Raphidia, Renocera pallida, Renocera striata, Renocera stroblii, Retinia resinella, Rhabdomastix inclinata, Rhabdomastix laeta, Rhabdomiris striatellus, Rhacognathus punctatus, Rhadiurgus variabilis, Rhagio lineola, Rhagio notatus, Rhagio scolopaceus, Rhagio tringarius, Rhagium (Hagrium) bifasciatum, Rhagium (Megarhagium) mordax, Rhagium (Rhagium) inquisitor, Rhagoletis alternata, Rhagonycha elongata, Rhagonycha fulva, Rhagonycha lignosa, Rhagonycha limbata, Rhagonycha testacea, Rhamphomyia aethiops, Rhamphomyia albohirta, Rhamphomyia albosegmentata, Rhamphomyia anomalipennis, Rhamphomyia crassirostris, Rhamphomyia culicina, Rhamphomyia erythrophthalma, Rhamphomyia flava, Rhamphomyia geniculata, Rhamphomyia hybotina, Rhamphomyia longipes, Rhamphomyia maculipennis, Rhamphomyia morio, Rhamphomyia nigripennis, Rhamphomyia nitidula, Rhamphomyia obscura, Rhamphomyia pilifer, Rhamphomyia spinipes, Rhamphomyia stigmosa, Rhamphomyia subcinerascens, Rhamphomyia sulcata, Rhamphomyia tarsata, Rhamphomyia tibialis, Rhamphomyia tibiella, Rhamphomyia umbripennis, Rhamphomyia variabilis, Rhamphus, Rhamphus oxyacanthae, Rhamphus pulicarius, Rhantus (Rhantus) bistriatus, Rhantus (Rhantus) exsoletus, Rhantus (Rhantus) suturellus, Rhaphium albomaculatum, Rhaphium appendiculatum, Rhaphium brevicorne nomen nudum, Rhaphium consobrinum, Rhaphium crassipes, Rhaphium fasciatum, Rhaphium lanceolatum, Rhaphium longicorne, Rhaphium micans, Rhaphium monotrichum, Rheumaptera hastata, Rheumaptera hastata subsp. hastata, Rheumaptera hastata subsp. nigrescens, Rhigognostis annulatella, Rhigognostis incarnatella, Rhigognostis senilella, Rhingia campestris, Rhinoncus pericarpius, Rhipidia maculata, Rhithrogena semicolorata, Rhizedra lutosa, Rhizophagus (Eurhizophagus) depressus, Rhizophagus (Rhizophagus) bipustulatus, Rhizophagus (Rhizophagus) dispar, Rhizophagus (Rhizophagus) ferrugineus, Rhodometra sacraria, Rhogogaster punctulata, Rhogogaster viridis, Rhopalodontus perforatus, Rhopalomyia millefolii, Rhopalomyia ptarmicae, Rhopalum (Rhopalum) clavipes, Rhopobota naevana, Rhopobota stagnana, Rhopobota ustomaculana, Rhyacia simulans, Rhyacionia logaea, Rhyacionia pinivorana, Rhyacophila dorsalis, Rhyncolus ater, Rhyssa persuasoria, Rhyzobius litura, Ribautiana scalaris, Ribautiana ulmi, Riponnensia splendens, Rivellia syngenesiae, Rivula sericealis, Rugilus rufipes, Rusina ferruginea, Saigusaia flaviventris, Salda, Salda littoralis, Salda morio, Salda muelleri, Saldula c-album, Saldula opacula, Saldula orthochila, Saldula palustris, Saldula saltatoria, Salpingus planirostris, Salpingus ruficollis, Saperda carcharias, Saperda scalaris, Saphonecrus connatus, Saprinus semistriatus, Sapromyza albiceps, Sapromyza halidayi, Sapromyza hyalinata, Sapromyza opaca, Sapromyza zetterstedti, Sarcophaga crassimargo, Sarcophaga haemorrhoa, Sarcophaga subvicina, Sarcophaga vagans, Sarcophaga variegata, Sargus bipunctatus, Sargus flavipes, Sargus iridatus, Saturnia pavonia, Scaeva pyrastri, Scaeva selenitica, Scambus brevicornis, Scambus nigricans, Scambus vesicarius, Scaphisoma agaricinum, Scaptomyza flava, Scaptomyza graminum, Scaptomyza pallida, Scatella paludum, Scatella stagnalis, Scatella subguttata, Scatella tenuicosta, Scathophaga calida, Scathophaga furcata, Scathophaga inquinata, Scathophaga litorea, Scathophaga lutaria, Scathophaga scybalaria, Scathophaga stercoraria, Scathophaga suilla, Scatopse notata, Schizopyga podagrica, Schizotus pectinicornis, Schmidtiella gemmarum, Schoenomyza litorella, Schrankia costaestrigalis, Schrekensteinia festaliella, Sciapus platypterus, Sciara hemerobioides, Sciodrepoides watsoni, Sciomyza simplex, Scleroprocta sororcula, Scoliocentra amplicornis, Scoliocentra confusa, Scoliocentra dupliciseta, Scolioneura betuleti, Scoliopteryx libatrix, Scolopostethus affinis, Scolopostethus decoratus, Scolopostethus thomsoni, Scolytus ratzeburgi, Scoparia ambigualis, Scoparia ancipitella, Scoparia pyralella, Scoparia subfusca, Scopula floslactata, Scopula floslactata form scotica, Scopula immutata, Scopula ternata, Scotopteryx chenopodiata, Scotopteryx luridata, Scotopteryx luridata subsp. plumbaria, Scotopteryx mucronata, Scotopteryx mucronata subsp. scotica, Scrobipalpa acuminatella, Scrobipalpa artemisiella, Scrobipalpa costella, Scrobipalpa murinella, Scrobipalpa nitentella, Scrobipalpa samadensis subsp. plantaginella, Scydmaenus (Scydmaenus) tarsatus, Scymnus (Pullus) suturalis, Scythris picaepennis, Selatosomus aeneus, Selenia dentaria, Selenia lunularia, Selenia tetralunaria, Selidosema brunnearia, Semioscopis avellanella, Semudobia tarda, Sepedon sphegea, Sepedophilus littoreus, Sepedophilus nigripennis, Sepsis cynipsea, Sepsis flavimana, Sepsis fulgens, Sepsis neocynipsea, Sepsis orthocnemis, Sepsis punctum, Sepsis violacea, Serica brunnea, Sericomyia lappona, Sericomyia silentis, Sericostoma personatum, Sericus brunneus, Serratella ignita, Serromyia femorata, Serromyia morio, Sesia bembeciformis, Setina irrorella, Sialis fuliginosa, Sialis lutaria, Sicus ferrugineus, Sideridis rivularis, Sigara (Pseudovermicorixa) nigrolineata, Sigara (Retrocorixa) limitata, Sigara (Retrocorixa) venusta, Sigara (Sigara) dorsalis, Sigara (Subsigara) distincta, Sigara (Subsigara) scotti, Silo pallipes, Silpha atrata, Silpha tyrolensis, Simplocaria semistriata, Simulium argyreatum, Simulium aureum, Simulium brevicaule, Simulium noelleri, Simulium ornatum complex, Simulium reptans, Simulium tuberosum complex, Simulium vernum complex, Simyra albovenosa, Sinodendron cylindricum, Siphlonurus lacustris, Siphona, Siphona geniculata, Siphonoperla torrentium, Sisyra nigra, Sitona ambiguus, Sitona hispidulus, Sitona lepidus, Sitona striatellus, Sitophilus oryzae, Smidtia conspersa, Sminthurides malmgreni, Sminthurides schoetti, Sminthurinus aureus, Sminthurinus elegans, Sminthurinus niger, Smittia pratorum, Somatochlora arctica, Somatochlora metallica, Sorhoanus xanthoneurus, Soronia punctatissima, Spaelotis ravida, Spanochaeta dorsalis, Spaziphora hydromyzina, Spelobia clunipes, Spelobia nana, Spelobia palmata, Spelobia talparum, Speudotettix subfusculus, Sphaeridium bipustulatum, Sphaeridium lunatum, Sphaeridium scarabaeoides, Sphaeriestes castaneus, Sphaeriestes reyi, Sphaerites glabratus, Sphaerocera monilis, Sphaerophoria, Sphaerophoria fatarum, Sphaerophoria interrupta, Sphaerophoria loewi, Sphaerophoria philanthus, Sphaerophoria scripta, Sphaerophoria virgata, Sphecodes ephippius, Sphecodes geoffrellus, Sphecodes gibbus, Sphecodes hyalinatus, Sphecodes monilicornis, Sphecodes pellucidus, Sphegina clunipes, Sphegina elegans, Sphegina verecunda, Spilogona aerea, Spilogona brunneisquama, Spilogona contractifrons, Spilogona denigrata, Spilogona litorea, Spilogona meadei, Spilogona pacifica, Spilogona solitariana, Spilogona surda, Spilogona triangulifera, Spilogona trianguligera, Spilomicrus annulicornis, Spilomicrus integer, Spilonota, Spilosoma lubricipeda, Spilosoma lutea, Spiriverpa lunulata, Standfussiana lucernea, Staphylinus dimidiaticornis, Staphylinus erythropterus, Stegana (Stegana) furta, Stenichneumon militarius, Stenichnus bicolor, Stenichnus collaris, Stenocarus ruficornis, Stenodema (Brachystira) calcarata, Stenodema (Stenodema) holsata, Stenodema (Stenodema) laevigata, Stenolechia gemmella, Stenophylax permistus, Stenopsocus immaculatus sensu lato, Stenopsocus immaculatus sensu stricto, Stenoptilia bipunctidactyla, Stenoptilia pterodactyla, Stenotus binotatus, Stenus, Stenus (Hemistenus) impressus, Stenus (Hemistenus) pallipes, Stenus (Hypostenus) cicindeloides, Stenus (Hypostenus) fulvicornis, Stenus (Hypostenus) similis, Stenus (Hypostenus) tarsalis, Stenus (Metatesnus) bifoveolatus, Stenus (Metatesnus) brevipennis, Stenus (Metatesnus) nitidiusculus, Stenus (Metatesnus) niveus, Stenus (Metatesnus) pallitarsis, Stenus (Metatesnus) picipennis, Stenus (Metatesnus) picipes, Stenus (Metatesnus) pubescens, Stenus (Metatesnus) umbratilis, Stenus (Stenus) bimaculatus, Stenus (Stenus) boops, Stenus (Stenus) canaliculatus, Stenus (Stenus) carbonarius, Stenus (Stenus) clavicornis, Stenus (Stenus) guttula, Stenus (Stenus) juno, Stenus (Stenus) melanarius, Stenus (Stenus) providus, Stenus (Tesnus) brunnipes, Stephostethus lardarius, Sterictiphora geminata, Stictea mygindiana, Stictochironomus pictulus, Stictochironomus sticticus, Stictotarsus duodecimpustulatus, Stigmatomeria crassicornis, Stigmella, Stigmella aeneofasciella, Stigmella alnetella, Stigmella anomalella, Stigmella assimilella, Stigmella atricapitella, Stigmella aurella, Stigmella betulicola, Stigmella confusella, Stigmella crataegella, Stigmella dryadella, Stigmella floslactella, Stigmella glutinosae, Stigmella hemargyrella, Stigmella hybnerella, Stigmella lapponica, Stigmella luteella, Stigmella microtheriella, Stigmella myrtillella, Stigmella nylandriella, Stigmella oxyacanthella, Stigmella plagicolella, Stigmella poterii, Stigmella poterii form tengstroemi, Stigmella roborella, Stigmella ruficapitella, Stigmella salicis, Stigmella sorbi, Stigmella spinosissimae, Stigmella svenssoni, Stigmella tityrella, Stigmella trimaculella, Stilbia anomala, Stilpnus (Polyrhembia) tenebricosus, Stiphrosoma sabulosum, Streptanus aemulans, Streptanus marginatus, Streptanus sordidus, Stromboceros delicatulus, Strongylocoris leucocephalus, Strongylogaster multifasciata, Strophingia ericae, Strophosoma melanogrammum, Stygnocoris fuligineus, Stygnocoris rusticus, Stygnocoris sabulosus, Stylops spreta, Subacronicta megacephala, Suillia atricornis, Suillia bicolor, Suillia dawnae, Suillia dumicola, Suillia flavifrons, Suillia fuscicornis, Suillia humilis, Suillia imberbis, Suillia laevifrons, Suillia notata, Suillia pallida, Suillia parva, Suillia variegata, Sussaba cognata, Sussaba dorsalis, Sussaba flavipes, Sussaba pulchella, Swammerdamella brevicornis, Swammerdamia caesiella, Sybistroma obscurellum, Sycaonia foersteri, Sylvicola cinctus, Sylvicola fenestralis, Sylvicola punctatus, Sylvicola zetterstedti, Symballophthalmus fuscitarsis, Symmorphus bifasciatus, Sympetrum danae, Sympetrum nigrescens, Sympetrum striolatum, Sympherobius (Niremberge) fuscescens, Symphoromyia crassicornis, Symplecta hybrida, Symplecta stictica, Sympycnus aeneicoxa, Sympycnus cirripes, Sympycnus desoutteri, Synanthedon culiciformis, Synanthedon scoliaeformis, Synapha fasciata, Synapha vitripennis, Syndemis musculana, Synendotendipes dispar, Synergus albipes, Synergus apicalis, Synergus clandestinus, Synergus gallaepomiformis, Synergus nervosus, Synergus umbraculus, Syngrapha interrogationis, Synplasta, Syntormon denticulatum, Syntormon monile, Syntormon pallipes, Syntormon pumilum, Syntormon sulcipes, Syntormon tarsatum, Syntormon zelleri, Synuchus vivalis, Syritta pipiens, Syrphoctonus crassicornis, Syrphoctonus fissorius, Syrphoctonus nigritarsus, Syrphoctonus signatus, Syrphoctonus tarsatorius, Syrphus, Syrphus ribesii, Syrphus torvus, Syrphus vitripennis, Tabanus cordiger, Tabanus sudeticus, Tachina fera, Tachina grossa, Tachina ursina, Tachinus elongatus, Tachinus humeralis, Tachinus laticollis, Tachinus marginellus, Tachinus pallipes, Tachinus proximus, Tachinus rufipes, Tachinus subterraneus, Tachycixius pilosus, Tachydromia aemula, Tachydromia arrogans, Tachydromia morio, Tachydromia umbrarum, Tachyerges salicis, Tachyerges stigma, Tachypeza fuscipennis, Tachypeza nubila, Tachyporus chrysomelinus, Tachyporus chrysomelinus agg., Tachyporus dispar, Tachyporus hypnorum, Tachyporus nitidulus, Tachyporus obtusus, Tachyporus pallidus, Tachyporus pusillus, Tachyporus solutus, Tachyporus tersus, Tachysphex pompiliformis, Tachytrechus notatus, Tarnania fenestralis, Tasgius (Rayacheila) melanarius, Tasiocera murina, Taxomyia taxi, Technomyrmex albipes, Teleiopsis diffinis, Telmatogeton japonicus, Teloleuca pellucens, Temnostethus (Montandoniella) gracilis, Temnostethus (Montandoniella) pusillus, Tenthredo (Eurogaster) mesomela, Tenthredo (Maculedo) maculata, Tenthredo (Olivacedo) olivacea, Tenthredo (Tenthredella) atra, Tenthredo (Tenthredella) ferruginea, Tenthredo (Tenthredella) livida, Tenthredo (Tenthredella) velox, Tenthredo (Tenthredo) arcuata, Tenthredo (Tenthredo) brevicornis, Tenthredo (Tenthredo) notha, Tenthredopsis coquebertii, Tenthredopsis excisa, Tenthredopsis nassata, Tephritis bardanae, Tephritis conura, Tephritis formosa, Tephritis leontodontis, Tephritis neesii, Tephritis vespertina, Tephrochlaena halterata, Tephrochlamys flavipes, Teratocoris caricis, Teratocoris saundersi, Teratocoris viridis, Terellia, Tetanocera arrogans, Tetanocera elata, Tetanocera ferruginea, Tetanocera fuscinervis, Tetanocera hyalipennis, Tetanocera phyllophora, Tetanocera robusta, Tetanocera silvatica, Tetanops myopinus, Tethea or, Tethea or subsp. scotica, Tetheella fluctuosa, Tetracanthella brachyura, Tetracanthella strenzkei, Tetracanthella wahlgreni, Tetramesa hyalipennis, Tetramorium bicarinatum, Tetramorium caespitum, Tetraneura (Tetraneura) ulmi, Tetraphleps bicuspis, Tetrix undulata, Teuchophorus spinigerellus, Thalassomya frauenfeldi, Thalpophila matura, Thamnotettix confinis, Thamnotettix dilutior, Thanasimus femoralis, Thanasimus formicarius, Thanatophilus rugosus, Thanatophilus sinuatus, Thaumalea verralli, Thaumatomyia glabra, Thaumatomyia hallandica, Thaumatomyia notata, Thaumatomyia trifasciata, Thelaira nigripes, Themira annulipes, Themira germanica, Themira gracilis, Themira leachi, Themira lucida, Themira minor, Themira pusilla, Themira putris, Themira superba, Thera britannica, Thera cognata, Thera juniperata, Thera juniperata subsp. scotica, Thera obeliscata, Thereva handlirschi, Thereva inornata, Thereva nobilitata, Thes bergrothi, Thiasophila angulata, Thienemannimyia lentiginosa, Thinonoma atra, Tholera cespitis, Tholera decimalis, Thoracochaeta zosterae, Thricops albibasalis, Thricops cunctans, Thricops diaphanus, Thricops innocuus, Thricops longipes, Thricops nigrifrons, Thricops nigritellus, Thricops rostratus, Thricops semicinereus, Thripomorpha paludicola, Thripomorpha verralli, Thrips juniperinus, Thrypticus divisus, Thyatira batis, Thymalus limbatus, Thymelicus sylvestris, Tiliacea citrago, Tinea pallescentella, Tinea pellionella, Tinea semifulvella, Tineola bisselliella, Tingis (Tingis) cardui, Tinodes maclachlani, Tinodes waeneri, Tinotus morion, Tiphia minuta, Tipula alpina, Tipula alpium, Tipula confusa, Tipula fascipennis, Tipula fulvipennis, Tipula gimmerthali, Tipula grisescens, Tipula lateralis, Tipula limbata, Tipula luna, Tipula lunata, Tipula luteipennis, Tipula maxima, Tipula melanoceros, Tipula montana, Tipula montium, Tipula nodicornis, Tipula nubeculosa, Tipula oleracea, Tipula pagana, Tipula paludosa, Tipula pruinosa, Tipula rufina, Tipula scripta, Tipula signata, Tipula staegeri, Tipula subcunctans, Tipula submarmorata, Tipula subnodicornis, Tipula unca, Tipula variicornis, Tipula varipennis, Tipula vernalis, Tischeria ekebladella, Tomicus piniperda, Tomocerina minuta, Tomocerus minor, Tomosvaryella sylvatica, Tortricodes alternella, Tortrix viridana, Torymus bedeguaris, Tranosema carbonellum, Trapezonotus (Trapezonotus) desertus, Trechus (Trechus) obtusus, Trechus (Trechus) quadristriatus, Trechus (Trechus) rubens, Triarthria setipennis, Triarthron maerkelii, Triaxomera fulvimitrella, Trichadenotecnum sexpunctatum, Trichina clavipes, Trichina elongata, Trichinomyia flavipes, Trichiosoma, Trichiosoma lucorum, Trichiosoma sorbi, Trichiosoma vitellina, Trichiura crataegi, Trichius fasciatus, Trichocellus cognatus, Trichocellus placidus, Trichocera hiemalis, Trichocera major, Trichocera regelationis, Trichocera saltator, Tricholauxania praeusta, Trichopeza longicornis, Trichophaga tapetzella, Trichopria aequata, Trichopria basalis, Trichopria ciliaris, Trichopsomyia flavitarsis, Trichopteryx carpinata, Trichosia morio, Trichosia splendens, Trichosirocalus troglodytes, Tricyphona immaculata, Tricyphona schummeli, Tricyphona unicolor, Trifurcula immundella, Trigonaspis megaptera, Trigonaspis megaptera f. agamic, Trigonaspis megaptera f. sexual, Trigonotylus psammaecolor, Trigonotylus ruficornis, Triodia sylvina, Trioza galii, Trioza remota, Trioza urticae, Triplax russica, Trixa conspersa, Trixagus carinifrons, Troilus luridus, Tromatobia lineatoria, Tropidia scita, Tropiphorus terricola, Trybliographa scutellaris, Trypeta immaculata, Trypeta zoe, Trypetoptera punctulata, Tryphon (Symboethus) bidentatus, Tryphon (Symboethus) duplicatus, Tryphon (Tryphon) signator, Tryphon (Tryphon) trochanteratus, Trypocopris vernalis, Trypodendron domesticum, Trypodendron lineatum, Trypoxylon attenuatum, Tuberolachnus (Tuberolachnus) salignus, Tycherus suspicax, Tychius parallelus, Tymmophorus, Tymmophorus obscuripes, Typhaea stercorea, Typhlocyba quercus, Tyria jacobaeae, Tytthus pygmaeus, Udea decrepitalis, Udea ferrugalis, Udea lutealis, Udea olivalis, Udea prunalis, Udea uliginosalis, Ula mollissima, Ula sylvatica, Ulopa reticulata, Urocerus gigas, Urophora jaceana, Urophora stylata, Valenzuela burmeisteri, Valenzuela flavidus, Vanessa atalanta, Vanessa cardui, Velia (Plesiovelia) caprai, Velia (Plesiovelia) saulii, Venusia cambrica, Verdanus abdominalis, Verdanus bensoni, Vespa crabro, Vespula (Paravespula) germanica, Vespula (Paravespula) vulgaris, Vespula (Vespula) austriaca, Vespula (Vespula) rufa, Villa modesta, Volucella bombylans, Volucella pellucens, Voria ruralis, Vulgichneumon suavis, Wachtliella persicariae, Wagneripteryx germari, Wesmaelius (Kimminsia) malladai, Wesmaelius (Kimminsia) nervosus, Wesmaelius (Kimminsia) subnebulosus, Wesmaelius (Wesmaelius) quadrifasciatus, Wiedemannia bistigma nomen nudum, Wiedemannia phantasma, Wiedemannia rhynchops, Wormaldia occipitalis, Xanthia togata, Xanthochlorus ornatus, Xanthodelphax flaveola, Xanthodelphax straminea, Xantholinus (Acanthophallus) laevigatus, Xantholinus (Purrolinus) tricolor, Xantholinus (Xantholinus) linearis, Xanthorhoe decoloraria, Xanthorhoe decoloraria subsp. decoloraria, Xanthorhoe designata, Xanthorhoe ferrugata, Xanthorhoe fluctuata, Xanthorhoe fluctuata subsp. thules, Xanthorhoe montanata, Xanthorhoe montanata subsp. montanata, Xanthorhoe spadicearia, Xenolechia aethiops, Xestia agathina, Xestia agathina subsp. agathina, Xestia agathina subsp. hebridicola, Xestia alpicola subsp. alpina, Xestia baja, Xestia c-nigrum, Xestia castanea, Xestia ditrapezium, Xestia sexstrigata, Xestia stigmatica, Xestia triangulum, Xestia xanthographa, Xestophanes brevitarsis, Xyela julii, Xyela longula, Xylena exsoleta, Xylena solidaginis, Xylena vetusta, Xylita laevigata, Xylocampa areola, Xylophagus ater, Xylophagus cinctus, Xylota jakutorum, Xylota segnis, Xylota sylvarum, Xylota tarda, Xyphosia miliaria, Ylodes reuteri, Yponomeuta evonymella, Ypsolopha alpella, Ypsolopha dentella, Ypsolopha nemorella, Ypsolopha parenthesella, Ypsolopha ustella, Ypsolopha vittella, Zaphne ambigua, Zaphne caudata, Zaphne inuncta, Zaraea fasciata, Zatypota percontatoria, Zeiraphera griseana, Zeiraphera isertana, Zeiraphera ratzeburgiana, Zele albiditarsus, Zeugophora turneri, Zicrona caerulea, Zonocyba bifasciata, Zorochros minimus, Zygaena, Zygaena filipendulae, Zygaena filipendulae subsp. stephensi, Zygaena lonicerae, Zygaena loti subsp. scotica, Zygaena purpuralis, Zygaena purpuralis subsp. caledonensis, Zygimus nigriceps, Zygina flammigera, Zyginidia scutellaris, Zygomyia humeralis, Zygota dentatipes, Zygota excisipes, Zygota macroneura


Quality control

Records are only included if considered accurate. Errors that come to light are dealt with immediately in the local database and on the Gateway at the first opportunity. Data do not have comprehensive geographic or taxonomic coverage. They have not been reassessed in light of recent taxonomic splits or aggregations, and should be checked against original sources if there is doubt. The Record cleaner was not used. Ear Moth records should be regarded as A. oculea aggregate.

Method Steps

  1. Field observation.