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HBRG Insects Dataset


ll records of insects (strictly Hexapoda, including Entognatha) available to HBRG at August 2015, including all those previously held on the database at IMAG. Assembly and mobilisation of this dataset has been funded by grants from Scottish Natural Heritage since 2004, and by members of the Highland Biodiversity Partnership from 2011.


Casual recording, but HBRG interests have included targeted recording of some species.

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Date range: Jan 1, 1800 - Feb 25, 2017

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Highland Biological Recording Group Peddieston Cottage, Cromarty IV11 8XX Ross-shire United Kingdom
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Highland Biological Recording Group Peddieston Cottage, Cromarty IV11 8XX Ross-shire United Kingdom
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Murdo Macdonald (Taxon database manager)


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Highland Biological Recording Group

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May 22, 2017

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Sep 15, 2010

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National Biodiversity Network

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NBN Atlas


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Concentrated in Highland, but any records submitted from within UK are included. Coverage will reflect observer location and activity. The majority of reco… more


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NBN Atlas Broadway Business Centre, 32a Stoney Street, Lace Market NG1 1LL Nottingham Nottinghamshire United Kingdom


Quality control

Data do not have comprehensive geographic or taxonomic coverage. They may not have been reassessed in light of recent taxonomic splits or aggregations, and should be checked against original sources if there is doubt. Ear Moth records should be regarded as A. oculea aggregate. HBRG endeavours to achieve maximum accuracy in our data. Any errors of which we are aware are listed with corrections in the file www.hbrg.org.uk/Dataset/Errors_HBRG_NBN_Atlas_datasets.xlsx

Method Steps

  1. Field observation.