Russian Federation


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Culture Collection of Cryophilic Algae

NCSM Fishes Collection

Amphibian and Reptilian (KIEE-AR)

Herpetile collection, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

Beetles (LSM)

Collection Paleontology - GPIT

Instituto de Botánica Darwinion

Nematoda specimens

Caire-Chabrand Collection

Instituto de Ciencias Naturales

Soft Wheat French National Collection

Herbarium of the Department of Natural Forests (Forest Research Institute) - Lichens

Collection Tunicata SMF

Collection Cnidaria SMF

North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences Fishes Collection

Coprophag Coleoptera

Mammal specimen database of Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History

Colección Nacional de Herpetología - Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales 'Bernardino Rivadavia'

Zoological Museum Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam (NL) - Pisces_Types

UCM Mammals Collection

Bird Collection

Plant Specimens of Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Natural History

DSMZ Collection of Plant Viruses

Bird and Mammal specimens