Russian Federation


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848 occurrence datasets about Russian Federation

MVZ Herp Collection (Arctos)

TSB Lichen Herbarium

Ostracoda in sediment core PS51/154-11

Southern Ocean Ostracoda (except Halocypridina)

Herbarium (Åbo Akademi), Centre for Biodiversity, University of Turku (TURA)

Animal Sound Archive

Tartu University, palaeontology collections

Field Museum of Natural History (Zoology) Insect, Arachnid and Myriapod Collection

Bryophyta collection of the Botanical Museum of the University of Oulu

Distribution of benthic foraminifers (dead) in surface sediments (Table 5)

(Table A-2.1 to A-2.7) Abundance of macrobenthos in surface sediments in the Arctic Ocean

Harvard University Herbaria

National Butterfly Survey of Finland

RBGK Herbarium Specimens

Benthic foraminifera distribution of sediment core ASV11-987 (ASV987)

Zoological Museum Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam (NL) - Lepidoptera_Nymphalidae_Palearctic

Distribution of benthic foraminifers (living) in surface sediments (Table 4)

MfN - Fossil plants (Cenophytic)

Illinois Natural History Survey

Invertebrates (GBIF-SE:SMNH)

Distribution of palynomorphs in surface sediments of the Laptev Sea

Phanerogams herbarium specimens

CZE National PGR Inventory

Neptune Deep-Sea Microfossil Occurrence Database