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561 occurrence datasets about Poland

CBS fungi strains

Lichen herbarium, Oslo (O)

Arachnologie - SMNG

MfN - Fossil invertebrates III

IG TUT paleontology

Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid: MNCN_ICTIO


Paleontology specimens data

Fig. 7. Relative abundance of ostracod species in composite core JH05

Occurrence of mammalia relicts at site Nietoperzowa

Hymenoptera specimen database of Kyushu University

Tartu University, palaeontology collections

MVZ Mammal Collection (Arctos)

Occurrence of mammalia relicts at site Koziarna Cave

University of Vienna, Institute for Botany - Herbarium WU

Collection Crustacea - ZMB

Universidad de Málaga: MGC-Cormof

Collection Mammalia SMF

International Fossil Shell Museum (NL) - Mollusca Collection

Field Museum of Natural History (Botany) Bryophyte Collection

Biologiezentrum Linz

Collection Collembola - SMNG

Institut Botanic de Barcelona, BC-Histórico