Uses of GBIF in scientific research

Peer-reviewed research citing GBIF as a data source, with at least one author from Papua New Guinea.
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List of publications

  • Kolesik P, Butterill P (2014)

    New gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) from Papua New Guinea

    Austral Entomology Forthcoming.

    Two new species of gall midges that feed on trees in Papua New Guinea are described. The larvae of Schizomyia novoguineensis Kolesik sp. nov. transform the flowers of Macaranga aleuritoides (Euphorbiaceae) into spherical galls preventing sexual reproduction of the host tree. The larvae of Rhopalomyia psychotriae Kolesik sp. nov. induce pustulate leaf galls on Psychotria ramuensis (Rubiaceae). Descriptions of adults and immature stages, and DNA sequences of the cytochrome oxidase unit I mitochondrial gene segment, are given for each of the new species.

    Keywords: COI, barcoding, insect taxonomy, primary tropical forest, secondary tropical forest