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James Holborow

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Jerry Cooper

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New Zealand’s Participation in GBIF is supported by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). The national GBIF node is hosted by Landcare Research,  supported by in-kind contribution.

Vision and Mission 

Landcare Research's purpose is to drive innovation in New Zealand's management of terrestrial biodiversity and land resources in order to both protect and enhance the terrestrial environment and grow New Zealand's prosperity.

New Zealand Biodiversity Recording Network (NaturewatchNZ) aims to increase knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of New Zealand’s natural history; engage and assist New Zealanders in observing and recording biological information; develop and support online tools to assist individuals and groups to record; view, share and use biological information; collaborate with people and groups interested in bio-recording; and promote and provide secure, open, and ethical sources of biological information for the public.


New Zealand based GBIF data providers are hosted by Landcare Research and the New Zealand Biodiversity Recording Network (NaturewatchNZ).Terrestrial biodiversity collection and observation data are provided by Landcare Research for some Nationally Significant Collections and Databases. These include key national collections (dried and living) of plants, fungi and bacteria. NaturewatchNZ is a citizen science platform for capturing observations and images across all organism groups. The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research provide marine data through the South-West Pacific OBIS Node. Lastly a proportion of New Zealand bird observation data is mobilised through eBird.

New Zealand provides a continuously updated national species checklist mobilised through the New Zealand Organisms Register (NZOR) project, currently hosted by Landcare Research. NZOR data content is provided by multiple agencies.

National Funding 

The national GBIF node is supported by in-kind contribution.

The basic financial contribution to GBIF is made by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).


Mr. James Holborow
Terrestrial Ecosystems Manager
Department of Conservation - Te Papa AtawhaiPrivate Bag 4715 Christchurch 8140
New Zealand
Head of Delegation
Dr. Jerry Cooper
Principal Scientist, Informatics & Biosystematics
Landcare ResearchPO Box 69040 Lincoln 7640
New Zealand+64 3 321 9641
Additional Delegate
Dr. Mark Costello
University of AucklandInstitute of Marine Science Office G02 Commerce A building 114 P. Bag 92019 Auckland 1142
New Zealand+64 9 37 37 599 ext 87638
Additional Delegate
Dr. Alison Fordyce
Sector Manager, Environment and Society
Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentScience Skills and Innovation 15 Stout Street, PO Box 1473 Wellington 6140
New Zealand+64 (0)4 901 4177 Ext: 44177
Additional Delegate
Mr. Dennis Gordon
Principal Scientist, Aquatic Biodiversity & Biosecurity
National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research LtdPrivate Bag 14-901 Kilbirnie, Wellington
New Zealand+64 4 386 0388
Additional Delegate
Dr. Jerry Cooper
Principal Scientist, Informatics & Biosystematics
Landcare ResearchPO Box 69040 Lincoln 7640
New Zealand+64 3 321 9641
Node Manager

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