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563 occurrence datasets about Netherlands

RBINS collections

Bat Banding

Naturalis National Natural History Museum (NL) – Aves_ Passeriformes

Zoological Museum Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam (NL) - Invasive Insecta

Alterra (NL) - Entomofauna inventory in Amerongen forest

European Moth Nights

Lichen Herbarium Berlin

Alterra (NL) - Microarthropods inventory in calcareous grasslands

Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NL) - Chelicerata and Myriapoda

Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NL) - Chelicerata and Myriapoda

Taxonomic Information Sytem for the Belgian coastal area (EurOBIS)

Bryotropha (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in Western Palaearctic

CZE National PGR Inventory

RIVM (NL) - Earthworm Observations in Soil Samples


NODC WOD01 Plankton Database

Natural History Museum Rotterdam (NL) - Invertebrata miscellaneous Collection

Alterra (NL) - Entomofauna inventory in dead wood

Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NL) - Mollusca

RAVON (NL) - Fish observations extracted from Redeke (1907)

Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NL) - Botany Utrecht