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    Think bigger, GBIF award winner urges biologists

    Miguel Bastos Aráujo, Portuguese winner of the prestigious GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Prize for 2013, plans to build an 'Ecotron' experimental facility to test model predictions of the impacts of climate change on species distributions.

    2 months ago

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    Using models to inform conservation policies

    Two studies, based on data from GBIF and other sources, define the distribution of the bearded wood partridge, and help inform conservation policy.

    12 months ago

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    Designing marine protected areas off Mexico

    Researchers look at methods to determine the ideal spacing between protected areas in the Gulf of California, ensuring connectivity based on the distances covered by larvae of fish species identified through GBIF.

    1 year ago

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    Modelling key bird areas in Mexico and Central America

    A winner of the 2011 GBF Young Researchers Award, César Antonio Rios-Muñoz, has authored a study using GBIF-mediated data to help identify key areas for birds in the lowland forests of Mexico and Central America.

    1 year ago