Uses of GBIF in scientific research

Peer-reviewed research citing GBIF as a data source, with at least one author from Malta.
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List of publications

  • Mifsud S (2014)

    A Study of the Genus Persicaria Miller (Polygonaceae) in the Maltese Islands

    The Central Mediterranean Naturalist 5(3-4) 26-51.

    A detailed study on the taxonomy, distribution and populations of Persicaria spp. occurring on the Maltese Islands is carried out based on field surveys between 2008 and 2011. Four taxa are recognised in this study: two forms of Persicaria senegalensis, P. lanigera and P. salicifolia, of which only the latter is native. A taxonomical overview of these species and a detailed account of the distribution and size of the populations of each species (including new records) is given. Habitat preference of the species and their significance in Maltese wetland ecosystems are discussed.

    Keywords: distribution, malta, persicaria, polygonum, taxonomy, wetland flora

  • Mifsud S (2013)

    Distribution of some rare or endemic chasmophytic and rupestral species growing along the coastal cliffs of the Maltese Islands

    Webbia 68(1) 35-50.

    This paper gives a detailed account of the distribution of endemic or rare species that comprise part of the chasmophytic and rupestral vegetative community lining the Maltese coastal cliffs. The species discussed in this paper are the following: Palaeocyanus crassifolius (Bertoloni) Dostál; Cremnophyton lanfrancoi Brullo and Pavone; Helichrysum melitense (Pignatti) Brullo, Lanfranco, Pavone and Ronsisvalle; Linaria pseudolaxiflora Lojacono; Asparagus horridus L. and Allium sphaerocephalon subsp. arvense (Guss.) Arcang. The first four are species found in article 17 of the Maltese habitats and species, listed in the annexes of the Habitats Directive by the European Commission. Asparagus horridus and Allium sphaerocephalon subsp. arvense are recent additions to the flora of Malta, and their distribution is given in this account. Discussion on the distribution and observations on the preferred habitat are given for each species supplemented by recommendations for the red data book.

    Keywords: Article 17, Malta, Maltese flora, coastal cliffs, endemic, rupestral species

  • Mifsud S (2012)

    Marasmius Corbariensis (Roum.) Singer (Family Marasmiaceae Roze Ex Kuhner) - A New Fungal Species for Malta

    The Central Mediterranean Naturalist 5(3-4) 52-53.

    A population of Marasmius corbariensis (Roum.) Singer was found in an olive grove at ix-Xewkija, Gozo. Being a new agaric for the Maltese Islands, details on this population and habitat is given in this communication.

    Keywords: Agaricales, Malta, Marasmiaceae, Marasmius, Marasmius corbariensis, fungi