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List of publications

  • Ya B (2015)

    Distribution and Conservation Status of the Mount Kilimanjaro Guereza (Colobus guereza caudatus) Thomas, 1885

    Primate Conservation 29.

    The Mount Kilimanjaro guereza Colobus guereza caudatus is considered to be endemic to northeast Tanzania. This paper presents the first records for C. g. caudatus in Kenya, describes the distribution of this subspecies, and assesses its con - servation status. In September 2014, we found C. g. caudatus in southeast Kenya in Kitobo Forest Reserve (1.6 km²) and Loito - kitok Forest Reserve (4.2 km²). This subspecies has an altitudinal range of c. 660–3,050 m asl and an ‘Extent of Occurrence’ of c. 4,040 km². These findings are important as they: (1) add one subspecies of primate to Kenya’s primate list; (2) remove one endemic subspecies of primate from Tanzania’s primate list; (3) establish C. g. caudatus as the most threatened primate subspe - cies in Kenya; (4) change the priorities for actions necessary to maintain Kenya’s primate diversity; and (5) indicate that detailed biodiversity surveys within Kitobo Forest and Loitokitok Forest are likely to yield new data crucial to the conservation of biodi - versity in southeast Kenya

    Keywords: Colobus guereza caudatus, biogeography, colobus