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853 occurrence datasets about Italy

Lund Botanical Museum (LD)

Collection Crustacea SMF

Generic Taxonomic Database System on Mysida and Nematoda

Universität Salzburg

Lichen herbarium, Oslo (O)

Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands, PGR passport data

Geologisch-Paläontologische Sammlung Universität Leipzig

Mosses (S)

Planktic foraminifera distribution of sediment core CS72-37

MfN - Fossil invertebrates IIb

Arizona State University Lichen Collection

Planktic foraminifera distribution of sediment core KET80-19

CZE National PGR Inventory

Collection Foraminifera SMF

Field Museum of Natural History (Zoology) Bird Collection

Fish collections of Museum national d'Histoire naturelle

MVZ Herp Collection (Arctos)

Collection Pisces SMF


Phanerogamic Botanical Collections (S)

Foraminifera abundance of sediment core AC85-4

CBS fungi strains

Global Lacustrine Diatoms