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    Leaving no stone unturned in Europe’s first marine reserve

    This study is the conclusion of a two-decade monitoring programme during which researchers surveyed intertidal and shallow subtidal octocoral species at 20 sites at Lough Hyne, the first marine reserve in Europe.

    7 months ago

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    Irish GBIF award winner uses statistics to measure sampling effort

    A master’s student from Ireland helping to detect biases and identify gaps in biodiversity data has been selected as a winner of the GBIF Young Researchers Award.

    2 years ago

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    Research Data Alliance Third Plenary Meeting

    The third RDA plenary meeting is focussed on harnessing global partnerships built in the data sharing community through the RDA’s activities to date, combining these with existing infrastructure and best practices across the data sharing community, and enabling the community to drive forward the

    3 years ago

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    The 'dirty dozen' aquatic invaders of the British Isles

    Researchers use socio-economic factors as well as occurrence data to model the risk of invasions from twelve alien aquatic species in Great Britain and Ireland.

    3 years ago