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644 occurrence datasets about Ireland

Microlepidoptera, National Museum of Ireland

National Invasive Species Database

Kingfisher Survey 2010

Ephemeroptera of Ireland

Inland Fisheries Ireland data on freshwater fish in Irish lakes

An Atlas of Breeding Birds of the Burren and Aran Islands 1993 - 1996

Neptune Deep-Sea Microfossil Occurrence Database

Millipedes of Ireland

Butterflies of County Waterford

Biodiversity records from Ireland - general

Ifremer BIOCEAN database (Deep Sea Benthic Fauna)

RSPB - Bird Conservation Targeting Project (BCTP) in the UK, 2004-2009

Badger and Habitats Survey of Ireland

Littoral Macroinvertebrate data from Irish lakes

Clare Biological Records Centre dataset

Irish National Frog Database

Craneflies of Ireland