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644 occurrence datasets about Ireland

The Flora of County Clare

The Gibson spider collection

The Irish Squirrel Survey 2007

Hare Survey of Ireland 06/07


Benthic foraminifera abundance of Hole 80-548

Biological Records Centre - Ladybird Survey of the UK

Irish Collembola records

Biological Records Centre - Reptiles and Amphibians Dataset

Marine Environmental Monitoring - Marine Turtles

Zoological Museum Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam (NL) - Porifera

Centipedes of Ireland

BioMar (EurOBIS)

NPWS Seal Database

Irish New Zealand Flatworm Database

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Herbarium (E)

Rare marine fishes taken in Irish waters from 1786 to 2008

Marine Biological Association - DASSH Data Archive Centre Academic surveys

(Fig. 6) Assemblage of benthic foraminifera in sediment core GeoB6730-1

Benthic foraminifera abundance of Hole 80-549A

Irish Marine Turtle Database

Paleobiology Database