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449 occurrence datasets about Greenland

Size of planktic foraminifera at CTD station M39/4_376CTD-29

Fig. 4. Simplified macrofossil concentration in sediment core Lz1116

RBINS collections

Brassicaceae of Canada

Collection Crustacea - ZMB

Mycology herbarium, Oslo (O)

Range table from planktonic foraminifers in ODP Hole 162-986D

Distribution of planktic foraminifera in surface sediments of the Atlantic Ocean

(Table 10) Planktonic foraminifer abundance of ODP Site 162-986

Distribution of planktic foraminifera at the last glacial maximum

Planktic foraminifera counts during POLARSTERN cruise ARK-XIII/2

WFVZ Bird Collections

(Table 2) Abundances of dinoflagellates in ODP Hole 105-646B

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Herbarium (E)

Lund Museum of Zoology (MZLU)

Time slice 2 of planktic foraminifera of the last glacial maximum

Taxonomic Information Sytem for the Belgian coastal area (EurOBIS)

(Table 1) Palynomorph concentrations in ODP Hole 105-646B samples


Planktic foraminifera counts in surface sediment samples

Size of planktic foraminifera at CTD station M39/4_381CTD-34

Atlantic Reference Centre (OBIS Canada)