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    How plants weather the cold

    Research published in Nature journal has used GBIF-mediated data on nearly 30,000 species to investigate how plants evolved strategies to survive in cold climates.

    2 weeks ago

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    Shifting niches and invasive species control

    Researchers use data available through GBIF to investigate how species can shift their ecological niches in alien environments – complicating the prediction of invasion risks.

    3 weeks ago

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    CESAB Workshop “Managing Biodiversity Data for Scientific Synthesis”

    Synthesis and analysis of scientific data has proven an invaluable tool for the emergence of new theory, paradigms, knowledge and research needs within the broad scientific field of biodiversity. Howe...

    1 month ago

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    GBIF enables global study of climate impact on species

    Research published in Nature Climate Change uses records on nearly 50,000 species accessed through GBIF to forecast major reductions in the climate ranges of common plants and animals around the world.

    1 year ago

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    Conserving genetic diversity of crops in West Africa

    A shortlist of 20 plants for priority conservation in Benin has been drawn up, based on relatedness to crops used to sustain livelihoods in the country, using GBIF to help identify plant records from relevant genera.

    1 year ago

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    The 'dirty dozen' aquatic invaders of the British Isles

    Researchers use socio-economic factors as well as occurrence data to model the risk of invasions from twelve alien aquatic species in Great Britain and Ireland.

    1 year ago