Western Sahara


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NODC WOD01 Plankton Database

Planktic foraminifera in surface sediments


Natural History Museum Rotterdam (NL) - Mollusca collection

Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NL) - Mollusca

Real Jardín Botánico (Madrid), Vascular Plant Herbarium (MA)

Crustaceans specimens

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Western Palearctic migratory birds in continental Africa

Planktic foraminifera abundance of Hole 47-397

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Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas (CSIC) EEZA-Mamif

Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Colección de Malacología

Natural History Museum Rotterdam (NL) - Invertebrata miscellaneous Collection

Collection Polychaeta - ZSRO

Estacion Biologica Donana - CSIC, Aves

(Table 3) Occurrences of diatoms species in DSDP Hole 41-369A

AMNH Bird Collection

Natural History Museum Rotterdam