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588 occurrence datasets about Denmark


DOF 2001-2006

KTP Ring Data

Bugbase, Lepidopterological Society

Atlas Survey of the Butterflies of Denmark

Data on moths from automatically operating light traps in Denmark

Continuous Plankton Recorder Dataset (SAHFOS)

Danish Mycological Society, fungal records database

Botanical Museum, Copenhagen, the Phycology Herbarium

Atlas of Danish Fishes

The national database for marine data (MADS)

Botanical Museum, Copenhagen, Mycology Herbarium

Continuous Plankton Recorder database

Fungal Specimens collected by HabitatVision (Jacob Heilmann-Clausen)

EOD - eBird Observation Dataset


Danish Ants (Formicidae)

HMAP-History pf Marine Animal Populations (CoML)

Botany (UPS)

Lund Botanical Museum (LD)

Liverworts (Marchantiopsida) and Hornworts (Anthocerophyta) of Denmark

(Appendix 2a) Foraminiferal analyses of research borehole Sonder Vium