Uses of GBIF in scientific research

Peer-reviewed research citing GBIF as a data source, with at least one author from Cyprus.
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List of publications

  • Hand R, Hadjikyriakou G, Zetzsche H (2012)

    Scaligeria alziarii (Apiaceae), a new sibling species of S. napiformis from Cyprus

    Willdenowia 42(2) 199-207.

    Recent research has identified a new species of the genus Scaligeria, the rhizomatous perennial S. alziarii, endemic to Cyprus. Prior to the discovery of this species, the biennial S. napiformis was the only identified taxon of the genus in Cyprus. Molecular studies corroborate the placement of the new taxon in Scaligeria and its rank as a separate species.

    Keywords: ITS, Umbelliferae, molecular phylogenetics, psbA-trnH, taxonomy