Uses of GBIF in scientific research

Peer-reviewed research citing GBIF as a data source, with at least one author from Burkina Faso.
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List of publications

  • Gnoumou A, Ouedraogo O, Schmidt M, Thiombiano A (2015)

    Floristic diversity of classified forest and partial faunal reserve of Comoé-Léraba, southwest Burkina Faso

    Check List: he Journal of Biodiversity Data 11(1) 1557.

    : The classified forest and partial faunal reserve of Comoé-Léraba belongs to the South Sudanian phytogeographical sector of Burkina Faso and is located in the most humid area of the country. This study aims to present a detailed list of the Comoé-L é raba reserve’s flora for a better knowledge and conservation. Floristic inventories have permitted to record 540 plant species belonging to 342 genera and 91 families, thus representing 26.12% of Burkina Faso’s phytodiversity (2067 species). Fabaceae and Poaceae with 89 and 51 species respectively, were the dominant families. The vegetation is characterized by the dominance of both phanerophytes (45.51%) and therophytes (32.73%). The importance of Guineo–­Con­golian species proves that the Comoé-Léraba flora belongs to the Sudano–Guinean transition sector. Comoé-Léraba also accounts the highest number of exclusive species followed by the reserve of Sahel in the country. Exclusive species bring out its value in flora conservation.

    Keywords: life form, phytodiversity, phytogeography, protected area, savanna