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482 occurrence datasets about Belgium

Herpetile collection, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

Herbarium specimens data

SysTax - Herbaria


E. C. Smith Herbarium (ACAD)

Nature Locator - PlantTracker data from 2012 onwards

Entomological specimens of Museum fuer Naturkunde und Vorgeschichte Dessau


Zoological Museum Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam (NL) - Diptera_Types

Collection Strepsiptera SMF

Collection Brachiopoda fossil SMF

Collection Cnidaria SMF

Collection Aves (spirit preserved) SMF

Universidad de Málaga: MGC-Cormof

Naturalis National Natural History Museum (NL) – Crustacea_Decapoda

Plantae, TAIF (Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program, TELDAP)

inatura - Erlebnis Naturschau Dornbirn

DSMZ Collection of Plant Viruses

TSB Lichen Herbarium


Lepidoptera collection of Hannu Saarenmaa

Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

Birds Specimens

NBM Unionoids