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358 occurrence datasets about Angola

Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands, PGR passport data

Fish collection of National Museum of Nature and Science

ARC- Plant Protection Research Institute, National Collection of Arachnida

The Lichen Collection at the Botanische Staatssammlung München

Collection Hydrozoa - ZMB

Collection Bryozoa - ZMB

Insecta ZMK

UMZC Zoological Specimens

Pteridophytes (S)

Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NL) - Paleontology Invertebrates

MPM Herpetology

Crustacea ZMK

Algae (S)

Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NL) - Amphibia and Reptilia

Albany Museum Grant

Mollusca collection of National Museum of Nature and Science

International Fossil Shell Museum (NL) - Mollusca Collection

Instituto de Botánica Darwinion

Diptera Collection of Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS

Odonata Collection

Mammalogy Collection - Royal Ontario Museum

Australian National Insect Collection

CUMV Reptile Collection (Arctos)

William Nylander lichen collection