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345 occurrence datasets about Angola

Lund Botanical Museum (LD)

Fungi (S)

Assemblage of living benthic foraminifera in sediment core GeoB4918-4

University of Vienna, Institute for Botany - Herbarium WU

Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Colección de Malacología


Australian Museum provider for OZCAM

Collection Pisces SMF

DORSA - German Orthoptera Collections

Snow Entomological Museum Collection

Zoological Museum Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam (NL) – Mollusca_Conidae

Ornithology Collection Non Passeriformes - Royal Ontario Museum

Ornithology Collection Non Passeriformes - Royal Ontario Museum

Cryptogams herbarium specimens


Galathea II, Danish Deep Sea Expedition 1950-52

Mollusca Collection of Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba

Real Jardin Botanico (Madrid), Vascular Plant Herbarium (MA)

CAS Invertebrate Zoology (IZ)

The Fish Collection

Invertebrates of the Gothenburg Natural History Museum (GNM)