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Mapping the niche of Ebola host animals

Using GBIF-mediated occurrence records for bats believed to act as reservoir hosts, researchers have mapped the areas of Africa potentially at risk from outbreaks of the Ebola virus.

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October 4th, 2014


IV GBIF Ecological Niche Modelling Workshop

The fourth edition of the GBIF Ecological Niche Modelling workshop was hold in Poland, with a similar schedule and lecturer composition as the previous ones....

June 13th, 2014


Biodiversity Diagnoses Course in Benin

The concept behind this course is to take some next steps in combining the content and ideas of several previous BITC courses: data capture, data cleaning, data analysis, etc. The idea is to analyze a...

February 27th, 2014


Biodiversity Data Capture Training Course in Ghana

Biodiversity data are the focus of large-scale efforts to convert analog data (i.e., specimen labels) into useful, digital data that can be used in a wide diversity of analyses to provide very importa...

January 31st, 2014


Building Biodiversity Informatics Institutions Course

This course focuses on development and establishment of institutions that focus on biodiversity informatics. As a consequence, we envision participants as individuals who are more advanced, with the p...

November 19th, 2013


Biodiversity Informatics Data Analysis Training Course

This course will provide an overview of and introduction to a suite of biodiversity data analyses, beyond ecological niche modeling and and the related species distribution modeling: place prioritizat...

November 19th, 2013


VertNet Biodiversity Informatics Training Workshop II

During the five-day course, participants will work closely with trainers to address compelling biodiversity research questions and focus on the entire scope of a research project, including data acqui...

November 19th, 2013