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Colombian journal publishes data papers

Biota Colombiana, published by the Humboldt Institute, which hosts the GBIF node in Colombia, is the first Latin American journal to publish biodiversity data papers.

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GBIF Participants collaborate in 2013 mentoring projects

Eight Participant nodes share expertise on data publishing, portal development, digitization and e-learning.

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GBIF enables global study of climate impact on species

Research published in Nature Climate Change uses records on nearly 50,000 species accessed through GBIF to forecast major reductions in the climate ranges of common plants and animals around the world.

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Colombia launches new national biodiversity data portal

A portal that provides free access to information on Colombia’s biological diversity has been launched by the GBIF national node.

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Projecting future malaria risk in tropical Americas

Modelling of future occurrences of a mosquito strongly associated with malaria in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean suggests that high altitude areas will become increasingly at risk of the disease, due to climate change.

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Protecting plant species diversity in South America

A study using more than half a million plant occurrence records downloaded via GBIF, covering over 16,000 species, has developed a network of 'virtual parks' to assess how well biodiversity is currently protected in South America.

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