The Node Portal Toolkit project

The Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT) project aims to facilitate the development and deployment of national, regional, and thematic biodiversity web portals within the GBIF community. Its aim is also to stimulate the transfer of technology and knowledge of portal developments between Participants.

Biodiversity web portals provide a gateway to to biodiversity information within a country, institution or thematic area. They also help to engage local and global partners by demonstrating the relevance of GBIF-mediated data for science and society. The NPT project enables GBIF Participants to develop and maintain their own portals cost-effectively through collabation.

In the project, Participants share experiences of development and explore reusability of software components. This makes portal development an increasingly collaborative process, maximizing the benefits of participating in GBIF.

During 2012 and 2013, the GBIF Secretariat collaborated with the European Union's Vibrant project to develop a Nodes Portal Toolkit Startup using Drupal. This tool is aimed especially at nearly half of the GBIF Participants that currently have limited web presence. A consultation among GBIF Participants produced overwhelmingly positive reponses to what is on offer, and identified nodes interested in being users, advisers and developers for the project. The outcomes of the review are shown in the documents linked from the right of this page.

The project has also benefited from collaboration between the National Biodversity Institute of Costa Rica (INBio) and GBIF Benin, funded by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation, to transfer experiences and technology developed by INBio in support of a national biodiversity information system for Benin. This collaboration has helped add optional features to the NPT Startup, and discussions are under way to develop similar collaborations with other GBIF Participant nodes.